In My Time of Dying Allusions

Dean: I think I'll pass on the 72 virgins, thanks.

According to a popular but controversial interpretation of the Koran, people in paradise are given virgins as a reward. The number 72 is specified in one of the Hadith, a collection of Islamic prophet Muhammad's actions and statements.

Dean: You see me messing with crystals or listening to Yanni?

Yanni is a Greek keyboardist and composer of contemporary instrumental music. He had been nominated for a Grammy Award twice. Yanni was the first major Western artist to ever perform and record at the great architectural achievements of the Taj Mahal in India and The Forbidden City in China

Dean: Come on, you're the psychic. Give me some ghost whispering or something.

Referring to the TV show Ghost Whisperer, which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as a young woman with the ability to communicate with earthbound spirits.

Dean: Dude, I full-on Swayze'd that mother!

Referring to the 1990 film, Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze as a ghost, who is able to move objects when angry.


This is the same as the Led Zeppelin's song "In My Time of Dying," from the album Physical Graffiti.

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