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Two priests are walking through a church garden/cemetary. They are suprised by a woman in a suit, asking them if they know where to find a man named "Castiel.

Cas is standing inside the bathroom at a shetler for homeless men. Another man walks up and addresses him as "Clarence" (Aw; Meg's name for Cas!) and asks how long he'll be staying. Cas replies that he'll be moving on that night, after work. It seems Cas is still having a hard time adjusting to being human. He eats toothpaste without using a toothbrush and complains about how often he has to urinate as a human.

Cas at the church's men's shelter.
Later, outside the church, Cas is doing yard work, picking up trash in the church yard. He sees a drop of blood on a tombstone, the more blood on more stones as he follows the trail, ultimately coming face-to-face with the two priests we saw earlier; only they are dead, impaled on the iron fence, and their eyes are burned out (angel-style).

The priests, after being tortured and killed by angels looks for info. on Cas.

Eyes burned out, angel-style.

Back at the bunker. Dean is pouring coffee and looking for Sam as he walks around in his bathrobe. Sam comes in from outside, telling Dean he went for a run, got Dean breakfast (real bacon and eggs, extra grease, and Sam says "I'm not even going to argue".) Dean's grateful, but can't believe that Sam is well enough to go running. Sam wonders why Dean is worried about him. Dean says he's worried about Cas and he's worried about Sam, but Sam says he feels great. Dean tries to make Sam understand how hard the trials were on him; maybe he should take it easy and not act like...

Zeke speaks through Sam.

...Sam's eyes burn blue and he finishes Dean's sentence "possessed by an angel". Dean is talking to Zeke who's decided to make an appearance. Zeke tells Dean that Sam is feeling better, he's healing him. Zeke tellsDean that he's picked up chatter from the angels and not all of them are wandering around confused.

Dean says he knows some are after Cas. Zeke says that there is a faction that is organizing and finding human vessels. Deans asks if they are led by Naomi. Zeke says, no, he hasn't heard that name, but whoever is leading this faction, that is who wants Cas found. Zeke says, "you see Dean, I can be useful." Dean tells Zeke that Sam is also useful, so Zeke should fade into the background and let Sam back. Zeke seems like he is starting to protest, but Dean says if he needs him, he'll let him know.

Sam's eyes briefly burn blue again and Sam is back to being Sam, mid-sentence, like he never went anywhere.

Dean mutters that this back-and-forth with Zeke and Sam is going to give him whiplash. Sam asks what he's talking about, but Dean blows it off.

Dean tells Sam that now that they know the angels are organizing, that makes this all more
dangerous for Cas than they thought. Sam wants to know why Dean thinks the angels are organizing. Sam, of course, had no recollection of what Zeke said while Zeke was speaking through him.

Dean tries to play it off, telling Sam that it "just makes sense" that they are. Dean says they have to find Cas. Sam agrees.

Next we see a pharmacist listening to a televangelist who is encouraging people to let the angels if they come knocking. This is Reverend Buddy Boyle.

Inside the Reverend's TV studio, we see that he is talking to a man in a suit. A man he knows in an angel. He calls him "Bart" but the angel prefers "Bartholomew". This angel seems especially hardened and untrustworthy. Bart tells the Reverend that God has prepared a special reward for him because he's influencing so many people to let the angels in. Buddy says he's just honored to be working with an angel.

New bad angel Barholomew; one of Naomi's followers.

Before Reverend Boyle can go any further, his young female assistant steps forward and says she's ready. She wants to be a vessel for the divine. The Reverend treats it as a testament of her faith. Bart asks if she's certain. When she says yes, streams of bright blue light flow from the windows into the assistant's mouth. Once inside, she beings to creak and bleed from the eyes, then literally explodes into a bloody spray.

Reverend Boyle is appalled, asking angel Bart what happened. Bart explains that not all who are willing are designed to contain heaven's grace. It seems Bart let this young woman say "yes" to the angels even though he knew she wouldn't live through it. To Bart, it seems like no big deal.

Reverend Buddy says it's like the "lamb of the sacrifice". Bart replies with a smarmy "sure (if that's how you want to see it)".

Back at the bunker, Dean is trying to figure out where Cas might be based on the location of his phone calls and what kind of weird happenings occurred in those town. Sam finds the story about the impaled priests. Dean figures they were tortured by angels looking for information on Cas.

