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When Dean and Sam leap out the window, the shot from inside shows the two brothers hitting the window simultaneously. However, when the camera cuts to the outside, Sam emerges first and Dean is considerably behind him.
As Dean and Sam investigate at the Milton house, they leave evidence of being there, like fingerprints on several objects. They both have their fingerprints in the police database, so sooner or later the bodies will be found and evidence will again point to Winchester brothers.
When Sam sits on the bed to tell Dean the story about Ruby, he is holding a towel to the cut he just stitched up, and his shirt sleeve is bloody from the wound. But after the flashback, when we come back to Sam and dean talking, Sam hasn't moved from where he sits, but his shirt is spotless and there is towel and no blood.
A psychiatrist cannot release information due to doctor-patient confidentiality, but Anna's doctor pretty freely tells Sam and Dean all about Anna's condition.

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