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Full moon. Werewolf in London plays. We're outside a bar in Durham, Washington called "Panheads". It looks like a biker bar.

A woman walks in. We see everything from her perspective. Everyone in the bar seems to notice her.

Finally she finds the guy she seems to be looking for. Outside, she thows him up against the wall. He thinks he's about to get lucky. But her claws come out and she slashes at his chest, sending blood flying. He collapses to the ground. Dead.

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean are sitting next to a lake. Together. Drinking beer. They have sunglasses (!) on. Sam has his arm in a sling. Dean can't quite believe that afterall that Samhas survived, he gets hurt spraining an elbow. Sam says a demon did it. It was more than a sprain. Dean teases him about being a crybaby. Sam blows it off. There's a gorgeous shot of them sitting with the green cooler between them as seen from the hood of the Impala parked a short distance away.

Sam asks how Dean is doing. Dean says he's golden. He swears he's good. Drinking beer, taking some "we" time; best decision they ever made. Sam toasts to that.

Dean asks if Sam "saw the thing in the paper this morning". Sam tries to reason that it might have been an animal kill. Dean doesn't think so. Sam agrees but says they should "call some guys" to fix it. Dean says okay.

Dean says, "Or, we could be in and out." He thinks it would be an easy hunt. Sam says that really never happens. It's never that easy. Dean tells Sam that their R&R is really good, but he needs to work. Sam looks really worried. Sam says if anything starts to go badly, Dean has to let him know. Before Sam can say another word, Dean's packing up the folding chairs and heading for the car.

Sam and Dean show up at the Sheriff's office in Washington dressed like game wardens. The Sheriff assumes Sam and Dean know what's been going on and he hopes, as game wardens, the have an answer to his animal attack problem. They have no clue and stumble around (hilariously) trying to make conversationuntil Sam asks if the Sheriff can walk them through what he knows. It's obvious that Dean is a bit rusty after his time as a demon.

Sheriff says the killings were similar in that the victims were torn apart and the hearts were missing. The only witness is a homeless guy. He said a girl was seen with one of the victims and she must have been torn to shreds too, only her body was not recovered at the scene.

Sam and Dean agree it sounds like a werewolf...maybe the girl the witness saw.

Sam and Dean, still dressed as wardens, go to the biker bar. The guy they talk to, friend of the victim, says he doesn't know anything. Dean tries to convince the guy to tell him about what happened, even if it sounds crazy. The guy asks if they'd believe it if he said he had seen a ghost. The biker guy admits he saw the girl that had been with his friendAFTER the attack. But she disappeared when he looked again. He thinks she was killed by whatever killed his friend. No way she could have survived.Only he saw her after she was supposed to be dead.

Sam and Dean drive out to the place the biker said he saw her. They split up and take a look around whatappears to bea farm. Dean finds claw marks on the door and chicken carcasses missing the heads. A bunch of them. He hears someone talking on a phone. A woman's voice. She sniffs the air, smells Dean, and runs. Right into Sam. Sam looks stunned. "What?" says Dean.
Sam spins the girl around. Dean recognizes her too. It's Kate. The college student werewolf they let live at the end of the episode "Bitten" in season 8.

Next, Sam and Dean have Kate tied up. She said she thought they were going to let her go. Dean said they were, until the guy at the bar said she went all "Wolverine" on his buddy. So, here they are. Sam asks why she didn't stay straight.

She says she tried, but the hunger was too hard. She claims she "evolved". She asks them to do whatever they plan to do. Dean takes aim at her, but Sam stops him. Dean gives Sam a questioning look. Sam takes Dean aside. Sam tells Dean he wants to be the one to do it. He doesn't want Dean to kill. He says he's not ready.

Sam's phone rings. It's the Sheriff. He says they just had another animal attack. They realize it couldn't have been Kate since she was with them.

Kate is slowly sawing away at the rope holding her with a long fingernail.

Kate breaks free and bolts.

Dean has Kate's phone. He calls the last number she called at the Lincoln Motel.