Cas is eating out of a can under a bridge with other homeless people Cas observes that it's often the people with the least to give who are the most generous. Cas is trying to get used to being human. He says he has to plan better so he doesn't run out of food so quickly. The homeless man he's talking to says, "You're new at this aren't you?" Cas says it's all strange to him, including the idea that someday he is going to die.

Cas leaves the homeless camp to try to fall asleep in an abandoned city bus nearby.

Cas is awakened by feeling that someone is inside the bus with him. But he sees no one until the pharmacists we saw earlier appears in the bus and slashes Cas across the upper arm with an angel blade, injuring him. The pharmacists (possessed by an angel) sees that Cas is injured and is surprised that Cas is now human. In that moment of hesitation, Cas stabs the pharmacist with his own angel blade and the inside of the bus glows with white light as the angel dies.

Cas kills the angel sent to kill him in the abandoned bus.

Back at the church, Dean is questioning a shelter residents about Cas. He tells them that Cas is referring to himself as "Clarence". The man says the two priests who were killed were a mess, but at least now they are with the angels. Dean says, "I hope not". The man at the shelter doesn't know where Cas went; only that he said he had to keep moving.
Back in the Impala, Dean tells Sam what he learned. He's happy that Cas is at least using the "Clarence" alias. Sam remembers that's what Meg called Cas. But of course Cas wouldn't know it's the name of a famous angel from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Dean looks at Sam completely confused. Sam can't believe Dean has never seen "It's a Wonderful Life".

Sam has found another angel kill while trying to research suspicious deaths online. At a homeless camp in Indiana. But it's not a homeless guy who was killed; it's a pharmacist from Ohio.

Cas is wandering the streets. Again, he has limited money and looks longingly at a hot dog vendor, but instead of using his money for food, he heads into a tattoo parlor and is tattooed with angel warding symbols so the angels can't see him.

Angel Bart is talking to his assistant (the woman who tried to question, then tortured and killed the two priests). She says Reverend Boyle's influence is better than they hoped and many angels are now quickly finding vessels. Bart says these new angels need to find Cas. He blames his assistant for letting Cas get away. Another angel enters and tells Bart that Cas was able to kill the angel sent to find him (the pharmacist). The female angel tells Bart that Cas is madman, and very dangerous. Bart tells her she's wrong. HE (Bart) is the one who's very dangerous and she had better find and destroy Cas. Angel #2 informs Bart that Cas has vanished; probably because he is warded against them.

Cas continues to walk the streets, constantly temped by human temptations; first every food vendor he passes, then a woman walking towards him with large breasts and a low-cut tank top. He looks very lost.

Cas wanders the streets.

Eventually, Cas makes his way into a church where a woman is sitting in a pew praying aloud for God to help her husband who is ill. Cas overhears her. Cas stops her on her way out asking about her situation. Cas says he never realized how fragile humans are. The woman says that that's why humans pray; they need something strong than themselves when things are bad. Cas says that's a wonderful idea, but what if he told her that no one is listening; that God is not there. He asks what she would do. She says that's not possible. Cas says it's very possible. She says it's not possible because she has her faith. She says that Cas' lack of faith, doesn't negate her own faith. She tells him that he might feel better if he tried it her way. She says that someone IS listening.
Back in Bart's "office" inside the Reverend's church, Bart is talking to a Reaper. The reaper says that "his kind" always get what they come for. Bart tells the reaper he knows that some reapers are willing to freelance, for a price. This is one of them. The reaper asks for any clue about where this Cas guy might be. Bart tells him that he can probably find him by following the Winchesters.

Reaper for hire, Maurice.

Elsewhere....Sam and Dean are at the police station in Indiana looking into the death of the pharmacist. The
policeman says the victim was a family man and very religious; he just took off one day. He leaves the bags of evidence from the crime scene for Sam and Dean to examine. They quickly look through them.

Dean finds that the man's cell phone is full of podcasts from the Reverend Buddy Boyle. They watch a few seconds including the part where the Reverend encourages everyone to let the angels in.Sam tries to sum it up; reminding Dean that angels can't possess someone without permission, to which Dean gives a terse reply of "yup"; obviously uncomfortable over the secret he's keeping from Sam about Zeke. Sam looks up how many followers Reverend Boyle has online; it's pretty much a worldwide phenomenon. The reaper, hired by angel Bart, is sitting, unnoticed, in another chair in the police station as Sam and Dean leave.

Cas is still wandering the streets. He is going through trash cans looking for food when he is approached by what appears to be a concerned woman. Cas tells her that he never realized that so much food is wasted when so many are so hungry. The woman offers him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Cas says he can't take her food. She corrects him...he's not taking it, she's giving it to him. He is touched by her kindness. He thanks her as she heads inside to work.

