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TEASER: Somewhere in Wisconsin:
It is evening and a young woman (Hayden) is leaving a bar. She’s texting her brother, lying about her whereabouts, but is startled when he appears behind her, catching her in her lie. As Hayden’s brother walks her home, they cut through a path in the woods. Hayden tries to convince her brother to return to the bar with her. He refuses. As they’re talking, Hayden hears a noise in the woods. Her brother goes to investigate. While they’re separated, he hears Hayden scream. He races back to her to find her unconscious on the ground. While he’s tending to her, he is attacked by a figure wearing a mask. The figure kills Hayden’s brother and rips out his heart. He then kneels over Hayden as the screen fades to black.

Dean and Sam are at the British Men of Letters’ (BMOLs) bunker, waiting for Mick, who is apparently late for a meeting with them. Dean is annoyed, and ready to leave when Mick rushes in, apologetically. Mick tells the brothers that he was making a report to the home office, and it ran late. He also adds that since the recent “incident” they’ve had their hands full.

After a hostile exchange, Mick tells the Winchesters about a case in Wisconsin. A young man had his heart ripped out and his sister is unconscious in the hospital – supposedly from an animal attack. The group surmises that it sounds like a werewolf case, and when the Winchesters agree to work the case, Mick insists on joining them. When Dean objects, Mick says that he wants more field time so the next time he has to face a monster, he’ll be better prepared. Despite Dean’s misgivings, the Winchesters agree to let Mick tag along.

During the drive to Wisconsin, Mick reveals that the BMOLs have modern weapons like silver nitrate injections that can kill werewolves, and adds that the BMOLs eradicated werewolves in the UK during the 1920s. Dean and Sam suggest that not all werewolves are dangerous and that some of them can live on animal hearts, but Mick dismisses that idea, insisting that monsters are monsters and the need to kill is part of the condition.

The trio arrives at the hotel Mick has arranged for them, and the Winchesters are pleasantly surprised to find that it’s a much nicer place than they're used to. Dean, however (even the next morning), is sure to not let Mick know that the hotel is a step up for the brothers.

The next morning, the trio prepares to head to the hospital to interview the victim. While Dean and Sam (dressed as feds) are waiting for Mick to join them, Sam comments that he spent the evening reviewing some of Mick’s lore books from the BMOLs. He tells Dean that the Brits developed a plasma therapy that they thought could cure lycanthropy, but it wasn’t successful. The group heads to the hospital.

At the hospital, Dean and Sam try to interview Hayden and her mother (Mrs. Foster), but Hayden is sleeping and her mother refuses to talk to them. When Mick enters the room dressed as a doctor, he’s able to talk Mrs. Foster into the hallway, where Dean and Sam talk to her while Mick examines Hayden’s wounds.

In the corridor, Mrs. Foster tells the Winchesters that she’s glad the FBI is investigating, and not the weird people who have been contacting her. She has apparently been approached by Bigfoot believers and other strange people. She also tells the Winchesters that she was visited by a young, blonde girl with a bad attitude who pretended to be with the Fish and Wildlife Service. Mrs. Foster says she didn’t believe the girl because she seemed too young and she didn’t trust her. Dean and Sam exchange knowing glances, suspecting that Claire Novack is the girl Mrs. Foster is describing. Mrs. Foster gives Dean the card the girl left with her.
In the hospital room, Mick examines Hayden’s wounds and discovers that she has been bitten, but when he rejoins the Winchesters later, he tells them that she wasn’t.

Later that night, we see Claire Novack at a gas-n-sip. She’s texting Jody and we realize she’s been lying to her. Jody thinks Claire is in Wisconsin visiting colleges and has no idea that Claire is actually working a case. When Dean calls Claire on her cell phone, she realizes the Winchesters know she’s there.Next, we see Claire meeting at the hotel with the Winchesters and Mick. Claire tells the group that Hayden is lying about what happened to her the night of the attack. She reveals that Hayden was at a bar before she was in the woods. Claire apparently interviewed a bartender at the bar. She describes a guy with tattoos but doesn’t say much about what else he told her. After Mick excuses himself to go make his report to the home office, the conversation continues between the Winchesters and Claire. Claire lies to the Winchesters, telling them that Jody knows she’s hunting on her own.

Meanwhile, we see that Mick was also lying to the Winchesters. He sneaks back into the hospital, dressed as a doctor, and tries to kill Hayden with a silver nitrate injection. Before he can complete the injection, Hayden changes into a werewolf and attacks him. During the fight, Hayden gouges Mick’s shoulder, but he stabs her in the heart with the syringe, killing her.

The next day, the entire group (Dean, Sam, Mick, and Claire) is at the hospital trying to figure out what happened and why Hayden is suddenly dead. The doctor can’t figure out how she died, OR why the wounds on her arms have magically healed. After the doctor leaves, the group suspects that Hayden changed into a werewolf, which is what healed her wounds, but they can’t figure out why she’s dead. Dean confronts Mick for apparently missing Hayden’s bite wounds when he examined her. Before the argument escalates, the group decides to focus instead on the fact that the werewolf that turned Hayden and killed her brother is still out there, and they don’t know who it is. They suspect that the werewolf could’ve killed Hayden, but turned her on purpose for some reason. They further surmise that Hayden’s attacker was likely someone who knew her, since turning her and killing her brother doesn’t seem random. They decide to break into teams: Sam and Claire go to Hayden’s school to interview the girlfriend Hayden was supposed to be seeing the night she died, and Dean and Mick go to the bar to see who Hayden saw and talked to when she was there.

