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Again, wow.

Jensen 2018

Yup, it's like art.
Jared 2019?
April 2, 2023
April 2, 2022
December 11, 2021
December 12, 2021
(plexiglas Photoshopped out)
December 12, 2021
(plexiglas Photoshopped out)
After no cons in 2020, I did something I've wanted for a long time on October 23, 2020:
me & Jensen 2019
April 14, 2019
me & jared 2019
April 13, 2019
Jensen 2018
July 15, 2018
Jared 2018
July 15, 2018
Alex 2018
July 2018:
Me and PigNaPoke and Alex doing his best Jack impression.
We asked for a protective Jack pose.
Nailed it.
Sisters 2018
July 2018:
Me and PigNaPoke with our favorite Sheriffs.
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August 27, 2017
home - Supernatural Fan Wiki
August 27, 2017
Jared and Jensen 2016
August 14, 2016
Jeffery Dean Morgan 2016
August 14, 2016
happiest place on earth-
October 25, 2015
cloud 9
October 26, 2014: around 11:45 am
I love the angel too...on cloud 9 with an actual angel.
October 26, 2014: around 7:45pm
original artwork available on Redbubble; link below
My design (slightly altered) for the Supernatural Design Challenge t-shirt design contest.
It wasn't a winner! But it was fun to enter.
my banner
Really enjoyed my year as banner designer!
Maybe one of the reasons why I have eyes.Love Sam in a suit.And love Sam not in a suit.

How come my office doesn't look like this?

Jensen, Jared & me Oct. 28, 2012
Jensen, Jared, & Me - October 28, 2012
2012 convention
Here's a link to my report on the 2012 Chicago convention:
Fall photo by DeansGirl666...with a little Photoshop magic
(gorgeous fall road photo by DeansGirl666...Impala by me & Photoshop)
Get him, Sam!
too bad this loop wasn't just a bit longer!
I figure this is how Dean goes through much of life.
I created a page for a project I worked on for about 10 months.
An artist's binding of a book with the Impala on the front done all in leather and carved board:
custom artist's binding with Impala
Click on this link to see many more photos and a list of all the steps that went into creating it:

I never EVER thought I'd get the chance to see or talk to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke in person, but after years of trying to find an event withing driving distance where he would be appearing, I finally found one. He signed the above book with the Impala on the front after a talk at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio on March 16, 2019 (he's a Toledo native). Highlights from the talk can be found on the March page of the 2019 Metalliblog (link to blog on homepage). He was a very kind and self-deprecating in person. I'm so glad I got to shake the hand of the man who created my favorite show.

home - Supernatural Fan Wiki
home - Supernatural Fan Wiki
home - Supernatural Fan Wiki
More projects....
I love the Impala and the running lights are my favorite part.
So I wondered if salvaged running lights from an old '67 could be turned into desk lamps...
turns out that if you know a talented retired electrical engineer and metal fabricator, they can be!
I love them!
impala light! impala light on!
Here's a link to more about these desk lamps:
He knows he looks good!
home - Supernatural Wiki
Here's a link to my write-up from the Chicago convention held October 21-23, 2011! Photos too!
my banner

Hello, my name is T. Ashley

love my Dean shirt!

Home town: west central NJCurrent residence: east central IL

Occupation: custom bookbinder and metalsmith

Gender: female

Supernatural Fan Since: episode 1

The beginning.
They make an undeniably great team.

My guilty pleasure: Supernatural

The best word to describe me is: determined

My hero: the late Christopher Hitchens

Words or phrases I overuse: "This is going to sound ridiculous, but last night on Supernatural...."

My superpower is: the ability to write e-mails that are way too long.

What else you should know about me:

I look for the Impala while driving around the Midwest. 🙂

And I've been dressing like Sam & Dean since the mid-90's before there WERE a Sam & Dean (don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.....)

And, my very first car was an Impala! Not a cool one like Dean's but a giant boat of a 1979 Impala; here it is!:

my first car; a '79 Impala
NOT sexy in any way, but I grew to love that car! I wish I'd kept it!
I'm not religious...this works for me!
(from the Deviant Art fan art site; how did they ever do this??????)