Sam and Dean are questioning the people in the homeless camp where Cas was. The homeless people are suspicious of Sam & Dean. One man tells them he thinks Cas was on the run. They don't get much information from the man, but the man thinks Cas hitched a ride on a truck headed to Detroit. The reaper listens to everything while staying a short distance behind Sam and Dean.

In Detroit...
It's raining and Cas is crouched next to the same door that the kind woman went into to go to work. She sees him as she leaves and takes pity on him. She invites him back to her apartment. She says she never brings home strange men. Cas looks a bit pained and asks, "Am I 'strange'?". She clarifies saying she doesn't bring home men she doesn't know. She introduces herself as April Kelly. Cas introduces himself as Castiel.

April notices that Cas' shirt is soaked in blood from the cut to his upper arm.

Sam and Dean are leaving a convenience store. Sam is chastising Dean for buying a piece of pie that has a long list of chemicals amongst the ingredients. Dean replies with, "I read 'pie' and the rest is just 'blah, blah, blah'." They are still being followed by the reaper.
They go around a corner, and the reaper follows, but finds the alley empty. Suddenly Sam and Dean grab the reaper; they've known they were being trailed all along.

In Detroit...
Cas is in April's apartment and she is dressing his wound. She asks what happened to the guy who attacked him and Cas truthfully responds that he stabbed him and he exploded. April seems to think he's exaggerating. She says he doesn't look violent, or homeless. Cas says he trusted the wrong person and that his vanity was his downfall; he thought he could fix everything, but he couldn't.

April treats Cas with care.

April notices that Cas is stressed. She starts to give him a massage. Cas says this feeling of being alone is new to him. April says he's not alone tonight and kisses him. Cas kisses her back.

Cas and April kiss.

Dean and Sam have the reaper, Maurice, chained and they are torturing him for information. Dean asks if Naomi hired him. He tells Dean that Naomi is dead. It's Naomi's protege Bartholomew who is leading the angels. He says that's all he knows. Dean kills the reaper with an angel blade.

In Detroit...
April and Cas are in bed together after having sex. They both enjoyed each other. She asks more about Cas' situation and asks if the person he wrongly trusted can't fix this. Cas says he's not in contact with that person (Metatron). She asks what's next for him. He says he hopes more of "this" (sex with her). They kiss.

Cas is no longer a virgin.

Sam and Dean continue to drive towards Detroit.

In Detroit, the next morning....
April is slicing up some fruit and Cas walks into the room. She says she washed his clothes and asks if he found everything okay. Cas says that something is missing; something that's kind of difficult to describe...April pulls out Cas' angel blade and holds it to his throat.

In the Impala...
Dean and Sam have not been able to find Cas in Michigan and Dean is frustrated. Dean tells Sam, "I think it's time for plan B." Sam doesn't know what he means. Dean says, with emphasis, "I'm letting you know...it's time for plan B." Sam isn't getting it, but suddenly Sam's eyes flash blue and Dean is talking to Zeke.

Dean tries to reach Zeke; telling him it's time for "plan B"; he needs his help.

Dean says he needs Zeke's help. Zeke says he's flattered but he can't keep "making public appearances".

Dean says he needs his help finding Cas. Zeke says he can't find Cas since Cas warded himself against angels. Dean asks if he can find a reaper because there might be one tailing Cas. Zeke says he'll try.

In April's apartment...
April has been possessed by a reaper. The reaper tells Cas that the real April was very sweet and probably would have washed his clothes for him. Cas asks why the reaper didn't just kill him. The reaper replies that it was being cautious since he'd been told Cas was dangerous and probably armed. She says she needed information and had to gain his trust. Cas is disgusted that it involved having sex with him. The reaper said she found him attractive. She goes on to explain that she was hired by the new sheriff in town to find him as she pops off one of Cas' shirt buttons with his angel blade. She asks him about Metatron as she slashes his chest.

The Impala is speeding down the road...

Reaper April continues to interrogate Cas, torturing him with cuts from his angel blade as she does. Cas tries to explain to her that he didn't know Metatron was working a spell. She thinks he's lying. She knows Cas helped Metatron enter heaven. Cas explains that he thought they were working together to restore heaven and bring the factions together. April continues to slice away at Cas' chest. He groans in pain. Cas continues to tell April that he didn't know Metatron was assembling a spell, but he knew that he, Cas, or, more specifically, his Grace, was the final ingredient in the spell. Cas tells April that maybe, if he was essential to working the spell, maybe he is also essential to undoing it. April wonders if Metatron took Cas' Grace, or if Cas voluntarily gave it, working in league with Metatron.

