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At a casino, there are bodies everywhere. The only living person seems to be a cocktail waitress. She brings a drink to Chuck who is playing the slots. He wins every time. He wants to be sure she went easy on the rum because she doesn't want to see him cranky. He tells her to keep 'em coming.

Elsewhere, Eileen fights off a vampire with her own considerable skill. She gets ready to stab an unseen attacker, but when the person comes around the corner, it turns out to be Sam. She pushes him out of the way and stabs the vampire who is sneaking up behind him for an attack. She asks if he was following her. Was it because he was worried about her? She thinks he's being overprotective.

Back in the bunker, Sam eats a salad while Eileen eats a burger. Dean walks in saying he has the answer to their problems. They need to hit Chuck while he's weak like he is now. He thinks the answer may be in the demon tablet. Sam explains to Eileen that it was dictated by God; instructions on how to seal angels and demons in heaven and hell if he was not around to control them.

Dean wonders why, if Chuck was invincible, why couldn't God always protect them against angels and demons? Eileen connects the dots; that these instructions are for a situation where God is out of commission. That means that God must have some weak spot if he put these stop gap measures in place.

Dean tells Eileen that the tablets are like an advanced directive. She asks if he can read the tablet. Dean says no, but he knows who can.

Cas knocks on Donatello's door.

Donatello wants him to go away. He doesn't want to be dragged back into prophet duty, but eventually, Donatello is back in the bunker, having agreed to help. He thinks that what Dean
and Sam want to do doesn't sound possible. Dean thinks that if Chuck could lock up his sister The Darkness, then there must be a way to lock him up too.

Donatello wants to know why they don't just kill God. Sam explains that God has to exist to maintain the balance in the universe. Without him, Creation would fall apart. Dean thinks it's better to lock him up.

Donatello reasons that it took the power of God to lock up the Darkness; do they have the power of God? Sam tells him to figure out how to lock God up, they'll figure out the rest.

Donatello asks that they shoot him when he goes crazy again.

Donatello works on the tablet surrounded by buckets of friend chicken. Cas, Sam , and Dean keep staring at him while he works and he tells them to stop it. He finds something interesting. There appear to be annotations by Metatron in the tablet. Like he was trying to give some context. It says God has a secret fear that's always there, but he shares it only with "his favorite".

Cas says that at the time it was written, Lucifer had been cast down, so Michael was his favorite. Dean reasons that Michael might be mad enough over being locked in the cage to help them. They explain to Donatello the whole Adam/Michael situation.

Donatello starts to rant about how nothing is easy with the Winchesters. Then he goes blank and seems to come to possessed...by Chuck.

They back away.

Chuck (through Donatello) says that sometimes God talks through prophets like Bluetooth. He tells them he loves their little process, but this is something they should let go.

Dean asks, "Or what?" Chuck threatens to go "all-powerful"; not on them, but on their friends like Jody and Donna; everyone they know.

Later, Cas confirms the bunker's warding is intact, but it can't keep God out. They fear he heard their plans. Dean tells Donatello he should go home. He rushes out the door.

Dean says they are not dropping this. Cas points out that their friends aren't safe. Sam says no one is safe with Chuck around; they have to take him down.

Cas can't believe they are thinking about trying to go down to hell and get Michael...who is in the cage and insane.

Sam points out that it was Lucifer and Chuck who told them that Michael is insane. Maybe they shouldn't believe it.

Dean tells Cas to stay behind if he wants to.

Sam, Dean, and Eileen mix ingredients and Cas watches. Dean cuts his hand and drips some blood into the mix. Cas heals him. They are mixing up the spell Rowena used. Sam starts to recite the Latin and Cas lights the ingredients in the bowl. Sam, Dean, and Cas touch the bowl; soon they disappear, leaving Eileen alone in the bunker kitchen.

They appear in hell. Cas leads the way.

They walk into a Gothic-looking hall and encounter female demons. Dean tries to talk to them, but the demons attack all three of them, beating them severely. Dean asks if any of them are winning in this fight as the demons seem to be getting the best of all three of them.

When the demons have the upper hand, a female voice yells "Stop!". It's Rowena.

Rowena is wearing a red jumpsuit. She explains she's dead, and her soul went to hell. She took the throne of hell when she arrived. She asks why they're there. They explain that Chuck is out of control and they have to rein him in. Sam says they have to speak to Michael. Rowena says Michael isn't in the cage; he was released when Chuck opened hell. Dean says they need to find him now. Rowena looks at Sam's expression. She instructs her demons to find Michael.

