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In a mass of swirling dark clouds, Dean realizes he is not alone. A woman slowly turns to face him as he asks what's going on.-

In the Impala, the horn is sounding and Sam wakes up. Sam disconnects the horn, his face bloody from the confrontation inside the restaurant. He think back to the last thing he remembers; he and Dean, stuck in a pothole, with the massive black cloud about to engulf the car. Dean tells Sam to hold on as it overtakes them. Sam is knocked unconscious, but not before realizing Dean is no longer in the car with him.-

Sam walks around the fields near the car, searching for his brother. Dean is lying, passed out on the ground. Sam runs to him.

Dean gets up and asks where the car is. Sam tells him it's about mile away. He asks Dean what he remembers.-He remembers telling Sam to hold on, then remembers seeing a woman in the clouds in front of the car; then she was standing in the swirling darkness with him. He tells Sam "she saved me".

Sam asks, "who?".

Dean responds, "The Darkness".-

Back at the car, Sam wants more information. They have different memories of what happened. Sam doesn't remember seeing any woman or seeing anyone pull Dean out of the car. Dean can't explain it; just that he was in the car, then he was out of the car, standing in the field and she was there. Sam wants to know how Dean knew this woman was The Darkness. Dean replies that it's because she thanked him for setting her free.

Sam says he set her free; he read the spell. But Dean had the Mark so he figures it took both of them.

Dean says she had this energy and focus about her, but she didn't say much. Sam wonders if she feels indebted to Dean.

Dean wonders if she feels anything at all.-

Sam thinks they don't know much about her.

Dean says at least they know what she looks like and that she's evil but he wonders what she knows. Dean vows to lock her away. First they have to get the Impala out of the pothole.-'

Cas is remembering his last encounter with Crowley and that he was able to stab him with his angel blade. -

Outside the barn that Cas is hiding in, there are dead animals. Three members of a farm family are trying to see what's happened.-

Cas remembers that Crowley smoked out when he stabbed him. Crowley is still alive.-

A young kid with a shotgun trained on Cas enters the barn. Cas tells him he doesn't want to hurt him, but he can't stop himself. He disarms the kid and knocks him to the ground. The other family members come running towards the sound. They chase Cas, firing at him.

With the Impala back on the road, Sam and Deam come across a massacre. A road crew has been killed and the police were called. Everyone appears dead. They hear a car door. One road worker with black veins in his neck starts walking towards them. Before Dean can shoot him, the man is shot from behind by a petite sheriff's deputy. -

The deputy demands that Sam and Dean "show her some skin". Dean is confused. She wants them to show her their necks, to make sure they are not infected with the same black-vein disease that the road worker had. Once they prove they aren't infected, she asks to see their ID's.

They see the deputy is wounded. She says she fell on some rebar.-

They ask what happened here. She tells them they got a call for a family in distress and when she arrived, she found several "hostiles" (infected road crew workers) attacking the family in their car. It was horrible. She's only been on the job three weeks. She says the road crew were like rabid dogs. Dean says he can take care of her wound, but they need to go the hospital.-

They arrive at what seems like a deserted hospital. Dean brings as many weapons as he can fit in his duffle (including a bottle of holy oil) because he doesn't know what they are facing. Sam wonders if releasing the Darkness caused the people to mutate. Dean wonders why he and Sam are okay. Sam theorizes that he was in the car and Dean said that the Darkness protected him. Dean replies that, well, a few hours earlier he killed Death so he's pretty much open to anything.-
Sam says he's going to take a look around the hospital while Dean sews up the deputy's wounds.-

Everyone Sam comes across appears to be dead as he walks the halls. He hears a loud clatter and finds a man (a member of the road crew) trying to break down a metal door in an out-of-control rage. Sam hides. I appears the infected man is heading towards Sam's hiding place. Then Sam hears a baby crying. The man turns around and resumes trying to break down the door to the room with the baby inside.-

Dean is working on the deputy in another room. She says she didn't want to shoot the members of the road crew; she knew them. Dean reassures her that they weren't human. She did what she was trained to do.-

Dean thinks back to his time in the vortex with the Darkness. The Darkness talks to him, telling him she likes it there with him. She hasn't felt this peaceful in a very long time. Dean says he's not there to bring her peace. He knows what she is. She's suprised by that. She says she's been gone so long she didn't think anyone would remember. Dean tells her that Death painted him a hell of a picture. She says she doesn't know Death and he doesn't know her.-Dean says, "Are you saying I shouldn't try to kill you right now?". The Darkness asks is she saying that? Or is Dean?-