In the movie version of my life, I would be played by: Jared Leto

My childhood ambition/career goal: National Geographic photographer

If I were a breakfast cereal, I would be: Cheerios

If I could live anywhere, it would be: Albuquerque

My dream job: already have it...custom bookbinder and metalsmith

My dream vacation: Havasu Falls, bottom of the Grand Canyon


Last book I read:
Days Without End by Sebastian BarryLast album I listened to: Southern Accents - Tom PettyLast vacation: A weekend at home with nothing on the schedule!


Website(s): (shameless self-promotion):
www.fineblankbooks.comRed Ember Forge hammered silver jewelry on EtsyAnd, in my opinion: for all the Sam girls out there:
Hobbies: metalsmithing/silversmithing (now that's become a part-time job!), photography, cooking, re-creating Supernatural promo photos and scenes from the show with friends
Food(s): mashed potatoes, coffee, chicken pot pie, homemade macaroni & cheese, sushi, salad (yes, I really actually LIKE salad; after all, it's like eating self-righteousness!), cream cheese; really in any form, Graeter's ice cream (from Cincinnati): black raspberry chip, my sweetheart's amazing chili. Gadget(s): my iPod and, in particular, my own Supernatural classic rock music mix on there
Vacation spot(s): anywhere I can camp I like my eggs...scrambled
Game(s): Backgammon (not into video games) but there's something fun about Universal Stair Dismount when you push crash test dummies off of things. Sport(s): football
World leader: Obama TV show(s): Supernatural, Justified, Big Bang Theory, and...going back....Xena...and going back further....the X-Files...but Supernatural is the only thing with top priority on the DVR!
Celebrities: Anthony Bourdain Charities/Causes: Redfeather Development Group (affordable, sustainable housing for Native Americans)
Women for Women International
Movies: Skins (great performance by Graham Greene)
Fried Green Tomatoes
The SECOND X-Files movie (I Want to Believe)
Musician(s): The Indigo Girls, Tom Petty, and classic rock
1. Can't Find My Way Home by Blind Faith
2. Knockin' on Heaven's Door; the Guns 'N' Roses version...there's a lot of Axl Rose whining, but I love it...the gospel choir with Slash's guitar is so great.
Dessert(s): cheesecake, dark chocolate torte, marshmallows!

1. "Blessings aren't just for the ones who kneel....luckily." - U2, City of Blinding Lights

2. "Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, It will set you free..." - Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More

3. "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." - Pablo Picasso

Cartoon character(s): I really hate cartoons



Dean Favs. Sam Favs.
Favorite Dean Quotes:

1. Dean: So, screw destiny right in the face. I say we take the fight to them, do it our way...

2. Dean to Bobby:
Dean: You built a ghost proof panic room?
Bobby: I had a weekend off.
Dean: Bobby?
Bobby: What?
Dean: You're awesome.

3. Dean: Oh my God...I'm a painted
w h o r e!

4. Dean: (looking at the antique wedding dress hanging on the wall of the old hotel room as decoration) (sarcastically): That's normal...I don't know why the hell anyone would stay here!

5. Dean: Hey, are those antique dolls? 'Cause this one, this one here, he has a major doll collection back home (grins at Sam), don't ya?
Sam: (gritting his teeth) Big time.
Dean: Big time. Yeah, you think he could come...well, we could come in and take a look?
Susan: I don't know....
Dean: Please? I mean, he loves them. He's not gonna tell you this, but he's always dressing 'em up in these little tiny outfits and I mean, you'd make his day. She would, huh?
Sam: (glaring at Dean) It's true.

6. Dean: You know me...I'm a posse magnet. I mean, I love posse. (You could) put that on a t-shirt.

8. Dean: (reading) "Sam turned his back on Dean. His face brooding and pensive." I mean, I don't know how this guy is doing it but this guy is doing it. I can't see your face but those are definitely your pensive and brooding shoulders. (Sam pauses) You just thought I was a dick.
Sam: This guy's good.

