Jessica Moore

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Full name: Jessica Lee Moore
Nickname: Jess
Role: Sam's Girlfriend
Date of Birth:
January 24, 1984
Date of Death: November 2, 2005
Seasons: 1, 2, 5
Fate: Killed by Yellow Eyed Demon in the Pilot
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Jessica is Sam's girlfriend at Stanford, where we first see Sam in the Pilot. In flashbacks of their life, she seems to make Sam really happy and not as pouty as he gets all on his own.

In the pilot, she is rudely introduced to Dean when he breaks in to come get Sam. First impressions are everything! But Jess seems to be quite easy-going about it. Sam leaves with Dean to look for their dad, and when he comes back, he finds Jess pinned to the ceiling, bleeding, and then bursting into flame -- exactly what happened to the boys' mother 22 years ago. She also was killed by the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

Jess and Sam apparently lived together for a while at school, and he never revealed much about himself or his family to her. She is buried in Palo Alto, California, and apparently thought that roses were lame. According to her gravestone, she was born on January 24, 1984, and died November 2, 2005.

Her untimely death, and Sam's guilt about not being able to protect her, drive him to join Dean in hunting the demon that this this -- and anything else nasty that they run across. He continues to dream about Jess and to see glimpses of her, for example, standing on a street corner. Sam is especially haunted by what happened to her in the Bloody Mary episode, and he is targeted by the ghost because he had a premonition about Jessica's demise and did nothing.

Jessica puts in some real time on screen in Dean's hallucination in What Is and What Should Never Be. In the Djin-induced reverie, Dean enters a world in which Mary and Jessica both are alive, and Sam and Jess are still at Stanford and about to get married.

Jess next appeared in the season 5 episode Free to Be You and Me. But it turned out that it was Lucifer disguising himself to gain Sam's trust.

  • Sam "What would I do without you?" Jess "Crash and burn"
  • Sam: Jess this my brother Dean.
  • Jess: Wait your brother Dean?
  • Dean: I love the Smurfs. Let me tell ya something you are completely out of my brother's league.
  • Jess: Let me put something on.
  • Dean: No,no I would'nt dream of it. Seriously. (Dean walks away) May I borrow your boyfriend for talk about family thing....but nice meeting you.
  • (Jess smiles)
  • ---
  • Jess shares a birthday with Dean: she was born January 24, 1984 (a couple of months after Mary's death). In an interview Kripke said The reason for this was "...not a creepy, mythology, conspiracy reason. January 24 is my wife's birthday, and it's kinda my valentine to her."
  • She was killed on November 2, 2005 in the same manner as Mary Winchester.
  • She shared an apartment with Sam in Palo Alto and was also a student at Stanford. It is not known what she was studying.
  • Jess appeared to Sam at the end of "Bloody Mary". It was unclear if this was a vision or a memory.
  • In "Home", Sam reveals to Dean that he had visions of Jess' death before it happened. He blames himself for not telling her.
  • In Dean's Wish Verse in 2.20 "What Is and What Should Never Be", Jess and Sam are engaged. (In 1.22 "Devil's *Trap" the Yellow-Eyed Demon mentions to Dean, that Sam was shopping for engagement rings and intended to marry Jess.)
  • The studio bosses wanted Eric Kripke to write Jessica as an ongoing character, but Eric just thought it wouldn't work, and he suggested to kill her off, which they liked. Then the studio urged Kripke to make Jessica an evil demon character, who was planted into Sam's life with purpose, and whose betrayal drives him on the road as he realizes, demons are closer to him than he thought.

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