Elsewhere in the hospital...
Sam peeks out to see the enraged road crew worker lying on the ground. It appears the guy suddenly died on his own. He goes up to the door of the room the guy was trying to break into; a janitor's closet. He knocks. A male voice asks "is he dead?". Sam says yes, it's okay to come out. He slides his FBI badge under the door. It opens. A man is standing there holding a baby. He asks Sam to hlep them.-

A red cloud of smoke emerges from a sewer grate. It enteres the mouth of a woman taking groceries from her car. She tries to snap her fingers, but doesn't go anywhere. She grabs a tire iron, saying "Old school it is."-

She enters her house. A man calls out to her. She walks downstairs to find her husband and another couple. He apologizes for freaking out the first time she asked for a foursome with their best friends, but he's up for it now. The woman (Crowley) raises her eyebrows as she grasps what's going on. The friends are into it. The husband says it's her birthday; just say the word and they'll get the party started. The neighbors see she's holding a tire iron and asks if eveything is okay with the car. She sets the tire iron down and says it's fine.-

In the hospital, the guy Sam found is talking to him and Dean and the deputy. The guy says his wife just gave birth to this baby, then she started bleeding and she died. -

Dean wants to know what happened in the hospital. The man says that he we outside after his wife died and truck full of road crew guys pulled up and started attacking everyone. He ran back in, grabbed the baby, and hid in the closet. He heard all of the hospital staff die. -

Sam clears his throat; trying to get Dean's attention; looking towards the guy's neck. Dean sees it too; the new father has black veins standing out in his neck.-Sam asks if the road crew came after the man at all. Did they cut him or bleed on him? The man says yes. -

Dean tells the deputy that whatever this is, it might be transmittable. She is unsure. The new father says he's right. He can feel something is wrong; that something is changing inside of him. He was attacked 3 or 4 hours before Sam found him. -

Cas is hiding in the woods, watching what appears to be the crime scene on the road that Sam and Dean encountered earlier (more police have arrived by now). He kneels and prays to the other angels. He says he accepts what he has done and will take any punishment they deem fit. He's asking for their help to keep him from doing any more harm.-

Back at the hospital...
Sam and Dean and the deputy are trying to figure out what to do with the new father. Dean wants to kill him before he infects anyone else. Sam says they could just wait for the man to die; like the guy who was attacking the closet door; he just died on his own. Once infected, it seems that people have a short life span.

The deputy wants to find a cure. Dean doesn't think there's much chance of that.-

The new father (Mike) says he wants to make a deal. He'll go lay low somewhere until whatever he has kills him if they save his baby girl. Dean agrees, but Mike doesn't want to give the baby to Dean; he wants to give it to the deputy whom he's known his whole life. He hands the baby over to the stunned deputy.-

Dean still thinks that letting Mike walk is going to bite them in the ass. Dean prepares to gear up for a fight, but just then a truckload of new infected men pulls up to the hospital.-Dean takes out everything they have. He plans to kill all the infected people. He wants to shoot his way out. If they stay at the hospital, they'll die. Dean wants to get out and get the baby somewhere safe.-

Dean's phone rings. It's Cas. He sounds weak. He says what he has, Dean can't help him.
Cas wants Sam to know that Rowena escaped with the Book of the Dammed and the codex. He wants to know if the Mark of Cain is gone. He's hugely relieved to find out that Dean is okay now.

Dean puts Cas on speaker so Sam can hear.-Dean wants Cas to tell them about the Darkness.
Cas is confused. They tell him that removing the Mark opened some kind of lock and Dean saw the Darkness. Cas is trying to piece it together. He's surprised that the Darkness is a woman.

Cas just tells Sam and Dean goodbye, saying it might be "some time" before they see each other again. -

Cas hangs up.-

Cas turns around to find two angels.-

There are bodies lying everywhere with Tom Jones playing in the background. Two demons are surveying the scene. Crowley walks out in his current female body, chastising them for taking so long. They said they came as soon as he called.

They ask what they should call her. She replies, "King!".