9. Dean: Behave yourself, would you? No homework. Watch some porn.

10. Future-Dean (Dean-14) talking to Past-Dean (Dean-09):
Dean-14: Okay, if you're me, tell me something only I would know.
Dean-09: Rhonda Hurley. We were 19. She made us try on her undies -- they were pink, satiny -- and you know what? We kind of liked it.
Dean-14: (with an accepting look): Touche.

11. Dean (to Cas): Yeah, I've been there. I'm a big expert on deadbeat dads so yeah, I get it. I know how you feel.
Cas: How do you manage it then?
Dean: On a good day, you get to kill a
w h o r e.

How do you manage it then?

Favorite Sam Quotes:

1. Sam: What kind of a house doesn't have salt? Low sodium freaks!!

2. Sam: (to Dean and the Impala) If you two want to get a room, just tell me.

3. Sam: Our lives are weird, man.
Dean: You're telling me.

4. Dean: Of course, the most troubling question is why do these people assume we're gay?
Sam: Well, you are kind of butch. They probably think you're overcompensating.
Dean: (uncomfortably) Right...

5. Sam: I lost my shoe.

6. Sam to Dean: More anime porn or are you strictly into dick now?

are you just into dick now?

I lost my shoe

Bobby's panic room

I'm a painted w h o r e !

This one has a huge doll collection.....

Posse magnet.

No homework! Watch some porn.

Dean 09...Dean 14

Favorite Dean Moments:

1. When Dean starts to see himself in Ben in the The Kids are Alright and is rather freaked out by it. So much so that he goes to leave and walks right into the trash can.

2. Dean's expression in reaction to the bed & breakfast decor in the episode "Playthings". Loved that one!

This is normal.

3. Dean in "Heart" when Madison asks Sam to kill her and Sam is really struggling with it....Dean takes the gun away so gently...all he ever wants to do is spare Sam the pain in life.

4. When Dean returns from hell and sees that Sam has put (gasp) an iPod jack in the Impala. Sam thinks it the greatest thing and Dean is so offended...."I told you to take of her, not douche her up!". Classic Dean.
I told you to take care of her...not douche her up!

5. When Sam & Dean are saying the same thing at the same time at the diner in Mystery Spot. So so so funny.

Sam Winchester cries his way through sex.

6. Dean singing along to Air Supply in Slash Fiction. Jensen could not have acted that better!

I'm all out of love...I'm so lost without you....

Favorite Sam Moments:

1. When Sam gave Dean a real Christmas in "A Very Supernatural Christmas"

Merry Christmas, Dean. Love the air freshner tree decorations.

2. this exchange from "Scarecrow":
Dean: So, can I drop you off somewhere?
Sam: No, I think you're stuck with me.
Dean: What made you change your mind?
Sam: I didn't. I still wanna find Dad and you're still a pain in the ass...but Jess and mom...they're both gone...Dad is God knows where...
you and me, we're all that's left.
So if we're going to see this through...
we're gonna do it together.
Dean: (with a look of extreme fake honesty) Hold me Sam. That was beautiful.
Sam: (realizing Dean's making fun of him) You should be kissing my were dead meat, dude!
Dean: Yeah, right...I had a plan. I'd have gotten out.
Sam: (very skeptically) Right.

Hold me Sam, that was beautiful....

You should be kissing my ass.

3. In The Curious Case of Dean Winchester when "old Dean" is trying to crack the combination lock on the safe and can't focus in on it due to his "aged" eyesight...Sam pushes him aside and says, "This is like Mission Pathetic; get out of the way." Love that.

misson pathetic

Favorite Dean Episode:
1. Point of No Return: Dean sticking it to Zachariah is just too sweet and, as always, Dean is 5 steps ahead of everyone else.
2. The Kids are Alright
3. Heart
4. Lazarus Rising: When you are onscreen with barely 3 lines for the first 8 minutes of this episode and are still making it completely riveting, well, that's beyond acting.
5. Time is on My Side
6. When the Levee Breaks
7. Swan Song
8. Let it Bleed
Favorite Sam Episode:
1. Swan Song: I believed he was Sam...I believed he was was all quite excellent.
2. Sacrifice: Wow; Jared killed it in this one.
3. Heart: I think I fell in love with Sam a little more in this one. I was crying by the end.
4. A Very Supernatural Christmas
5. No Rest for the Wicked: Sam had to have just about every emotion in this one; hopeful, cocky, scared, devastated; Jared did a great job.
6. Though I hated The Man Who Knew Too Much overall, I can't deny that Jared did an excellent job playing Sam #1, #2, and #3.
6. Mystery Spot


