No Exit Trivia

In this episode, Jo commented that Moyamensing Prison was built in 1835 and torn down in 1963. In truth, Moyamensing was constructed between 1832-1835, but was actually demolished in 1968.
In the scene where Sam and Dean are opening the door to the drainpipes and the camera is looking up at them, Dean hands Sam a rifle with his hand on the rifle. But when the camera changes to above ground Dean is holding on to the butt or handle of the rifle and Sam grabs the barrel
One of the photographs on the table when Sam, Jo, and Dean are discussing Holmes is actually a photograph of Elizabeth Stride, one of the women generally accepted to have been murdered by Jack the Ripper.
Jo and Ellen's last name is Harvelle and the saloon is called Harvelle's Roadhouse. The word "roadhouse" had been the only part of the sign that was legible in episodes past.
Jo's middle name is Beth.
H. H. Holmes had blue eyes, unlike the brown eyes depicted in the episode. Also, when he did sport facial hair, it was normally a moustache.

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