Nightshifter Quotes

Nightshifter Quotes
Dean: I like him [the security guard], he says 'okey-dokey'.
: What if he's the shifter?
: We follow him home, put a silver bullet in his chest.
Dean: Freaking cops.
Sam: They are just doing their job, Dean.
Dean: No, they are doing our job, only they don't know it, so they suck at it.
Dean: Looks like Mr. Okey-dokey is... okey-dokey.
Henrickson: I want Sam and you out here unarmed, or we come in. And, yes I know about Sam too -- Bonnie to your Clyde.
: Yeah, well, that parts true, but how'd you even know we were here?
: Go screw yourself. That's how I knew.
Dean: You have no right to talk about my dad like that. He was a hero.
Dean: Are you nuts?
: That’s just it, I’m not nuts. I mean, I was so scared that I was losing my marbles, but this is real! I mean, I was right! Except for the mandroid thing, thank you.
: Yeah, don’t mention it.
(Dean opens vault where hostages are being hidden)
Sherri: Oh my god! You saved us. You saved us!
: Actually, I just found a few more. C'mon everybody, let's go, let's go. (pushes more hostages in)
Lt. Robarts: (about the Feds taking over the situation) Let me guess. You’re lead dog now, but you would just love my full cooperation.
: I don’t give a rat’s ass what you do. You can go get a doughnut and bang your wife for all I care.
Ronald: This is not a robbery! Everybody on the floor, now!
Ronald: The thing I let into the bank... wasn't Juan. I mean, it had his face, but it wasn't his face. Ah, every detail was perfect but too perfect, you know, like if a dollmaker made it, like I was talking to a big Juan doll.
: A Juan doll?
Dean: Well, thanks, Frannie, I think that's all I need.
: Really? I mean, 'cause I've got more. You know, if you wanted to interview me some time, in private... ?
: Yeah... Yeah, I think that's a good idea. You're a true patriot, you really are. Why don't you write your number down there for me, that'd be good.
Frannie: So, what's it like, being an FBI guy?
Dean: Well, it's dangerous, yeah. And the secrets we gotta keep, oh God, the secrets. But mostly it's... it's lonely.
(a guy found a knife in Dean's shoe)
Dean: I'm not just gonna walk in here naked!
Henrickson: Crazy's in there. And I just hung up on it.

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