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Full name: Joanna Beth Harvelle

Jo Harvelle - Supernatural Wiki

Nicknames: Jo
Date of Birth: April 7, 1985
Date of death: November 19, 2009
Height: 5'4"
Occupation: Hunter/Bartender/Waitress
Motivation: follow in her father's footsteps as a hunter
Adress: Duluth, Minnesota
First Appearence: Everybody Loves A Clown
Last Appearence: Abandon All Hope
Seasons: 2, 5
Fate: Mortally wounded by a hellhound while saving Dean, she died as she and her mother set a trap for the hellhounds to give Sam and Dean a head start to kill the devil
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Jo Harvelle is played by actress Alona Tal. Jo is the the daughter of Ellen Harvelle and William Anthony Harvelle. Her father was a hunter and was killed during a hunt with John Winchester, when Jo was a young child. Jo's ambition is to become a hunter like her father. Ellen, Jo's mother is completely against this. We first meet Jo at her mother's bar, called Harvelle's Roadhouse. The Roadhouse is also a place for hunter's to gather. Dean and Sam have come to look for Ellen because of the phone message she had left on John Winchester's cell phone (she had offered help in tracking the yellow eyed demon).


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Jo has said she has a knife collection and she carries a pure iron knife engraved with her father's initials.


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Jo and Dean show an interest in each other in season two but the situation never went any further. But Jo gave every indication that it would only take one word from Dean and Jo would be by his side. They kissed right before Jo's death.

Skills and Abilities: Research, marksmanship (was inferred she is an excellent shot). Jo is intelligent and seems to have a natural aptitude for organizing, processing information, and handling stressful situations. She is also loyal (even after Sam telling her Dean thought of her more as a little sister than a love interest she still did not accept Sam's advances (she didn't know at the time he was possessed), she is also determined and independent.


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2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

Thinking Dean is an intruder at the Roadhouse, Jo holds him at gun point. He disarms her, but she punches him in the face and recovers her weapon. Dean shows interest in Jo and during a conversation, Jo let's Dean know she is used to being hit on by hunters. Dean admits he would be hitting on her but in the wake of losing his father and the secret he is carrying around, he tells her wrong place, wrong time.

2.05 Simon Said

Jo beats a hunter at arcade shooting game, Dean and Sam ask for Ash's help. Jo plays REO Speedwagon "I Can't Stop This Feeling", causing Dean to become a little nervous and weary.

2.06 No Exit

Jo puts a case together and gives it to Dean. Ellen has made it clear she doesn't want Jo to become a hunter but Jo plans a fake trip to Las Vegas with Ash's help. Jo shows up to work the case with Dean and Sam. Dean ends up lying to Ellen for Jo so she can stay and hunt with them. During conversation with Dean, Jo reminisces about her dad. Dean does his best to convince her she should pursue another line of work. Especially since she has a choice and a mother to go home to. But after Jo tells him that she wants to do this to be close to her father, Dean understands. Dean and Jo teamup looking for the thing that is killing women, when Jo get's caught by the spirit of Dr. H.H. Holmes. Ellen calls and finds out Dean has lost Jo. Dean and Sam rescue her and Holmes last victim. But Jo agrees to be bait and set a trap for the spirit. Ellen arrives furious with both Dean and Jo. Back at the Roadhouse the Harvelle woman have a meeting of the minds, temper's flair and finally Ellen let's it slip that John Winchester got William Harvelle killed. Jo shaken by the news leaves the Roadhouse. Dean tries to talk to her, but she tells him to just leave. Jo stopped Dean and told him that his dad had made a mistake and got her father killed.

2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign

Jo is on her own hunting, currently she is working at a bar in Duluth. Sam after disappearing calls Dean and tells him he doesn't remember anything. Dean and Sam talk but in the end Sam knocks Dean out and we find Sam's possessed by the demon Meg. Sam shows up to see Jo at the bar. She doesn't realize he's possessed but is alerted something is wrong. Sam tells Jo he wants to make things right between her and him. Jo asks does Dean want the same thing, Sam picks up on that and accuses Jo of carry a torch for Dean. Sam makes a pass at Jo and she shuts him down. Sam knocks her out and wait's for Dean to show. Jo wakes and Sam shares some startling news about how her father died and John Winchester's role in it (it's unclear whether it was true or not). Dean shows up and Sam begs him to shoot him. Dean refuses and throws holy water on Sam. Exposing that he is demon-possessed. Dean frees Jo and goes after Sam. Jo goes after Dean to make sure he's alright only to find him shot by Sam and nearly drowned. She helps him back to the bar and patches him up. Jo wants to help Dean, but he refuses and tells her he doesn't want her blood on his hands. He says he will call but Jo says to herself, "No you won't."

5.02 Good God, Y'All

Jo and Ellen are hunting together until a call from Rufus for help takes them to a town that Rufus thinks is under attack by demons. Sam and Dean arrive in town to find that Jo has been seperated from Ellen. After seaching for Ellen, Sam and Dean eventually find her only to have Ellen hold them at gun point as she believes they are all possessed by demons. Jo even goes as far as calling Ellen a black eyed ***** seemingly indicating that Jo believes Ellen to be possessed. Sam is capture by Ellen and Rufus because they believe he is possessed. Later Dean and Ellen finally are able to figure out how to break the spell war has on them.

5.10 Abandon All Hope

7.04 Defending Your Life

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Recurring Characters - Supernatural Wiki
Name: Ellen Harvelle
Occupation: Owned the Harvelle Roadhouse / Hunter
Status: Deceased
Relationship: Her mother, Jo used to work with her in the Roadhouse, and after a hunt with Dean and Sam, she decided to hunt, against her mother's wishes, she often sent postcards. Ellen died with Jo in an explosion created to give Sam and Dean a headstart to kill Lucifer.
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Name: William Anthony Harvelle
Occupation: Owned the Harvelle Roadhouse / Hunter
Status: Deceased
Relationship: Jo's Father, he was a hunter and died because of a mistake made by John Winchester.

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