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Anna: This demon, Lilith, is trying to break the 66 seals to free Lucifer from Hell. Lucifer… will bring the Apocalypse. So… smoke 'em if you got 'em.
Dean: That's Revelations.
Anna's Doctor: Since when does the Book of Revelations have jack-o-lanterns?
Dean: It's, uh… a little-known translation.
Dean: Well, you got a lot of nerve showing up anywhere near me.
Ruby: I just have some info, and then I'm gone.
Sam: What is it?
Ruby: I'm hearing a few whispers.
Dean: Ooh, great, demon whisperers -- that's reliable.
Sam: You got something to say, say it.
Dean: Oh, I'm saying it -- this sucks.
Sam: You're not pissed we're going after the girl. You’re pissed Ruby threw us the tip.
Dean: Right. 'Cause as far as you're concerned, the hellb*tch is practically family. Yeah, boy, something major must've happened while I was downstairs, 'cause I come back, and you're BFFs with a demon?
Dean: So, they lock you up with a case of the crazies, when really you're just tuning into angel radio?
Anna: Yes. Thank you.
Alastair: Don't you recognize me? Oh, I forgot -- I'm wearing a pediatrician.
Ruby: Proof. This body is 100% socially conscious. I recycled. Al Gore would be proud.
Dean: All right, so, I'm "Girl, Interrupted," and I know the score of the Apocalypse, just busted out of the nutbox... Possibly using superpowers, by the way. Where do I go?
Sam: Anna? We're not gonna hurt you. We're here to help. My name is Sam. This is my brother, Dean.
Anna: Sam? Not Sam Winchester?
Sam: Uh, yeah.
Anna: And you're Dean. The Dean?
Dean: Well, yeah. The Dean, I guess.
Anna: It's really you. Oh, my God. The angels talk about you. You were in Hell, but Castiel pulled you out, and some of them think you can help save us. [to Sam] And some of them don't like you at all. They talk about you all the time lately. I feel like I know you.
Dean: I guess I… you know.
Ruby: What?
Dean: I guess I owe you for… Sam. And I just wanted to… you know?
Ruby: Don't strain yourself.
Dean: Okay, then. Is the moment over? Good, 'cause that was awkward.
(Sam has told Dean what he did with Ruby while Dean was in Hell)
Dean: Sam!
Sam: Yeah?
Dean: Too much information!
Sam: Hey, I told you I was coming clean.
Dean: Yeah, but now I feel dirty.
Ruby: Who do I have to kill to get some french fries around here?!
Ruby: I'm at this address.
Sam: I'm sorry, what?
Ruby: Go now. Go through the bathroom window, don't stop, don't take your car, don't pass go. There are demons in the hallway and in the parking lot.
Sam: Ruby?!
Ruby: Okay, yes, I'm possessing this maid for a hot minute. Sue me.

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