DEAN and MICK: As Dean and Mick enter the bar, Dean notices that Mick can’t open the door and seems to have pain in his arm. Mick dismisses the observation, telling Dean that he has carpal tunnel syndrome. Dean eyes him suspiciously, but doesn’t say or do anything. They enter the bar and interview the bartender (Justin), who tells them that Hayden has been hanging around the bar with another bartender – Connor. He implies that they might be dating. When Dean and Mick see Connor, they notice that he has tattoos like Claire described, so they suspect that Connor might be the werewolf. Connor admits that he’s been letting Hayden hang out at the bar because she’s cute, but he denies any further involvement with her. Connor also insists he was behind the bar the night Hayden got attacked, and that he didn’t have anything to do with it. While the group is talking, Dean becomes even more suspicious of Mick, and asks him where he was the night before. Mick insists he was in his room watching television.

Once Dean and Mick are back outside the bar, Dean confronts Mick about the previous night. After initially resisting, Mick eventually admits that he killed Hayden, but she scratched him in the process. Mick insists that he had orders, and killing monsters is what they do. Dean tries to convince Mick that not everything is black-and-white, so you don’t have to kill every monster you encounter, but it’s not clear that the message gets through.

SAM and CLAIRE: Because Claire is younger than Sam (and will likely go over better with Hayden’s friends), she agrees to talk to Hayden’s friend while Sam waits in the car. Later, Claire returns after talking to Hayden’s friend. It turns out that Hayden was hanging out with an older guy at the bar, and lying to her family about where she was. However, the boyfriend became too possessive and “stalker-y”, which frightened Hayden’s friend enough for her to tell Hayden’s brother what was truly going on. Before they drive away, Sam tells Claire that he talked to Jody and he knows Jody thinks Claire is in Madison, Wisconsin looking at a college. Sam says that he didn’t betray Claire by telling Jody about her lie, but he demands to know why Claire is lying. Claire insists that Jody treats her like a child, and she and Sam have a heated discussion before Claire abruptly stalks off in a huff into a nearby wooded area. While Claire is alone, she is attacked and bitten by the same werewolf that attacked Hayden. Sam rushes to help her, but sees that he’s too late and she’s already been bitten.

Later, back at the hotel, the Winchesters and Mick regroup and try to decide what to do about Claire. The Winchesters are also furious that Mick killed Hayden. Initially, Dean tries to tell Claire that she can live with her condition, but Claire insists that she’s not strong enough. Sam consults the lycanthropy notes he was reading earlier and the group discusses the BMOL’s plasma therapy. Apparently, the treatment was only tested in mice, and only 1 of 9 survived/recovered; the only human test subject died. Also, if Claire feeds, the treatment won’t work. Nevertheless, at Claire’s urging, the group decides that trying the plasma therapy is the way to go. Mick tells the group that they need the blood of the werewolf that turned Claire for the plasma solution, so Dean and Sam head over to the bar to confront Connor (whom they suspect is the werewolf, since he knew both victims and Claire’s attack happened right after Dean and Mick interviewed him), while Mick stays with Claire and tries to keep her comfortable.

The Winchesters get to the bar and corner Connor, but when they touch his arm with a silver knife, they realize that he’s not the werewolf. Meanwhile, Justin, the real werewolf, breaks into Mick’s hotel room, knocks Mick unconscious, and kidnaps Claire.

Later, Dean and Sam return to Mick’s hotel room to find the door kicked in, Mick unconscious on the floor, and Claire missing. Mick suddenly revives and tells the brothers what happened. He also tells them that he put a tracking device in Claire’s pocket in case she escaped, so he knows where to find her.

Elsewhere, Justin has taken Claire to a remote cabin. She’s tied to a pillar and is not doing well as the werewolf change in overtaking her. Justin tells her that he and his pack were living a simple life and not harming anyone, but hunters suddenly showed up and killed many members of his pack. The rest scattered. Since then, Justin has been trying to rebuild his pack. He chose Hayden because she liked him and was unhappy with her life anyway; but now that she’s dead, he plans to use Claire to start rebuilding his pack.

As Justin is talking, Mick and the Winchesters burst in. During the fight that breaks out, Claire turns completely and attacks Dean. He knocks her out temporarily. Meanwhile, Sam and Mick fight Justin. Mick manages to get the blood and kill the werewolf. Afterward, they administer the injection to Claire. Her recovery is painful, but the treatment works and she returns to normal.

The next day at the hotel, Dean and Sam acknowledge Mick’s assistance in saving Claire, and let him know that he’s earned a second chance.

Before Claire leaves, she calls Jody. In a voice email message, she tells her the truth, but insists that she has to keep hunting because it’s something she needs to do.
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