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Jack has escaped the Ma'lak box.

He's hurt that Sam and Dean lied to him and he unleashes an energy blast, throwing Sam, Dean, and Cas across the room. They look up from the ground and Jack is gone.

Cas can't understand how Jack could escape. The box could hold an archangel. Sam points out that Jack isn't an archangel. Cas chastises them for trying to lock Jack away. Dean says he wanted Jack dead, not locked up. Dean says Jack's just another monster now.

Dean throws around theories of how Jack could be killed once they find him. Dean's sure this is not Jack anymore. Sam's struggling with it. Dean says they have to do the ugly thing. It wouldn't be the first time.

Elsewhere, Jack wanders the streets of a city. He can hear what people are saying and knows they're lying to each other. Still angry that Sam and Dean lied to him in order to get him into the box, he says out loud "Stop lying!".

Sam gets off the phone with Rowena who says she'll help even though it's insane. Dean says that's because Rowena knows what Jack's capable of.

Searching for Jack, Sam and Dean walk into an office. Dean calls the employees nerds. Sam says it takes one to know one and points out that Dean knows every word to every Led Zeppelin song and he watches Jeopardy every night.

Sam explains to Dean that this company makes facial recognition software and it could help them find Jack.

Dean walks up to the front desk to lie his way in, but he can't lie. He says he's Dean Winchester and he's looking for the devil's son and his FBI badge is fake. He excuses himself to go figure out what the hell is going on.

Dean asks Sam who is favorite singer is and Sam can't lie. He tries to say "Elvis" but he says "Celine Dion" instead.

Sam realizes on one can lie.

Someone in the office gets into a fight over the fact that someone ate his yogurt and freely admitted it, because no one can lie. Fights break out all over the office as the truth makes everyone angry.

Sam and Dean try to quickly leave the room as it erupts into one giant fight and they hear a news woman on TV talking about how the President (Trump) was supposed to give a news conference but, instead, ended up revealing his taxes, deep ties to Russia and North Korea, and a demon deal he made with Crowley.

Dean wonders if they just walked into a case.

Sam thinks this is happening everywhere. Sam figures out it's because of Jack. Sam gets on one of the companies computers to search for Jack using their facial recognition software.

Elsewhere, Cas is trying to gain access to a closed door, saying he needs to get in to hell. The demon at the door says no. He wants to get to hell and study the construction of the cage there. Cas turns around to find Chuck standing there, observing wryly that he and Sam and Dean are screwed.

Elsewhere, Jack is at the house of Kelly Kline's parents.

In the street, Cas talks to Chuck. Chuck says he's there because Cas called him. Chuck is also here because of Jack who he calls "a problem".

in the home of Kelly's parents, Jack says he liked their earlier talk and hoped they could talk again about Kelly. Kelly's mom says no. She says Jack lied to them; they know he didn't work with Kelly. Kelly's mom thinks she's dead and that Jack did something to her. She yells at Jack. His eye glow and he tells Mrs. Kline to STOP!

While Sam searches for Jack, Dean's on his phone complaining about a mommy blog he follows and how it's not all perfect after all. This is something he'd usually hide his interest in, but he can't lie.

Anarchy continues to reign inside the office.

Chuck and Cas show up at the office; Chuck says people need to lie to keep the peace. Cas thinks it's odd that God would advocate lying.

Chuck says he's a writer; lying is what he does.

Cas finds Sam and Dean; he and God walk in to the room where Sam's using the company's computer.

At the Kline's, Jack is leaving in a hurry.

Back at the office, Dean wants to know where Chuck has been. Chuck tries to start playing a song on the guitar in answer, but Dean smashes his guitar and demands he answer the question. Chuck says the office is cramped. He snaps his fingers and they're all back in the bunker.

Chuck invites them to ask him questions. Sam also wants to know where he's been. Everywhere and nowhere, he replies. Dean asks about Amara. Chuck says they've been together, but she's in Reno playing keno right now.

Dean asks about Jack. Chuck says he only builds the sandbox and they play in it. They can do what they want, but when things get really bad, that's when he has to step in. Chuck points out that things went crazy in the world just because Jack said "stop lying".

Chuck fixes the lying by snapping his fingers. They realize they can lie again. We flash back to the office and everything is status quo. No fighting or telling the truth.

Chuck says, "You're welcome". Chuck says that if Jack can do that with two words, what's next? This is bad. Chuck says he can't exactly stop Jack, but they can with a gun that has appeared on the table.

Cas asks what it is. Chuck thinks he'll call it "The Equalizer" or maybe something else.

Chuck claims the gun can kill anything, including Jack. Sam asks why they're only seeing it now if Chuck's had it all along. Chuck says he only just invented it and hasn't even fired it yet.

Cas points out that it's therefore untested.

Chuck says that if he says it works, it'll work. It doesn't use bullets. Since the universe is all about balance, this sends a wave of multidimensional energy. Whatever happens to the person you're aiming at also happens to you. You kill Jack using the gun, you also die.

Chuck admits it's not perfect.

Cas still doesn't know why they are talking about killing Jack. He wants God to restore Jack's soul. Chuck says souls are complicated, even for him. And do they really want to save Jack considering what he did?

Cas says they'll find him and throw him in the cage.

Dean tells Cas to stop. He believes Chuck, that this is the only way.

Dean doesn't care that Cas doesn't like it. He tells Cas to get on board or walk away. Cas walks away.

Elsewhere, Jack replays his encounter with Kelly Kline's mom in his head.