April reveals she is a reaper and begins to torture Cas.

The door to the apartment breaks down as Dean kicks it in. At the same time, April stabs Cas in the chest with his angel blade, giving him a mortal wound. She then flings Dean against the wall and Sam into a closet as she kicks away Dean's angel blade.

April fights off Sam who has gotten up from the closet, and while she is busy with him, Dean stabs her with an angel blade. She dies.

Dean rushes to Cas who is unconscious. Sam is slowly standing up. Dean looks distraught and tells Sam that Cas is gone. Sam approaches Cas, only it's not Sam, it's Zeke. Dean sees this and recoils. Zeke puts his hand over Cas' chest and heals his wounds as light emanates from his hand. Cas opens his eyes as Sam/Zeke stumbles backwards, apparently weakened and unsteady from the effort it took to heal Cas.

Dean fears Cas is dead.

Zeke gets a focused looks on his face as he heads over to heal Cas.

Zeke heals Cas, bringing him back to life.

Zeke/Sam collapses in a heap.
Dean goes to Cas and Sam starts to get up again, disoriented. Sam asks if Cas is okay.
Dean tells Cas to never do that again. Cas agrees. Cas doesn't understand how hie is not dead. Sam looks confused too. Dean lies, saying that while Sam was knocked out, he made a deal with the reaper that he (Dean) wouldn't stab her if she brought Cas back. Only he did stab her.

Sam is back to being himself and disoriented after Zeke took over.

Cas says "you lied" to Dean.
Dean says yes, he does that.

Cas, Sam, and Dean are all back at the bunker. Sam wants to know how Dean knew where to find Cas. He tells Sam that he went through reaper Maurice's pockets, found April's address, and took a shot (all lies, of course). Sam says he never saw him go through Maurice's pockets. Dean responds that he doesn't see half the stuff Sam does. Maybe Sam didn't see him either.

...just because I love the bunker...

Cas proclaims that he likes the bunker. He likes the food and water pressure; stuff he never thought about before. Cas says there's a lot to being human, to which Dean replies, "it's not just burritos and strippers, my friend." Sam gives Dean a WTF look.

Cas says he understands that there's more to humanity than survival. You need a purpose and must not be defeated by anger or despair or hedonism.Dean thinks the "hedonism" comment came out of nowhere and invites Cas to explain.

Cas says that his time with April was very educational. Sam thinks he's referring to getting killed.

Cas says that it was having sex that was educational.

Sam and Dean can't quite believe that Cas had sex.

Dean almost chokes on his burrito.
Dean asks Cas if he had protection. Cas responds that he had his angel blade. Dean tries not to laugh.Cas says he sees how hard life can be and how well the Winchesters have lived their lives. He thinks they will be great teachers. Dean says, haltingly, "Thanks, Cas."

Cas asks if there are any more burritos and Dean points down the hall. Cas leaves.

Dean laughs, ribbing Sam about how Cas gave it up to a reaper, but Sam has visibly changed. Zeke speaks through Sam.

Zeke says that Cas can't stay at the bunker. If he does, he'll bring the angels down on all of them. Dean reminds Zeke that Cas is warded; but Zeke points out that Cas was warded when April found him, and she killed him.

Dean thanks Zeke for healing Cas, but tells him this is Cas they are talking about. Dean reminds Zeke that Cas vouched for him when Dean didn't know whether to trust him or not. Zeke looks past Dean towards Cas with what looks like anger. Dean says the bunker is safe.
Zeke says that Bartholomew is organizing the angels and they can't afford an incursion. If Cas is in the bunker, then Zeke isn't safe. Dean asks what Zeke is in danger from....other angels?

Dean is stunned that Zeke seems more worried about his own safety than anything else.

Zeke tells Dean that Cas can't stay at the bunker.

Zeke doesn't answer. He says he's afraid that if Cas stays, he, Zeke, will have to leave. Dean looks incredulous.
Dean says Zeke can't leave before Sam is healed. And Sam's not well enough yet.

Zeke says he knows, but he's sorry.

Cas is crestfallen when Dean tells him he can't stay.Dean asks Cas if they can talk. Cas welcomes it, saying he always appreciates their talks and their time together.

Dean clears his throat. He tells Cas he can't stay.

Cas looks crestfallen.

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