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A twenty-something young man, Scott Carey, is in a psychiatrists office, explaining how he has developed a strange ability - he can electrocute anything or anyone he touches. He tells the shrink that he has seen a Yellow-Eyed Man who reveals his plans to him. On his way home from his appointment, Scott is stabbed and killed by an unseen assailant.

We return to the lakeside and the conversation Dean and Sam were having at the end of the previous episode. Dean reveals that before he died, John told him that he would have to watch out for Sam and if he couldn't keep him safe, he would have to kill him. Sam is angry that Dean has kept this from his, but Dean tries to explain that he wished it wasn't so. Dean wants to lay low, maybe go out of the country for a while, and Sam reluctantly agrees, but as soon as Dean is asleep that night, Sam slips away. He heads up to the Roadhouse where he asks Ash to try and locate any other kids who fit the nursery-fire-at-six-months-old pattern. Other than Sam, Max and Andy, only one other name comes up - Scott Carey.

Elsewhere, a girl named Ava has a nightmare in which she watches Sam get killed. Wanting to try and stop this happening, she manages to track him down and reveals that she has strange dreams that have been coming true - the first was of Scott being killed. Ava agrees to help Sam find some answers, so she goes into the psychiatrists office, pretending to need therapy while Sam manages to sneak around and steal Scott's records. The two of them listen to the tape of Scott's therapy session and hear him describe how the Yellow-Eyed Man told him that a war is coming and that the children like him would be his army.

Dean has managed to track Sam down, with some help from Ellen, and gets to the motel just in time to find their old Hunter "friend" Gordon Walker trying to shoot Sam. By the time Sam gets up to the roof where the shots came from, there was no sign of anyone. His cellphone rings and it's Dean. He tells Sam where he is, but manages to sneak in a codeword that reveals to Sam that he is in trouble. Sam tells Ava to go back home where she'll be safer, and he heads off - right into the place were Ava's dream saw him die.

Gordon reveals that he killed Scott Carey and tells Dean that he intends to kill Sam. He found out that the war was coming and that the Demon intended to use the psychic kids as his army, so he has decided to track down and kill as many as he can. He sets a couple of traps in the intention of killing Sam, but forewarned is forearmed. Sam sets off the traps and faces off against Gordon, who has Dean tied up. Sam manages to knock Gordon out and he unties Dean so they can get out of there. Gordon wakes up and chases after them, shooting wildly. Sam and Dean duck and hide as several police cars pull up and Gordon is arrested for the murder of Scott.

Sam tries to call Ava and check on her, but there is no answer. Feeling worried, the boys head to her place to check on her. They get there and find her fiance dead on the bed, sulphur on the windowsills and her engagement ring abandoned on the floor, but no sign of Ava.

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