Driving to the motel, Dean asks Sam why he thinks he's not ready yet. Dean asks Sam if HE'S ready. Sam asks why wouldn't he be? Dean says maybe they should talk about Lester. The adulterer that Dean killed while he was a demon. Sam says there is nothing to talk about, but Dean persists. Saying that as long as they're talking, maybe they should talk about the guy that Sam convinced to sell his soul (apparently, also Lester). Sam points out that DEAN actually killed the guy. Dean says, well, he was a demon at the time. Sam sarcastically replies,
"Oh, you were a demon, I didn't realize that." Sam admits he had to bend a few rules to find Dean. Dean continues, saying that between Lester and the "others", maybe they both needed time off. Sam says there were no "others". Dean doesn't quite believe that. Dean proclaims that it's good they're talking like this.

Sam seems really uneasy with the whole thing.

At the motel, the clerk confirms there is blonde staying there. They see her leaving the room. She's wearing a bracelet similar to the one we saw Kate wearing in the biker bar. Sam and Dean follow her through a park with jogging paths. They pull their guns on her saying, "Kate, it's over." She turns around.

It's not Kate. She claims she's just a regular girl. Dean prepares to test her with a silver blade. She starts to scream, saying she doesn't want to die. Then she snarls, revealing her werewolf fangs and knocks Dean to the ground. She knocks Sam down too and has him by the throat, until Kate pulls her off of him telling her to stop it.

She runs away snarling. Dean prepares to shoot at her retreating back but Kate says, "Don't! She's my sister!"

Dean looks for the sister, but loses her. Dean draws his gun on Kate. Dean asks why her sister is a werewolf. Sam wants Dean to put the gun down. He points out that Kate just saved them. Kate admits she turned her own sister. Kate swears she's not a killer. Sam asks if her sister is the one kiling the people in town. Kate won't answer. Dean's pissed. Sam encourages them to take the conversation somewhere more private.

Kate shows Sam and Dean that she carries a silver knife. She carries it because ofher college friend Brian, who she killed in an earlier episode after he went off the rails. She claims that if she starts to lose control, she'll kill herself. Dean doesn't buy it. Kate says she's serious. Kate claims she's never eaten a human heart or hurt anyone that didn't deserve it. She says she eats what she can find. Mostly animals. Chickens. She meditates and does yoga. She says
she'll try anything to keep that side of her under control. Dean still doesn't really buy it. Seeing as how her sister is kind of a loose cannon.

Her sister's name is Tasha. Kate says that after the left school, she drifted around. She went to Tasha. She went home. Kate says she was good, but started to think about her family. Were they going to be safe with her around? What if Sam and Dean decided to come find her? She decided she couldn't stay at home; so she disappeared. Kate kept tabs on her sister's Facebook page though. She found out through the page that Tasha had been in a really bad car accident. She may not survive. She felt she had to go say goodbye to her. Then she
realized she could save Tasha by turning her. She could keep her alive. She turned her.

When Tasha woke up, she told her what they were and why they couldn't go home. She also told her how they had to control what they had become. Kate thought they could get through it together. Kate came home one night to find the lights out and Tasha feeding on a human. Kate felt she was losing her. She admitted that she would rather die herself than to rat on Tasha. Kate says she plans to clean this up by getting Tasha out of there. She says they'll drop off the grid until her sister can control herself. Until she learns how. Kate feels she did this to her sister. She has to make it right. Sam asks what she'll do if it doesn't work. Kate says she'll, "take care of it". Dean doubts her, but she points out that she did it to Brian. Dean tells her that if she'd been straight with them from the start, they might have been able to help them both; by curing them. Sam gives Dean a sideways look. Of course Sam knows there is no cure. Kate
doesn't believe him. She says there is no cure. Dean claims there is. Dean says he needs Tasha if Kate wants them both to be cured together.

Outside, Sam asks Dean what he's doing. There is no cure. Dean says there is; death by silver blade. Sam says it's more complicated than that, but Dean sees only that Kate and Tasha are monsters and Sam and Dean kill monsters. End of story.

Sam points out Sam and Dean protect each other all the time. How are Kate and her sister that different? Dean says that them looking out for each other doesn't always go so well; he still has the Mark. Sam says they'll figure that out, but Dean can't dump their crap on these girls. Dean asks Sam what the plan is then.

Kate's with them in the car. She's asleep in the front seat next to Dean. Sam's the backseat. Sam starts to talk. About Lester. Sam admits there were others. "Other humans?" Dean asks. Sam admits to roughing up some hunters, but he really unloaded moston the bad guys while he was looking for Dean as a demon.

