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Other Hunters - Supernatural WikiNAME: Steve Wadell
EPISODE(S): Born under a bad sign
BIOGRAPHY: This hunter is not seen but Sam, whilst possessed with Meg kills this hunter.
calebNAME: Caleb
EPISODE(S): Salvation
BIOGRAPHY: Caleb is one of John's Hunter friends who makes weapons. In the episode Salvation, Caleb is one of the hunters that Meg kills to bring the Winchesters and the colt out of hiding.
daniel elkinsNAME: Daniel Elkins
EPISODE(S): Dead Man's Blood
BIOGRAPHY: Daniel Elkins was the hunter who taught John after Hunter was killed. He came into possession of the colt but was killed by vampires in the Episode Dead Man's Blood
pastor jimorigins pastor jimNAME: Pastor Jim Murphy
EPISODE(S): Salvation, Origins #4 (comic)
BIOGRAPHY: When the boy's were young and left alone whilst their father hunted their first emergency contact was Pastor Jim Murphy. John was introduced to Pastor Jim by Hunter. Pastor Jim was able to create a conduit between the living and the spirit worlds when he cut himself with a shard of glass from a childhood car wreck.
He then became friends with John and would occasionally watch the boys.
Pastor Jim Was killed by Meg in Salvation.
missourimissouriNAME: Missouri Mosley
EPISODE(S): Home , Origins #1 (comic)
BIOGRAPHY: Missouri is a psychic that helped John Winchester after Mary was killed, and first introduced him to the "pure evil" that was in the Supernatural world. She later helped Sam and Dean when their old house appeared to be haunted by a poltergeist, which they had originally thought to be their mother's killer. She told them it wasn't the same thing, and said there were two spirits haunting the house. She helped them cleanse the house, which would help get rid of them.
ichiNAME: Ichi
EPISODE(S): Origins #3 (comic)
william henry harvelleNAME: William Anthony Harvelle
EPISODE(S): Origins #3 (comic)
creedyNAME: Creedy
EPISODE(S): Bad Day at Black Rock
BIOGRAPHY: Works with Kubrick and Gordon Walker to bring down Sam Winchester.
kubrickNAME: Kubrick
EPISODE(S): Bad Day at Black Rock
BIOGRAPHY: Works with Creedy and Gordon Walker to bring down Sam Winchester.
fletcher gableNAME: Fletcher Gable
EPISODE(S): Origins (comic)
hunterNAME: Hunter
EPISODE(S): Origins (comic)
isaacNAME: Isaac
EPISODE(S): The Magnificent Seven
BIOGRAPHY: Husband of Tamara, killed by the Seven Deadly Sin demons in The Magnificent Seven.
tamaraNAME: Tamara
EPISODE(S): The Magnificent Seven
BIOGRAPHY: Wife of Isaac
richieNAME: Richie
EPISODE(S): Sin City
BIOGRAPHY: Hunter buddy of Dean's. Killed by demon in Sin City.

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