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Last time we visited with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) they played Christmas massacre with two pagan gods that needed to feed back from yesteryear. This time we’re confronted with this cute African-American lady that comes back from a dinner with her beau and she goes into the bathroom. While she starts brushing her teeth there is a cut to another woman doing some sort of satanic ritual by slicing her hand and pouring her blood on the woman’s toothbrush. Suddenly, the woman’s teeth begin falling out of her head. Her boy toy comes running up as she’s screaming with blood pouring out of her mouth, but when he gets to the bathroom the door mysteriously slams and locks; the woman dies.

When Sam and Dean get to the scene they interview the boyfriend, Paul, and he is evasive and says that no one hated Janet. Too bad while Dean is talking with him Sam finds a hex bag under the sink in the bathroom. Sam and Dean deduce that this is the doings of a witch, one versed in old magic. Sam and Dean discuss the case and how to solve it. Cut to a woman busily running into her home and her friend asks her why she missed their book club last night due to the bandage on her hand, I am going to guess this ***** is the witch we’re looking for. She opens up her oven to take out the food that's been apparently baking and inside there’s a maggot-filled mess (and I puke a little in my mouth).

Next Paul is eating in his car when he finds maggots in his food. At the same time the song "I Put a Spell on You" plays over the radio. Sam and Dean are there and find another hex bag in Paul's car. They destroy the bag with fire which ends the spell and engulfs the witchy woman's maggot mess in flames, taking her totally by surprise. Paul tells them that he recently ended a torrid affair with a complete nut job. Sam and Dean head over to Amanda’s house, but when they show up they find her dead. After inspecting the scene, the Winchester brothers find another hex bag hidden inside the woman’s living room. Sam says he’s afraid that the inner witchery hit is the result of a coven. Next we realize that the book club neighbor, Elizabeth, is a part of the coven and that the book club is actually witch club.

Sam and Dean approach Elizabeth, asking about Amanda’s satanic rituals. In the middle of their interview the other two witches show up and interfere, cutting off the conversation. Sam and Dean realize that Elizabeth and her two cohorts are the coven. They believe the coven killed Amanda to manage appearances and deal with the fact that she was a nut job, which isn’t far off. Since they are toying with black magic Sam says they need to be stopped, as soon as Dean agrees with him Ruby appears and tells them they have to leave town. She says that these witches serve a demon and it lives in the town and is bigger and badder than Sam can manage. In the middle of all this Dean makes the move to shoot Ruby, but Sam interferes and the bullet goes astray. When they look back Ruby is gone.

Sam and Dean continue to argue over Ruby. Finally, Sam tells Dean this is more than just hunting because mankind is at war with the demons. Dean says he’s worried that Sam isn’t acting like himself and Sam blames Dean for selling his soul to the devil and now that Sam knows he’s going to be alone he has to get tougher, more like Dean. Suddenly, Dean starts puking up blood everywhere and Sam takes off with the colt to shoot the coven of witches. While he’s gone Ruby shows up and saves Dean’s life with a concoction that Dean says tastes like ass. Meanwhile, Sam’s with the coven and has narrowed down the demon, Tammi. He goes to shoot her, but she stops the bullet and everyone knows he’s in trouble. Especially Sam.

Tammi is hell on wheels. She kills Rene for talking back. Then she goes into a diatribe about how she manipulated book club to get those women to worship her. Tammi says that she doesn’t believe Sam is the Messiah and that some other demon is. That demon hates Sam and wants him vaporized or something. Tammi starts to smush Sam into the wall and Dean shows up. Then Ruby appears and Tammi says something about Ruby making it out of the gate. Ruby asks to serve Tammi again and says she brought the Winchesters to Tammy as a gift. Ruby goes to stab Tammi, but Tammi expects it. GIRL FIGHT! Tammi tells us that in her former life, Ruby was a witch and one of her followers then begins to exorcise her. While she's yammering on, Elizabeth starts performing a spell on her and Tammi barfs up pushpins. She apparently kills Elizabeth but the distraction gives Dean just enough time to attack Tammy with the demon-killing dagger, stabbing her multiple times, killing her. Ruby urges the boys to leave, stating that she will clean up the mess before retrieving her blade from Tammi's back (leaving a steaming hole).

Later, Ruby gives Dean a heart-to-heart about being a demon, and she tells him that most demons were once humans and forgot what it was like to be human. Dean asks if he’ll turn into a demon and forget about his life on earth, and she says he will. She also says that she cannot save him from hell. Ruby tells Dean she needs him to help her get Sam ready to fight the war without him, but Dean wants to know why Ruby wants them to triumph over evil. Ruby says she’s not like the rest of the demons because she remembers what it’s like to be human.

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