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Sam: So you two were talking a case?
Dean: No, we were uh, we were actually talking about our feelings. And then our favorite boy bands. Yeah, we were talking a case.
Dean: Mrs. Waters, withholding information from the police is a capital offense. (Sam clears throat) In some parts of the world, I'm sure.
Dean: Is that, uh, BustyAsianBeauties.com?
Stewie: No... maybe.
Dean: Word to the wise. Platinum membership -- worth every penny.
Dean: Wow, you know, you'd think that Stanford education and a high school hook-up rate of 0.0 would produce better results than that.
Sam: Hilarious.
Dean: I just talked to an 84-year old grandmother who's having phone sex with her husband who died in Korea.
Sam: Eww.
Dean: Completely rocked my understanding of the word "necrophilia".
Sam: I mean, Dad? You really think it was Dad?
Dean: I don't know. Maybe.
Sam: Well, what did he sound like?
Dean: Like Oprah. It was Dad, he sounded like Dad, what do you think?
Dean: (about John) I mean, what if he calls back?
Sam: So what, if he calls back?
Dean: What do I say?
Sam: Hello.
Dean: Hello?! That's the best you can come up with?
Sam: (about demon) And it's following you because...?
Dean: I guess I'm big game, you know? My ass is too sweet to let out of sight.
Sam: So, what the hell is going on here, Dean?
Dean: Beats me. Better find out soon. This thing's turning into Spook Central.
Sam: Dean, it's not Dad.
Dean: Then what is it?
Sam: A crocotta.
Dean: Is that a sandwich?
Stewie: Yeah! That's what happens when you mess with the phone company, dillweed!
(both have been beaten up)
Dean: I see they improved your face.
Sam: Right back at 'cha.
Sam: There's nothing wrong with having hope, you know.
Dean: Hope doesn't get you jack squat.
Dean: And the only one who person can get me out of this thing is me.
Sam: And me.
Dean: "And me"? What, deep revelation, having a deep moment here. That's what you come back with? "And me"?
Sam: Do you want a poem?
Dean: Moment's gone.
(both drink beer and stare at TV)

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