Jeremy Carver

Jeremy Carver is a writer on Supernatural who joined the team in Season 3. Jeremy does the commentary on 4.03 In The Beginning with Eric Kripke, and also features in the Mythologies Special feature of the Season 4 DVD.  He left Supernatural in season five to become the showrunner for "Being Human."  He returned to Supernatural as showrunner for seasons 8 through 11. After Supernatural he has been the creator/showrunner for "Frequency" and "Doom Patrol".




Date Of Birth:

Occupation: Writer

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
The Magnificent Seven (story editor) 4-10-2007
The Kids Are Alright (story editor) 11-10-2007
Black Day At Black Rock (story editor) 18-10-2007
Sin City 25-10-2007
Bedtime Stories (story editor) 1-11-2007
Red Sky At Morning (story editor) 8-11-2007
Fresh Blood (story editor) 15-11-2007
A Very Supernatural Christmas 13-12-2007
Malleus Maleficarum(story editor) 13-1-2008
Dream a Little Dream of Me (story editor) 7-2-2008
Mystery Spot 14-2-2008
Jus In Bello 21-2-2008
Ghostfacers 24-4-2008
Long-Distance Call 1-5-2008
Time Is On My Side 8-5-2008
No Rest For The Wicked 15-5-2008
Season 4

Executive story editor

Lazarus RIsing 18-9-2008
Are You There, God? It's Me Dean Winchester 25-9-2008
In The Beginning 2-10-2008
Metamorphosis 9-10-2008
Monster Movie 16-10-2008
Yellow Fever 23-10-2008
It's The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester 30-10-2008
Wishful Thinking 6-11-2008
I Know What You Did Last Summer 13-11-2008
Heaven and Hell 20-11-2008
Family Remains 15-1-2009
Criss Angel Is A Douche Bag 22-1-2009
After School Special 29-1-2009
Sex And Violence 5-2-2009
Death Takes A Holiday 5-3-2009
On The Head Of A Pin 19-3-2009
It's A Terrible Life 26-3-2009
The Monster At The End Of This Boook 2-4-2009
Jump The Shark 23-4-2009
The Rapture 30-4-2009
When The Levee Break 7-5-2009
Lucifer Rising 14-5-2009
Season 5
Symapthy For The Devil 10-9-2009
Free To Be You And Me 24-9-2009

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