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At 35:20 as Dean falls to the floor, just before he is out of the shot, you can tell he falls toward Mrs. Miller. Yet when the shot changes to his dead body on the floor, his body is facing away from her.
At 34:21 when the door to the room opens, Dean lowers his right hand. Yet when the shot changes, to the front of him, his hand is back at Mrs. Miller's head and he lowers it again.
There is a scene when Sam and Dean arrive at the Millers' house where they are talking to each other with their backs angled towards the camera. We can clearly see a man (a cop?) in a hat walk past them, yet when the camera angle changes, we see the man walk past them again. Later in the scene, the same man walks past them in the opposite direction, yet once again when the camera angle changes, the same man repeats his steps.
When Mrs Miller pours out coffee for Sam, she pours it into a green cup with a leaf on the side. When the camera angle changes, the cup that Sam receives from her is white and a completely different shape. The green coffee cup is later seen in Dean's hands.
When Sam was having a vision about Max killing his step-mother, you see her chopping celery with a knife. After she chops it up, she wipes some of the chopped celery off the knife. You see that there is still some left on the knife. But seconds later, when Max first starts to move it, you can clearly see there is nothing of the knife.
At 8:24 you can hear Dean drop the toothpick on the plate. But then he puts the toothpick down again a few seconds later.
When Sam takes the cup of coffee from Alice he acts like it was hot and he burned his hand but a second later we can see Alice holding the bottom of the coffee pot. The coffee pot isn't hot, meaning the coffee probably isn't too hot either.
When the boys are walking away from Max's old neighbors house during Sam's third premonition, Sam's arm is around Dean's shoulders. However, when the camera flips back around in front of them, his arm is suddenly down by his side.
Sam and Dean are staying at the Escanaba Motel. Escanaba, MI is in the Upper Peninsula, which is nowhere near Saginaw, MI.

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