In the bunker, Sam finds Dean drinking alone. He tells Sam to sit down so they can talk. Sam knows that Dean is going to insist on being the one to kill Jack and therefore be killed himself. Dean says they have no choice. Sam says they always have a choice and that's the point of everything they've ever done.

Sam was and still is mad about Mary's death, but they haven't even tried to save Jack. Dean's mad that Jack tried to blame Mary for what happened. Sam defends Jack saying he doesn't have a soul. Dean asks whose fault that is and Sam says it's his (Sam's) fault.

Sam's the one who brought him back from the dead because he's family. Then Jack burned his soul off while saving them from Michael. Sam can't be okay with losing Jack and Dean all at once. He won't give Dean his blessing. Sam starts to cry saying he's already lost too much.

Dean drains his glass when Sam's gone.

Elsewhere, Cas gets out of his pickup truck in a cemetery and slams his fist on the hood. Jack appears behind him saying he's been looking for Cas.

Cas hugs Jack but Jack doesn't hug him back.

In the bunker, Chuck is examining an AU archangel blade. Sam asks Chuck how many other worlds there are. Chuck says he lost count; most of them are boring. One's in reverse. In one there's no yellow. One's all squirrels. Sam tells Chuck that Michael said Chuck creates these worlds and then tosses them away, like failed versions of a book. Sam wonders if that's what Chuck's doing to them. Chuck says they're the most interesting version of Sam and Dean there is.

In the cemetery, Cas and Jack are talking. Jack tells Cas he went to see the Klines. He says he no longer hates himself for causing Kelly's death. He doesn't feel anything anymore. Cas asks what Jack did to Mrs. Kline. Jack says he told Mrs. Kline to stop, but he didn't kill her. He just left.

Cas is proud of him.

Back at the bunker, Sam asks if Chuck is always watching them. He says they're his favorite show. Sam asks why he doesn't intervene. Why is it always he and Dean that have to save everything? Chuck says because "you're my guys". Chuck says they have to focus on Jack.

Sam realizes that Chuck is scared of Jack. Chuck admits he knows where Jack is. Sam wants to know what he's waiting for. Chuck replies he's not waiting; Dean's already gone.

In the cemetery, Jack and Cas continue to talk. Jack says Mary's death was a mistake, but ever since then he's tried do the right thing. Every time he tries, it never goes right. Jack says all he ever wanted was to be good, but now he's just empty. He wants to love Cas back, but he can't.

Cas says he can't YET; they need time to fix this where no one can find them. They look up to see Dean standing in the cemetery.

Cas stands.

Dean walks towards them. he tells Cas to step aside. Cas tells Jack to run.

Jack says he won't run any more and he throws Cas aside.

Jack walks towards Dean. Dean truthfully tells Jack he's not going to lock him up again. He raises the gun and aims it at Jack.

Jack kneels, surprising Dean at his willingness to be sacrificed.

Dean walks closer. He aims at Jack's head.

A car pulls up and Sam gets out and starts running at top speed towards Dean.

Jack tells Dean he understands. He knows what he's done.

Sam yells as he gets closer, but Dean tells him to stay back.

Jack says Dean was right all along. He is a monster.

Chuck appears next to Sam. Sam tells Chuck to do something. He realizes that Chuck is enjoying this.

Dean pulls back the hammer, ready to fire, then pauses.

He lowers the gun.

Cas makes his way back towards them.

Dean un-cocks the gun and throws it on the ground.

Chuck yells, "No! Pick it up!"

Chuck says that this isn't how the story is supposed to end. It's supposed to be epic like Abraham and Issac; Dean the father killing Jack the son.

Sam says this has all happened because Chuck's playing them. Because he likes their story. Chuck tries to make Dean pick the gun up to kill Jack. If he does, Chuck promises to bring Mary back.

Dena thinks. He says no to Chuck's offer. Dean backs up to stand next to Sam. He says Mary is his hero and he'll miss her every second of his life, but Mary wouldn't want this. Dean says Sam's right. Chuck knew everything and he kept playing games.

Sam wants to know why Chuck sat back and watched them suffer over and over; he asks Chuck when does this end?

Dean says they're done talking. It's not just a story, it's their lives. He tells God to go to hell.

Chuck smirks. He tells them to have it their way. He snaps his fingers and kills Jack. Dean tells Chuck to stop it and Chuck replies by throwing Dean across the cemetary.

As Sam watches Jack writhe in pain. He picks up the magic gun and fires at Chuck.

He hits Chuck in the shoulder and Sam recoils as he recieves the same shoulder injury.

Chuck says fine, if that's the way they want it, the story's over. Welcome to the end.

Suddenly it's nighttime.

Dean and Sam get up. Jack lies dead on the ground with Cas kneeling over him.

Sam's confused, thinking the gun was the only thing that could kill Jack. Cas says that Chuck's a writer and writers lie.

In the empty, Jack wakes up. The formless thing that rules the empty walks up smiling. Billie appears. She tells Jack they should talk.

Back on earth, the ground shakes. Souls appear to be flying up from the soil. Cas says they're all souls from hell.

On a road, a man picks up a woman in white; the same one from the pilot.

At a child's birthday party, the killer clown appears at the door - on that they've already killed.

Girls chant Bloody Mary and she appears.

These are all entities that Sam and Dean already killed once.

In the graveyard, the souls reanimate the bodies in the graves and they stagger to life, looking like zombies. The mob of zombies approach Sam and Dean and Cas and it looks like they'll overwhelm them.

Motorhead's "God was Never on your Side" plays.

Dean pulls a piece of iron fencing from one of the graves to defend himself as the zombies close in.

Sam and Dena stand back to back, ready to fight.

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