She asks if her other meat suit is secure. They say yes, it is. There are other demons removing Rowena's immobilization spell on Crowley's old body.-

Crowley says she feels so hot. The demon points out, "I believe that's the menopause, sir." -

The demon wonders why Crowley didn't call for help untilafter the orgy. After having just escaped death and with Rowena out for blood. Crowley has no regrets.-

Back at the hospital...
Sam wants to make a plan. Dean says it's the same as it's always been. In order to get out, they have to go through. Sam points out that hasn't been working for them that well. Dean says they can't save Cas if they're stuck in the hospital, just like he can't go back in time and not accept the Mark and Sam can't go back and not unleash the Darkness.-Right now Dean just wants to gear up, head out, and save that baby.-

Sam huffs and asks when they forgot how to do this. If they don't change the way they do things, all of their crap is just going to keep repeating itself. Sam says the "kill first question later" is wrong. What happened to them? They're great at hunting, but that's only part of it. They have to save, not just kill.-

Dean says he's trying to save the baby. Sam asks what about the sick people out there; what about a cure? Sam wants to help more people. Dean wants to know how they'll find a cure if they're dead. Dean's frustrated at their differing points of view, saying, "And around and around we go."-

Sam reminds Dean that he unleashed a force that could destroy the world in order to save Dean.

Dean shoots back that he told Sam not to.

Sam says he'd do it again in a second and that's what he's talking about. It's not on Dean, it's on both of them. They both have to change.

Dean thinks a minute, then asks what Sam wants to do. -

Sam wants Dean to get Jenna (the deputy) and the baby somewhere safe. Dean wonders how he'll do that without killing any of the infected people on their tail. Sam says they won't be on their tail. Dean wonders what Sam is talking about. Dean doesn't want Sam's plan. Sam knows that Dean has to do what he does best, but he also has to let Sam do what Sam does best.

Dean reluctantly agrees.-

Sam baits some of the infected people so that they chase him, giving Dean and the deputy a way out. Sam locks himself in a closet. The men outside start to try to break down the door. -

Suddenly, Sam realizes he's not alone in the closet when his flashlight falls on an infected woman who attacks him. They fight. She tries to stab him with a scalpel, but Sam forces her hand back towards her own throat, slicing through it.

She splatters blood on him, falling on top of him, dead.-

The men outside continue to try to force their way in. When they do, Sam asks them to let him help them. They continue to attack, but suddenly seem to sense something and stop. Sam's been bled on. He's already one of them. They leave to find other victims.-

Sam sags to the floor.

Dean walks Jenna out of the hospital with a sawed-off shotgun. Mike, fully infected, appears. Jenna pulls her gun on him. He wans the baby. She says no. Dean says they won't shoot him if he leaves the baby alone. Mike chokes out "Amara". That's the baby's name. Mike dies in front of them.-Dean and Jenna make it out the front door.-

Red smoke filters back into Crowley's familiar body. The demons inform him that there's a rumor that the Darkness has been released. He doesn't believe it. Even if it were true, what's the big deal; he figures he and the Darkness would be natural allies.-

Another demon tells him that something happened with the cage. It sounded like a frightened animal; like someone was going crazy. All of hell heard it. The rumor is that Michael or Lucifer is trying to warn them about the Darkness. The demon says that "half of hell is kind of freaking out, sir".

Crowley appears to be scheming.-

Cas is with the two angels he summoned. They explain that, after Metatron escaped, they moved the door to heaven. Cas says that before they go back to heaven, they need to find a witch or someone who can remove the spell from him. One of the angels grabs his hands and chains them to a hanging hook. Cas is confused. He realizes they aren't taking him to heaven. They put a bag over his head like a hostage.-

Dean and Jenna pull up at a gas station. The baby needs to be changed. Jenna allows as how she has no idea what she's doing. Dean tries to give her a pep talk. Telling her that Jenna and the baby will help each other.-

Jenna goes in to change the baby. Dean calls Sam who is still on the floor of the closet.

Sam lies. He tells Dean he's okay and is going to find a cure. Dean's glad they at least have one win; getting the baby out of town. Dean plans to take Jenna to her grandma's then come back and, with Sam's help, clean up the town, find the Darkness, and kick her ass.-

Sam, feeling sick, weakly agrees. Dean doesn't pick up on it. -

Dean remembers back to more of his one conversation with the Darkness. He asks her why she hasn't hurt him. She says it's the same reason he'll never hurt her. She shows him the Mark of Cain on her skin, telling her they are and always will be "bound". He helped her, she helped him. No matter where she is or who she is, they will always help each other. Dean neglected to share this information with Sam.-

Back at the hospital, Sam gets up off the floor of the closet. He can see the infection is spreading.-

Jenna is changing the baby at the gas station. With her clothes open, she seens a funny birthmark on her.-

It's the Mark of Cain in the same place it was when Dean saw it on the Darkness.

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