Season: 5
Complicated, tons of extra characters, good psychological drama, just really well-done.Swan song; all 3 brothers.Lucifer SamDean at the end.The opposite of the best season...I thought season 6 was easily the worst season. I just didn't care about the civil war in heaven! With the exception of Weekend at Bobby's, The French Mistake, and Let it Bleed, I wish Cas could scrub the memory of season 6 from my brain. Still love 'em though!Though still not crazy about season 6, The French Mistake might be one of the best "funny" Supernatural episodes ever.
Recurring Character(s): Bobby, Rufus, Lisa (yes, Lisa!), Ben, Ellen, Jo, Ash & the Impala, Sheriff Mills, Garth (he's really grown on me; love how he does everything his own way), Charlie (she's also grown on me; I love that she's a real friend to Dean who he obviously trusts).

Nothing bad should ever happen to Bobby.

Two tough women...

Rufus knows things.

Meant for Dean.

We all know he's Dean's!

Ash is the best; he should have been in more episodes.

Sheriff Mills

Love the front of this car!

I love Garth's confidence.

I love Charlie...true friend to Dean and the lesbian sister the Winchester's should have had.


1. Swan Song in season 5
...because it was the culmination of just about the entire series and giving the Impala a central role was perfect. There was not a single wasted second in this episode. Funny, emotional, violent, really creative, well-written, and well-crafted all-around. The best Supernatural episode ever.

2. Playthings in season 2
Playthings was pretty much the perfect Supernatural stand-alone was creepy (the old haunted hotel with all the old dolls in it and the dollhouse that would show people dying before it happened), it was funny (everyone assumes Sam & Dean are a gay couple out antiquing...and after initially being put off by this, Dean starts to run with it a bit in order to further the investigation...and Dean's take on the hotel decor is hilarious and true!), it keeps you guessing a bit (you aren't sure of the relationship between the family at the hotel), it's touching (Sam gets drunk and makes Dean promise to kill him if he ever turns "bad" and Dean's care in taking care of Sam when he's drunk is pretty sweet), it's redemptive (Sam gets to save the little girl and is reminded why he's a hunter in the first place and that people don't just die around him; sometimes they live because of him), it's beautifully shot (the scenes in the glass pool house and underwater are really nice and the camera work really gave you a sense of how huge this old hotel is; shooting in many different rooms), and the "job" at the hotel is resolved, but it's still creepy with the final scene of the two ghost children playing together in the room full of old toys. Pretty much the perfect Supernatural episode.

3. Heart
This one really got me. Probably the best final minute of any Supernatural episode. Sam's pain looks totally real (maybe a bit over the top, but I loved it anyway!) and so does Dean's pain for Sam. You hear that gunshot and see that single tear on Dean's face; ugh; gets me every time. Dean flinching when he hears the gunshot was perfect and conveyed everything you needed to know.

4. Time is on My Side
Dean's pending trip to hell....a totally creepy evil doctor...the last of Bela...Sam & Dean get to work on their own...Dean shows some insecurity (for once)...Dean decides it's more important to be human than to live forever...good episode.

5. Weekend at Bobby's
Because Bobby deserved his own episode and I love how he's so hassled and so busy he never gets to eat the dessert his neighbor brings him. He tries so hard but is always too busy helping everyone else to take care of himself!

6. The Monster at the End of the Book
I love the scene where Dean & Sam are doing laundry at the laundromat and Dean is reading from Chuck's book, telling Sam what he's going to do right before he does it. It was an episode I thought might be a bad spoof of the show, but it turned out to be quite excellent.