In the bunker, Eileen keeps an eye on the ingredients in the bowl. She gets a call on her computer. It's a friend. She says that being dead didn't take and she's alive. This is Sue; another hunter. She says she's following a vamp nest and she needs some help with them. Eileen says she's close to the location, but she can't leave at that moment; she'll help as soon as she can. Eileen puts some more herbs in the bowl.

In hell, Rowena sits on the throne and drinks while her demons look for Michael. She tells Sam that him killing her was one of the best things that ever happened. She misses sex and Amazon, but she's queen of Hell now. Her subjects fear her. Sam looks uncertain. Rowena asks him to refill her glass.

When Sam leaves, Rowena talks to Cas and Dean alone. She wants to know why they're at odds. She wants them to talk about it. She tells them to fix it. They don't want to have regrets like she does. They need to make it right while they're alive.

Sam returns with the drink. A demon enters and tells them that they cannot find Michael.

Turns out, Michael is in a diner, taking a big bite of a burger. It's Adam; getting to have his first burger in 10 years. Michael sits across the table from him, talking to his vessel. Michael says he doesn't know much about anything on earth; Adam will have to be his guide. The waitress brings him a pizza. Adam asks if Michael is going to back to heaven now that he's out of the cage. Michael says that his brothers are dead, his father never returned, and he's alone. Adam says he's in the same boat. Michael says he has his brothers. Adam points out that
they let him rot in hell.

In the bunker, Dean is back from hell, calling Donatello. He asks him if he can sense where powerful beings are; maybe where an archangel is. He wants Donatello to call if he "feels" anything.

Sam hasn't found any signs of an archangel either.

Dean changes the subject when he's sitting alone at the bunker table with Sam. He says Eileen did good helping them get back from hell; and hunting. Dean wants to know how it's going with Sam and Eileen. Sam says that if Eileen needs something from him, she'll ask; they have an agreement (as we saw at the start when he showed up uninvited to "protect" her on her vampire hunt; they must have talked it over and agreed that he only shows up when she asks; that she doesn't need saving). Dean teases him about the agreement, giving it a bit of sexual innuendo. Dean says he didn't want to say anything to jinx it...Dean says he tried the family thing; Sam says he did too; it's not for us. Dean points out that Eileen understands them...and she's hot...if Sam wanted to try again, he should consider trying with Eileen. Dean says Eileen could do better, and Sam could do worse; he should think about it.

At the diner, Adam is musing to Michael that maybe he should get a job. He spent the change he had on food, they're going to need new clothes and some money here on earth.

A woman puts her hand on Adam/Michael's shoulder. She introduces herself as Lilith. She's not dead. She says God wants to talk to Michael. He wonders why God would send a demon to fetch him. She says they worked together before to try to bring God back. God came back on his own. Michael says that if that's true, God could come down to see him himself. Lilith says she's not supposed to leave without him. Lilith says she can't fail God. Michael's eyes glow blue and he incinerates Lilith as the others in the diner watch.

Donatello feels the power surge in his kitchen when Michael kills her.

Michael tells the people in the diner to remember nothing and they go back to what they were doing. Apparently he was able to completely erase the memory of what they just saw him do to Lilith.

Dean's phone rings. It's Donatello; he can see where Michael is located; hurtling all over the world. Then he stops in Cairo, Egypt. He hangs up to get some bourbon.

Dean tells Cas they know where he is, but he's too far away; they can't get there before he moves again. Cas says they have to bring him to them.

Cas sends up a prayer to Michael from inside the bunker. He says they didn't know each other very well, and their last meeting was unpleasant, but he knows Michael has been through an ordeal; beyond the reach of heaven and earth. Much has changed with both heaven and earth. He tells Michael that God is not the father he knew. There's a battle going on and he has to understand the situation. God is now the enemy. Cas' eyes glow.

Michael appears. Cas thanks him for coming. Michael remembers that Cas called him "a s s b u t t" and set him on fire; then sent him to hell. Michael is skeptical that his father, God, is now the enemy. Michael thinks that maybe Cas came to beg forgiveness. Cas says he didn't come to beg. Cas throws a lighter down and Michael is trapped in a ring of holy fire. Sam and Dean walk in and Dean holds up the angel cuffs. Michael, angry, asks Cas what he's (what Cas has) done.