Sam tries to tell Dean that he has to understand. That he, Sam, CARRIED Dean's dead body back to the bunker and laid him on his bed and thenDean just disappeared. It had destroyed Sam. Dean doesn't really apologize, but says he had hoped the note he left would fill in the blanks. Sam is incredulous. The note; "don't look for me" that wasn't very informative? Dean says it's embarrassing that he just left a note and went off with Crowley. Sam says, "Dean, you
were a demon." Dean responds sarcastically, "Oh, I was a demon? I hadn't realized." Sam tells him to shut up. Dean says he knows he never even said "Thank you." Sam says Dean never has to say that to him. Dean acts like the conversation is over. With a little rest, now they're back it. It doesn't feel like it's over.

Dean wakes up Kate. She tells him they're getting close. It's a cabin where they used to go as kids. It was their emergency meeting place in case things ever got bad .Kate says maybe she should go in first and explain. Dean agrees, then handcuffs her to the car. She realizes he tricked her and there is no cure. She tries to plead Tasha's case. She did this to her. Dean
tells Kate that Tasha's in too deep and she'll never come back. That you can't come back from that. Sam gives Dean a look from the backseat; it looks like he feels a bit sick interpreting that as Dean saying he'll never really come back from having been a demon.

He and Sam get out of the car as Kate cries and begs them not to do this.

Inside the cabin, Sam looks at childhood photos of Kate and Tasha. The fact that they are sisters is obviously getting to him. Sam finds Tasha sitting on a bed holding a doll. She says she can't believe her own sister betrayed her. Sam has his gun on Tasha. She says Sam won't shoot her. He asks why not. Just then, Dean is forced through the door, held at gunpoint by a man.Tasha tells Sam to drop the gun or Dean will be shot by her friend. Dean tells Sam not to do it. Just then, the guy holding Dean hitsDean over the head and he falls to the floor. Sam keeps his gun on Tasha. She calls Sam "Sammy" and Sam lets go of the gun.

Kate runs in asking Tasha who these people are who are with her. She identifies them as Brandon and Travis; two guys she turned who are now their family. Dean mouths off a bit and Tasha throws Sam down on the bed, choking him. Kate wants to talk to her sister.Tasha says Kate can walk away or join the pack. Kate says she's not walking away. Tasha wants Kate to
prove her loyalty by eating Sam's heart. Sam tries to reason with her. Kate says no to Tasha. Tasha then tells Brandon and Travis to take Sam and Dean and do whatever they want with them; just save her some heart.Travis and Brandon proceed to beat Sam and Dean out in the main room.

Back in the bedroom, Tasha tells Kate she's great; strong, smart. She enjoys her newfound power. Tasha says she's not scared. She prefers being scary. Tasha says she's not going to spend her life running. She wants Kate to join her.

Sam and Dean try to distract the guys beating them. Sam manages to stab one, then the other.

Tasha thinks she's convinced Kate to run away with her. Kate says she loves her. Tasha replies that she loves her too. They hug. And Kate stabs Tasha in the back with a silver knife. Kate says she's sorry as Tasha dies.

Sam and Dean break into the bedroom and find Tasha dead on the floor. Kate escaped out the window into the woods.

Later, in the Impala, Dean asks if they're going after Kate. Sam says he doesn't know. Dean admits that Kate was able to kill her sister, and Sam points out that maybe it was good Dean didn't shoot her when they first found her.

Dean is irritated that Sam is second-guessing his actions. Sam thinks maybe they jumped back into hunting too fast. After all Dean went through. Being a demon; he still has the Mark; doesn't Dean want to talk about it?

Dean asks how he's supposed to talk about it. He knows what happened. He's not trying to ignore it. He just wants to get back in the saddle and do something good. Sam asks what if Dean's not ready?

Dean's phone rings. It's Kate. She says she decided she'd rather live. Sam thanks her. He knows it was hard to kill her own sister. Kate responds that it wasn't her sister anymore. Dean tells her to behave. She says she's try, but won't promise. Kate says she sure hopes she doesn't see them again. She's wearing both her bracelet and her sister's. She walks down the road (just like the first episode she appeared in).

Back in the car, Dean says let's assume Sam's right about everything; maybe he's not ready to hunt yet, but he's just trying to do the right thing, because he's so sick of doing the wrong thing.

Sam studies Dean's face for a minute before turning to look out the windshield.

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