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Dean: Okay, Kojak. Let's get some air.
Referencing the TV series of the same name that premiered in 1973, and featured Telly Savalas as a bald Greek police detective who sucked on lollipops and uttered the phrase "Who loves ya, baby?"
Dean: Like Dingo ate my baby crazy?

Referencing the Azaria Chamberlain disappearance. The incident occurred in Australia in 1980 - a baby disappeared under mysterious circumstances near Uluru (Ayers Rock). The mother, Lindy Chamberlain, camping with her family, claimed to have seen a dingo carrying her baby from their tent, and immortalized the phrase, "The dingo's got my baby!". She was convicted of murdering her baby but later acquitted when new evidence suggested that the baby was, in fact, killed by a dingo.

Dean: It all seems a little too X-Files to me.

Referencing the TV series that premiered in 1993 and ran for nine seasons, and featured David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI agents investigating the paranormal. A number of crew on Supernatural worked on the series.

Dean: Like Groundhog Day?

Referencing the 1993 movie featuring Bill Murray as a weatherman who finds himself reliving the same day over... and over... and over again.

Trickster: You're Travis Bickle in a skirt, pal.

Referencing the character played by Robert De Niro in the 1976 movie Taxi Driver. De Niro plays a mentally unstable Vietnam veteran who decides to "protect" a teenage prostitute.

Trickster: Holy Full Metal Jacket

Referencing the 1987 movie starring Matthew Modine and R. Lee Ermey, and chronicling new Marine recruits during the Vietnam war.

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