Hunted Trivia

At 33:13 Sam’s right shoe is smoking on the floor, as a decoy to draw Gordon out. Yet seconds later when they fight, the shoe is back on Sam's foot.
Sam's injuries were absent during the Impala ride, but then the cuts and bruises reappeared once he was inside Ava's house
When Gordon is getting arrested he drops both handguns at his side and gets on his knees with his hands up. The incoming police officer walks in front of him and then behind him and handcuffs him. A real police officer would have kicked the guns away first.
When Sam steals confidential material, among the material is the tape recorder that the psychiatrist used a month before on Scotty. One would think that the doctor would use a separate tape for each patient instead of a separate tape AND separate tape recorder.
The slip of Blue Rose Motel stationery, containing the address where Dean is being held captive, that is shown to us in Ava's vision and then again near the end of the episode when Sam arrives to rescue Dean, are written in the same handwriting. However, the slip of stationery Sam writes on, as Gordon is giving the address to him over the phone, shows us Sam's real penmanship, which is very different than the two other glimpses we were given of the stationery
The police department in Lafayette, Indiana is not the Lafayette Metro Police Department (LMPD) as portrayed in the show. Though Lafayette is technically a metropolitan area, the department is called the Lafayette Police Department (LPD).
When Sam unties Dean towards the end of the episode, the rope on his left hand doesn't even look tied and just slips off. The right-hand rope and those on his feet come off really easily as well. And yet Dean had been struggling hard against his bonds just moments before.
When Sam finishes his beer at the roadhouse, the glass is about 1" full. But when Ash picks up the same glass to drink, the beer level is about 2" full.

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