Meaning Behind Names – Season Three

Season 3 16 episodes

3.01 The Magnificent Seven

"The Magnificent Seven" is a 1960 western with Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson. (Seven Deadly Sins)

3.02 The Kids Are Alright

"The Kids are Alright" is a song by 60s rockband The Who.

3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock

"Bad Day at Black Rock" is another film by John Sturges (so is "The Magnificent Seven") with Spencer Tracy.

3.04 Sin City

Sin City is the name of a comic title by Frank Miller (a movie adaptation was done in 2005). "Sin City" is the part of the fictional city described in the comic which is ruled over by prostitutes and other seedy/shady characters.

3.05 Bedtime Stories

Fairy Tales are sometimes referred to as Bedtime Stories, because children were read them to prepare them to sleep. (The absurdity of reading horrific tales of witches and death to children before they fall asleep, isn't lost on the Supernatural episode.)

3.06 Red Sky At Morning

The title of the episode comes from an old piece of weather lore: “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky at morning, sailor’s warning”. Red sky at morning is said to signal rain.

3.09 Malleus Maleficarum

Malleus Maleficarum means Hammer of the Witches in latin, and it was the title for a fifteenth century treatise on witches. It was used to support argue the nature and reality of witchcraft and was used in the persecution and murder of women accused of witchcraft across Europe in in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me

Dream a Little Dream Of Me is the title of a song first recorded in 1931. The song - a version by Mama Cass - is heard during the episode during Dean's dream of Lisa.

3.12 Jus in Bello

Jus in bello means "justice in war", and refers to the guidelines for "fighting well" once war has begun.

3.14 Long-Distance Call

"Long Distance Call" is an old blues song by Muddy Waters. ("calling" through the Vail)

3.15 Time Is On My Side

"Time is on My Side" is a song by The Rolling Stones.

3.16 No Rest For The Wicked No Rest for the Wicked is the tile of a 1995 Ozzy Osburne album.

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