7. When the Levee Breaks
Sam & Dean finally have it out over Sam's addiction to demon blood. There was so much in this one about everything going on in Sam's head. Dean knows he's right. Sam knows he's right....turns out Dean is right about everything, but watching them beat the crap out of each other was heartbreaking.

8. Mystery Spot
Like the best Supernatural episodes, it was funny and really touching. I don't know how they could make Dean dying over and over funny AND heartbreaking, but they did. Seeing the effect on Sam was hard to watch. Jared did a great job in this one and the scene with them in the diner where they are saying the same thing at the same time as Sam tries to prove he's re-living the same day over and over is one of my all-time favorite moments.

9. Baby
A favorite episode in season 11 is Thompson. Love his writing. This one was so touching and the camera work was gorgeous. Loved Sam and Dean talking over the seats. Loved the whole d a m n thing. Beautiful and perfect.

10. Sacrifice; Jared killed it in this one. Amazing amazing amazing.

11. Slash Fiction
I loved this episode and I haven't loved a new episode in awhile...I loved the leviathan Sam & Dean clones complaining about what it is like to be them!!! Loved Dean singing along to Air Supply! Loved that the truth about Amy came out. This was a very good episode and I feel like the old Supernatural I love is back!

12. Sex & Violence
It was great how Dean's ideal was someone who looked up to him and trusted him...a brother instead of a stripper. Great how they had the chance to get their real feelings about each other out while under the siren's spell. Just a really good episode and it did actually keep me guessing.

13. Pac Man Fever
So very touching...also had funny moments and there was so much packed into this one. I love Charlie and Dean and Charlie's bond really deepened here as he helped her cope with letting go of her mom. This one seemed to resolve some issues between Sam & Dean too. It was classic, perfect Supernatural. Loved it.

Villain: Crowley...the most charming demon out of all of them. Also liked Ruby #1 because she threw the smart comments right back at them.

Ruby #1

Crowley with the Colt

Crowley sealing the deal

Favorite Episodes:

Swan Song:
Dean never gives up on Sam.

Sam saves the girl.

This scene totally undid me.

Time is on My Side:
Dean always outsmarts Bella...eventually.

Weekend at Bobby's:
I love that Jensen directed this was excellent!

The Monster at the End of the Book:
One of my favorite Supernatural scenes in the laundromat.

When the Levee Breaks:
Sam beating the crap out of Dean.

Mystery Spot:
Not like this.
sam and dean sleeping in "Baby"
Never has Jared done a better job than in Sacrifice.
Slash Fiction:
I hate being these guys!!!!
Sex & Violence:
Sam, Dean, & the Siren

Pac Man Fever:
Dean loves Charlie as much as she loves him.

Main Character: Dean, but I love Sam too! So I'd say I'm a Dean girl, but I'm Sam-curious. Plot: The apocalypse arc
Cast Member: Misha because I don't know how he is able to make Cas seem like an otherworldly being, but he does. In the episode where he played Cas and Cas's vessel Jimmy, he was able to become two completely different people. Misha always does a great job.

Misha does an amazing job as Castiel.


1. Dean to Cas: Well Cas, not for nothin' but the last person who looked at me like that, I got laid.

2. Zachariah to Adam: You know Sam and Dean Winchester are psychotically, irrationally, erotically codependent on each other, right?

3. Bobby to Crowley: Now get the hell off my property before I blast you so full of rock-salt that you start crapping margaritas!

4. Ben & Dean:
Ben: No, don't go over there...only
b i t c h e s send a grown-up.
Dean: You're not wrong.
Ben: And I'm not a b i t c h.

5. Dean to Sam: (Are you) still driving that plastic piece of crap?
Sam: What kind of mileage do YOU get.
Dean: Shut up.

6. Harry: Ed, you got to go be gay for that poor dead intern! You gotta send him into the light!

7. Dean: There's Sam girls and Dean girls. And what's a slash fan?
Sam: As in... Sam slash Dean. Together.
Dean: Like... together together?
Sam: Yeah.
Dean: They do know we're brothers, right?
Sam: It doesn't seem to matter.
Dean: Ah, come on. That's... that's just sick.