In the bunker, Michael says this is a stupid move. He observes that Sam looks well; better than back in the cage when he last saw him. Michael still doesn't believe them that God is the enemy. He doesn't want to trust them; they doomed him and locked him in the cage. They let Lucifer out walk while their brother Adam sat in hell. Sam says they've had to get used to losing people. They said goodbye to Adam because they thought they had to. Michael says don't tell him that, tell Adam.

They're confused.

Michael lets Adam come through even though he continues to possess his body. Adam appears and greets them. Dean can't believe Michael lets him through sometimes. Adam says they came to an agreement while it was just the two of them in the cage.

Dean tells Adam that they cannot fix the fact that they bailed on him. Adam says they should say they're sorry. Michael grabs control back again, impatient, and asks why he's there.

Cas says God is back; he opened the cage. Michael is sure that God will usher in paradise if he's back. Dean says no, paradise is boring and God wants entertainment. They're his puppets. Everyone including Michael is a puppet. Michael thinks they're lying. He doesn't know why, but he thinks they're lying.

Adam breaks through again for a second. He says Michael isn't listening; so he will. Later, Adam talks to Michael. (These are some amazing scenes where Jake Abel is playing both roles, doing dialog with himself!) Adam says Sam and Dean might be on the right side of things. They tried to talk Adam out of even taking on Michael way back when. He doesn't forgive them, but that's not the the point. Adam tells Michael that if they believe this, it's probably true. They're usually right. Michael says that he and Adam have been together for years, but he and God have been together for all of eternity. He only exists because God willed him into existence. It sounds like Michael still thinks he owes God his loyalty.

Adam says that maybe God is having a mid-eternity crisis. Maybe Michael doesn't know God as well as he thinks he does. Adam says parents keep secrets. Does it hurts to ask the question? Michael says yes; the favorite son shouldn't doubt the father. Adam is surprised he feels this way when God let him remain in the cage. At least it appear that Michael listens to the man whose body he possesses.

Elsewhere, Sue is talking to Eileen by video chat again; trying to convince her that she really needs her help with the vampires. Eileen hesitates and Sue bullies her; asking if she needs to ask for permission before making up her own mind. It works and Eileen, stubborn, asks for the directions to the vamp nest location.

The screen goes black as if Sue has an emergency. Eileen knocks on Sam's door. She explains the situation to Sam. He says, "Let's go," and they leave to find Sue.

Cas comes to talk to Michael. Michael says he won't betray his father and everything he believes in. Cas points out that God betrayed Michael. Cas says he never liked Michael as an angel; he was too haughty. Now he just pities him. He was never God's favorite. He was just a tiny part of this story. He wasn't even the star. At least Lucifer knew that God can't be trusted. Cas says Lucifer was the smart one. This riles Michael and he attacks Cas. As they wrestle, Cas reaches up, puts his hands on Michael's head, and shows him scenes from what Chuck's been up to lately.

Michael is stunned at what Cas showed him.

In the bunker's kitchen, Dean finds Cas. Dean gets a beer. He thinks maybe Cas went too far with Michael. Dean wonders if this was too much too fast. Dean asks what Michael is doing now. Cas says he doesn't know; Michael was very distraught. He told Cas to leave. Cas asks where Sam is. Dean says Sam went with Eileen and he won't be gone long.

The bunker shakes. It's Michael. They go find him. He says God lied to him. He wants to know why.

Elsewhere, Sam and Eileen arrive at the place Sue told them. They find her truck empty. They look around. It doesn't t make sense to Sam. They see Sue standing next to a wall and Eileen is relieved to see that she's okay, but she dissolves into Chuck. Chuck lured them there by impersonating Sue.

Back in the bunker, Michael says yes, he'll help them. He says that what was done to The Darkness can be done to God too, if God is as weak as they say he is. He knows how to do it. He gives them a piece of paper. It's a spell. The spell to trap God. The ingredients are common, except for the nectar form a Leviathan blossom. It only grows in Purgatory. He snaps his fingers and the rift/door to Purgatory opens. He says it will stay open for 12 hours. He asks Dean to uncuff him. Dean does. Dean asks if Michael is going with them. Michael says "no". He turns to leave.

Dean asks to talk to Adam before he leaves. Adam turns around. Dean wants him to know that he and Sam are sorry. What happened to him shouldn't have. Adam was a good man. He didn't deserve this. Adam smiles a sad smile and asks since when do we get what we deserve.

Adam wishes Dean good luck and leaves.

Dean and Cas share a glance, then look at the glowing rift; the door to Purgatory.

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