It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester Trivia

When Sam tells Dean that Luke Wallace's and Jenny's deaths are linked to some spell ("Three blood sacrifices over three days...") he shows him a book. On the book an illustration can be seen. It's a Gustave Doré drawing (one of the most famous Dante's "Divina Commedia" illustrators), which represents Dante and Virgil in Hell, talking to the damned soul of the heretic Farinata Degli Uberti (see Dante's Inferno, canto 10).
When Sam and Dean ask the victim's wife how many razor blades were found she says "two on the floor, one in his stomach and was stuck in his throat." When you watch the scene where the victim spits out the razor blades, there are two on the floor but a third one is heard falling on the floor. So there should have been found at least three razor blades on the floor.
Sam and Dean come out of their hotel room to find the Impala splattered and splotched, most likely by the astronaut boy who got no candy. However, when the brothers leave the house after having driven directly there from the hotel and the school in the middle of a crisis, it is perfectly clean.
The word "Samhain" is actually pronounced Sowin - it's silent in the middle, and the "sow" is like a female pig 'sow'. But Sam says it "Samhein." Usually I wouldn't care, but I just noticed it a lot more because I'm from Ireland, and in Irish you say it "Sowin."
-- fillysunray
This is true. I noticed it as well, and it drove me nuts. Usually the writers are really good with pronunciation and research, but this was the one thing bound to annoy me.

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