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Full name: John Eric Winchester

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Date of birth:
22 April 1954
Date of death: 19 July 2006
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Lebanon
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Hunter
Con Artist
Former Marine
(Echo 2/1)



  • 1964 Volkswagen Bus (converted)
  • 1967 Chevrolet Impala (given to Dean)
  • 1981 GMC K-1500
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John Winchester is the husband of Mary Winchester and the father of Dean and Sam Winchester. 22 years ago when Sam was only six months old, he watched his wife burn to death on the ceiling of his youngest sons nursery.

John raised his sons the only way he knew how: like soldiers. He taught them all about the supernatural evil that lived in the darkest corners of the world... and he taught them how to kill it.

Dean, being four years older than his younger brother was often left alone to watch over Sam while their dad went on "hunting trips".
Sam on the other hand, hated the life their father had created for them and had frequent fall-outs with him, very different from the way his older brother treated the man, and as soon as he was old enough, Sam left for law school and met his beautiful girlfriend Jessica Moore. John continued hunting, bringing Dean along when he was old enough.

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  • Bert Aframian
  • Elroy McGillicutty
  • Edgar Cayce
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Season 1 -
Something Wicked
Dead Man's Blood
Devil's Trap

Season 2
In My Time of Dying
All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2

Season 3 -
Long-Distance Call (Voice Only)

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Sam Winchester - Supernatural Wiki
Name: Dean Winchester
Occupation: Hunter
Status: Alive
Relationship: John's older Son, they were very close, Dean made a deal after Sam died to bring him back. Dean was killed by hell-hounds in a result of the deal but was released 4 months later by an angel, Castiel; currently trapped at the Purgatory.
Dean Winchester - Supernatural Wiki
Name: Sam Winchester
Occupation: Hunter
Status: Alive
Relationship: John's younger son. John and Sam had a falling out and Sam left the family business to study law. He knew about Sam and his psychic abilities and told Dean that if he couldn't save Sam he should kill him.Vessel for Lucifer.


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Name: Bobby Singer
Occupation: Hunter/Junk Yard Owner
Status: Deceased
Relationship: John's good friend and fellow hunter.
Dean Winchester - Supernatural Wiki

Dean Winchester - Supernatural Wiki

Name: Mary Winchester
Occupation: Past - Hunter
Status: Deceased
Relationship: John's Wife. she died when Sam was just 6 months old. She was killed in the nursery by the Yellow-Eyed Demon (Azazel) trying to save her son from the demon. Her death was what started Johns obsession.
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Name: Samuel Campbell
Occupation: Hunter
Status: Brought back by Crowley, King of Hell
Relationship: John's father-in-law, Dean and Sam's grandfather
Dean Winchester - Supernatural Wiki
Name: Deanna Campbell
Occupation: Hunter
Status: Deceased
Relationship: John's mother-in-law, Dean and Sam's grandmother


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Think about this. It was always prophesized that Michael and Lucifer would battle it out using the Sam and Dean as their human vessels. Brother vs. Brother. So, why not make their dad God? It's been in front of our faces the whole time. I love this show to pieces and always will. I just think this would be a great direction to go, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Honestly, since this show is always going in new directions why not make this possible at some point? I really hope Season 10 won't be the last. They should also for the final fight bring everybody back, or at least Bobby. Keep carrying on wayward sons, and here's to 10 more seasons of Supernatural!

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