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Wharton State Forest – The Pine Barrens, New Jersey
An older couple, Mitchell and Leann Rayburn, are in their camper, watching TV. They turn in for the night, unaware that something is lurking outside their camper. When the husband wakes up, he discovers that he's been hung upside down within his sleeping bag. He calls for his wife Leann and sees something coming at him from the woods...
Hammonton, New Jersey
Sam, Dean, and Bobby set up in an abandoned house to keep a low profile and avoid the Leviathans. Dean is less than thrilled and wonders if there's a point in trying to save the planet time over time. Sam has come up with a case concerning recent sightings of the Jersey Devil and the camper's death. Four other people have come up missing in the last three weeks, and troopers are claiming that a bear is on the loose. They decide to go wilderness hunting and track down the creature.
The next day, the brothers pose as FBI agents and meet at a Biggerson's Restaurant with a local ranger, Rick Evans. They ask about the Jersey Devil and Rick warns that there are many strange things in the Barrens. He explains that he and his partner Phil have seen a lot of eaten animals, but then admits that Phil has disappeared recently. As Rick rambles on, apparently stoned, Bobby arrives. The brothers check with their friend, who has visited the morgue and confirmed that the pattern of attack doesn't match those of a Leviathan, werewolf, or Wendigo. They decide to get lunch at the restaurant, but the waiter, Brandon, doesn't want to seat them. When he does, he insults them and storms off. The trio discuss the case and Dean oohs and awws over the Turducken Slammer. Meanwhile, Brandon insults the manager, Mike, and quits his job.
The trio heads into the Barrens and the brothers realize that Bobby knows all about hunting in the woods. Dean talks about how John dumped them on Bobby while he went off hunting. They find Phil's body, strung up from a tree, and call in Rick. Rick takes it in stride and goes to call it in, while something moves out of the woods. It grabs him and pulls him into the forest before the others can do anything. They realize the creature has Rick up in the trees, and Bobby tells the brothers to turn off their lights and listen. They hear crunching noises and realize the creature is eating Rick. Bobby closes his eyes and concentrates, and then fires a single shot and kills the creature, which drops to the ground.
Back at the abandoned house, the trio checks out the creature's corpse. Dean points out that it only took a single bullet to bring it down... and it jumps up, still alive. They pump a half-dozen rounds into it, bringing it down, and check it for ID. Dean finds a wallet but appears half-dazed and distracted. Sam checks the ID and confirms it belonged to a local man, Gerald Browder. He now weighs considerably less than his license says, and Bobby finds goo in his body. Sam and Bobby cut open the corpse and discover that the man's inside is filled with the goo, while Dean pours himself a drink and complains that he's hungry. Inside the stomach, Bobby and Sam find all kind of items that the creature consumed, and figure that it must have been incredibly hungry. The adrenal gland is blackened and several times its normal size, accounting for its superhuman strength. Dean interrupts to suggest that they get dinner.
Back at the restaurant, Sam checks the Internet and confirms that Browder disappeared eight days ago, accounting for everyone who died in the last eight days. Dean continues to eat his sandwich and says that he could care less about Browder's death. Sam looks around and notices everyone else intently eating their sandwich specials. He yanks the chicken sandwich away from Dean and go back to the house. Dean insists that he's fine, the best he's felt in a couple of months, and says that he doesn't care that he doesn't care. Sam points out that he's stoned, just like Rick was, and the sandwich suddenly starts leaking goo. It smells familiar and they realize that whatever is causing the transformations is in the meat.
The trio goes back to watch the restaurant. Dean sleeps off the effects of the goo, while Sam suggests to Bobby that his brother is having issues. Bobby points out that the two brothers spend all their time worrying about each other and don't live their own lives, and Sam admits that at least when he hallucinates about Lucifer, he knows where he stands. A truck arrives and drops off turducken, and Bobby and Sam follow it as it leaves.
A woman goes out to her car and a transformed Brandon leaps out of the woods and attacks her. A car pulls up and the driver knocks Brandon out.
Bobby and Sam follow the truck to a low-budget warehouse. As Dean wakes up, a car pulls up and Edgar, the Leviathan they killed at Bobby's car yard, gets out. He has Brandon with him and takes him inside. As they lock him up, Dr. Gaines tells Edgar that he's refining the formula. However, Edgar points out that they're still having adverse reactions. He tells Gaines to burn all of the subjects and warns that Dick Roman is coming. As soon as he hears that, Gaines tells his man to dispose of the subjects.
The next morning, Sam circles around to check the facility. Dean and Bobby wait in the van, and Bobby asks Dean's new philosophy of futility. Dean says that he's had it and doesn't know why it matters anymore, and Bobby tells him that he's not a person, he's a hunter. Bobby tells him to straighten out and focus on being a hunter before he gets them killed.
Sam returns and they spot Dick Roman arrive. Bobby recognizes him as a billionaire CEO, motivational speaker, and potential Republican candidate for President. They figure that they can get the drop on him and Bobby gets out a parabolic mike to listen in.
Gaines shows Dick the results of the food additive, which is highly addictive and turns them into complacent overweight slobs. Dick congratulates him and then asks about his failures. Gaines hesitantly tries to smooth things over, but Dick tells him that he's not happy with incidents of cannibalization hitting the papers. He asks Gaines to help him turn it into a teaching experience and Gaines eagerly agrees.
Bobby takes up on an adjoining building as Dick takes Gaines to his office and informs the doctor that he's shutting down the project. He doesn't want any news of monsters going out, and Gaines says that he'll do anything to make it right. Dick's assistant Susan takes out a bib and puts it around Gaines' neck, and Dick says that he can be an example. As Bobby watches, Gaines reaches up and start eating himself. One of the workers finds Bobby and knocks him out. When Sam and Dean get to the rooftop, they realize that Bobby has been captured. They spot an industrial cleaning van pull up and Dean comes up with a plan.
Dick deals with his paperwork and then talks to Bobby, who is seated in a chair. He informs Bobby that they can have anyone they want, and then reveals that he obtained a matched pair of revolvers at a recent auction. As he loads one of the guns, Dick compliments him on humanity's invention of the gun and says that they're cute, and then tells Bobby that he's going to eat him. However, Dick figures that Sam and Dean are coming to rescue him. Bobby warns him that they're not that stupid.
Sam and Dean run in, using the chemicals to spray down Dick's Leviathan bodyguard's and immobilize them with pain. Dick hears his men screaming and tells Bobby to stay put while he goes to investigate. Once he leaves, Bobby starts going through his files and finds the distribution plans. He loads the second gun and leaves with the plans. However, Susan attacks him and Bobby shoots her in the face, and then runs out as Susan regenerates.
Dick confronts Sam, who runs out of chemicals. Bobby arrives and shoots him twice in the back, buying Dean time to dose the Leviathan with the cleaner. They get to the van and drive away as Dick shoots at them with the gun. As they head down the road, they realize that Bobby has been shot in the head.
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