In My Time of Dying Trivia

At the end of "Devil's Trap" there is blood on Dean's cheek and on his chin. In the same scene at the beginning of this episode there is blood pouring from his forehead and no blood on his chin

If there was an entry in John's journal about Reapers, the boys should have found it in "Faith" and already have known about it.
The date on the monitor when the doctors are resuscitating Dean is August 12th, 2006.
When Dean is comatose, he is connected to several machines. However, when he wakes up, the doctors seem to have taken them all off. Even while John was in the hospital for observation he was on a heart monitor, but Dean doesn't even have this. The monitor for Dean should still be in place, even hours after he woke up
When Dean first meets Tessa on the steps, a man in a striped robe is being helped down the steps by a nurse and they head off to the left out of the shot. A minute later the same guy is seen walking back into the shot heading to the right this time walking without any help
When the doctors are doing CPR on John they are actually pressing on the right side and near the bottom of the ribs, But it should be just about over the heart
When doctors are trying to revive John, near the end the screen says, "Sensor off patient, check connection at patient.
John Winchester dies at 10:41 a.m August 13th, 2006
At the beginning the demon truck driver grabbed the handle and the side mirror, ripping the door off and taking the mirror with it. But when Sam and Bobby go to the junkyard the mirror is clearly attached to the car
When the doctors are shocking Dean's heart, the right paddle of the defibrillator is in the wrong spot. It's meant to be further to the right.

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