8. Crowley (to Cas about Sam & Dean): Am I the only game piece on the board who DOESN'T underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares?!?!?!?!

Nostalgic banner


DEFINING SHOTS (photos have rollover text comments)
Baby; what an awesome episode.
Best place on earth.
I love research when it looks like this!



Some people hit the genetic lottery....Dean here.

Salt & this camera shot!


Jensen gets better every year. Bring on Season 9!

Jared taken at the Las Vegas convention 2013 (sadly, not taken by me).

Is it hot in here? Or is it just purgatory?Dean talks to Cas in purgatory

Nothing burns like an undead Nazi necromancer!

I love Supernatural's dark Sam warming his hands over the burning body of the Nazi in "Everybody Hates Hitler"; it's so routine for the Winchesters!

Love these old photo filters...looks like the Impala participated in the Civil War!

A good day.

I'd vacation at this cabin!

Sam, circa 2013.

Save us, Dean!

from the Deviant Art site...

More from the Deviant Art site

Coming up next week....

Love that car!

Who needs water in the desert when you have guns? Poor Sam always has to stand about 4 feet behind Dean so he doesn't look so tall.

I love the look on Sam's face when he sees Dean singing along to Air Supply!

I love the rain.


This one was for Mary & John.

No one can get to Dean like Sam can.

A perfect Christmas.

Sam's Christmas gift.

Fuel for my baby.

This party's dead.

We never will, Dean!This cracked me up!

I found this artwork online and it cracked me up!


Tuesday; Pig in a Poke

I love Dean's exasperated expression!

Why is it I never see hitchikers that look like this?

Sam should look happier while watching Casa Erotica....

What the hell, Sam?


Like staring into the sun... long have we been waiting for this?!?!

Sam's back; it's about time.

I'm a Dean girl
I'm a Sam girl....

I was so happy for Sam...then he had to kill her.

Yes, I LIKE Lisa!

Dean & Ben; I love this one.

Love the Impala.

I miss the old plate!

A better use for Blu-ray has never been invented...and would they stop making Sam stand in the background????? We love that he's tall.

Do they write that earnest look into the script? Or is it just natural?

There's something about those plain white t-shirts!

Nice lighting.

An image from the first episode...the start of a great thing.

Does he come with the camper?

Slash Fiction was a great one!

Older photo; Sam & Dean at the lake

Hot day in Vancouver

Scruffy Jensen

Love this one.

It's like a universe full of Dean! From the Deviant Art site.

from the Deviant Art fan art site; not bad for "heroic"!

from the Deviant Art fan art site; this one's just so weird, it's great.

This very weird but somehow great piece of artwork (above) from the Deviant Art site inspired me to try a more photo-realistic version (digital compilation below). I guess I like the idea of Sam & Dean hanging out at the laudromat!

My version of Sam & Dean doing laundry...wonder what they're looking at off to the right?

Cas at laundry day; photo compliation...I couldn't stop!

The Impala at the compilation...really, I couldn't stop!

Nice drawing of Sam! It's like DaVinci took a crack at a Sam portrait! From the Deviant Art fan art site.

Probably how Dean usually looks...

from the Deviant Art fan art site; I love how this is so minimal, but it's totally recognizable as Sam!

Our Dean.

Don't think this one needs a comment

I shamelessly stole this from the profile page of Superhotties. Love Dean's intensity.

"So what's it all add up to? It's hard to say. But me, I'd say this was a test...for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against Good, Evil, angels, devils, Destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well...isn't that kinda the whole point? No doubt - endings are hard. But then again...nothing ever really ends, does it?"

~ Chuck, Swan Song, season 5

What you hope to see coming at you down a dark road....

Leave me a comment below, or send me a private message or compliment!

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If you are a SuperNatural then check out the profile page of journalbookbinder. It is filled with the awesomeness of Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester frosted over with Impala glamour and some very unique quirks journalbookbinder has that are more then grand.
I love the lamps.
Great job journalbookbinder - One of the best SuperNatural pages I have seen on the Internet
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