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Omaha, Nebraska. A woman is looking at photo of herself and...Missouri Mosley! She's a psychic and is about to close up for the night. A man comes in and she invites him to stay in spite of the late hour. She flips some tarot cards for him. He seems skeptical. She tells him she's a psychic counselor and can read auras. While reading him, she sees his true face, that he's a monster.

He pins her hand to the table with a knife and extends a sharp spikes from his wrist; he's a wraith and he's feeding on the woman.

Elsewhere...Dean's listening to music in his room and stacking up beer bottles next to his bed.

Jack is in another room in the bunker and Sam knocks on the door to check on him; he hasn't come out since they gave him a room.

Sam brings in a laptop, telling Jack that is mom, Kelly, left him a message (on flash drive) and maybe he'd like to see it. Jack is very thankful. Sam leaves, but doesn't really leave; standing in the doorway to watch Jack watch the video.

Jack watches with a sweet, wistful expression on his face. As he watches, Sam's phone rings. It's Missouri. She acknowledges how long it's been. She says she needs some help.

Back in Jack's room; he watches the video of Kelly telling him that no one can tell him what he's supposed to be; he gets to choose. She's sure he'll be okay and amazing. He has an angel watching over him (Cas).

Dean wanders out into the main room. Sam tells him he got a call from Missouri. She needs help with a case. Sam put Jody on it. Dean's not happy about that. Sam points out that they have to stay and help work on Jack and his powers. Dean's afraid that Jody may end up dead because Sam didn't take the job and have them do it themselves.

Dean tells Sam that if he wants to stay there with Jack fine, but Dean's taking the job and going to help Missouri.

In Nebraska...
In front of the psychic's office, Jody is talking with Missouri. She says that the victim, Dee Dee, was her protégé and like a daughter to her. It sounds like Missouri is estranged from her biological family.

Dean drives up and gets out...he doesn't know who to hug first. He chooses Missouri. Missouri instantly can sense that Dean has suffered a great deal of loss. When Jody asks how he's doing, he replies "Dandy"; an obvious lie by how uncomfortable he looks when he says it.

Inside the psychic's office, Jody tells Dean how the woman died. It sounds like a wraith. Missouri reads one of the objects in the room and sees how the wraith pretended to be a customer asking for help. Missouri can see the perp and says yes, it's a wraith. One who has picked up a taste for the brains of psychics. Missouri touches a blood spot on a table and has a vision of the death of a man (it turns out to be her adult son).

Back in the bunker, Sam is trying to "train" Jack to control his powers. To focus them. Jack fills in, "So I don't hurt anyone anymore." Sam puts down a pencil and asks Jack to move it with his mind. Jack thinks it will be easy, but no matter how hard he concentrates, he can't move the pencil. Sam looks at him expectantly.

Back in Nebraska, Missouri is calling her son. She tries to tell him about her vision..that something bad is coming for him (James) and his daughter (her granddaughter) Patience. They live in Georgia and Missouri wants Dean to go there.

Dean wants her to come with him, but Missouri explains that she and James are estranged, but won't give details. Dean doesn't want her to stay behind. Missouri won't change her mind though. Dean says "Yes, M'am," and leaves.

Back in the bunker, the pencil still isn't moving. Jack thinks this means he's useless. Sam asks what it felt like when he DID use his powers. Jack says that was easy; like breathing. It just happened. Jack says that Asmodeus made him use his powers. Like he was in his head. Sam asks him to do it like that then. Jack says no, he doesn't want to, and Sam staring at him isn't making it any better. Sam says they need to take a break. But he wants him to try again after a short rest.

In Nebraska, a man walks up to the scene of the crime. Missouri is inside. She seems to have known he would show up. It's the wraith. She says he knows what he is and why he's there. To kill her. She sees his true face in the mirror. He wants her to be scared, but she refuses to scream or show fear. Missouri knows there is no way out for her. She's sure that he'll get what's coming to him eventually. He reveals his spike and kills Missouri (off-camera).

In Georgia....
Missouri's granddaughter Patience is walking down the hall with one of her friends who plays on the volleyball team. She's a very entertaining nerd. She is trying to recruit Patience to help their struggling team. Patience says no, she has five AP classes and she also volunteers; she has no time. The friend tests her reflexes and Patience catches the ball, no problem. But she's still sure she doesn't have time for the team.

Her friend goes to take a shower, leaving Patience alone in the school hallway. The lights flicker. She sees a trail of blood drops on the floor, leading to a vision of her dead grandmother, Missouri, slumped in a corner and trying to call her name. Someone comes up behind her and then she bolts awake in bed. It was all a dream.

Later, Patience stops in to talk to her dad; says she had a nightmare with her grandma in it. Her dad tells her it was just a dream, but he thinks about it after she leaves.

On the way to Georgia...
Dean's piling up junk food on the counter in a gas station and he learns from the TV news in the background that someone else has been murdered at the psychic's office and the name of the victim is Missouri Moseley.

Dean goes outside (Jody went with him on this trip). He's mad they weren't there to protect her, but feels they have to keep going; to protect her family and do what she wanted.

Once they arrive in Georgia...
They speak to Missouri's son who doesn't believe she's dead. Dean tells it to him very matter of fact. Jody tells James that he's in danger.

In school, Patience is walking down the hall with her friend just like in her dream. They are talking about boys. She's not interested in a boy who likes her because he's failing chemistry. Her friend heads for the shower and Patience has a sense of deja-vu. She sees a flickering vision of her grandmother, but it's faint.

She goes back to her locker. When she closes the door, the wraith is standing there with his spike extended.

She tries to fight him off and she ends up snapping his spike. She still chases her down and tells her it grows back. He's shot from behind by Dean with Jody following. The wraith is only injured though and escapes as Dean chases him. Jody stays with Patience.

Dean loses him out in the parking lot. He's almost run over by a speeding Van, likely driven by the wraith.

Patience wants to know why the wraith might come back for her. Jody says all they know is that he stalks psychics. Patience doesn't know what he'd want with her then. She's not psychic.

Dean's sure she is. She says all she gets is deja-vu and she's normal. She says her grandma is a fraud who walked out on Patience and her dad after Patience's mom died.

Dean says that's not the woman he knew. Patience wants to know why he's referring to Missouri in the past tense.

In the bunker...
Sam's in another room in the bunker, picking up and starting to read a new book on how to raise a gifted child. He's monitoring the room Jack's in and sees on his laptop, by closed-circuit camera, that Jack isn't sitting where he left him. He rushes into the room and finds Jack in the corner. Jack says that he wasn't able to move the pencil, and it's not fun. Sam doesn't understand how throwing people and even opening the portal to hell was easier for him than this. Jack says it makes sense if he's evil. He must be evil. He wants Sam to leave him alone.

Sam says he doesn't think Jack is evil. Jack says that Dean thinks he's evil. Dean said he'd kill him. (Sam's surprised by this). Jack says his mom thought he was good, but she's dead because of him. He's already hurt people unintentionally. Maybe he's evil. No matter how hard he tries, he can't move the pencil. The one thing Sam has asked him to do. So he must be evil.

Sam tells him that Asmodeus and Dean....none of that is Jack's fault. Sam thinks maybe he's scared to use his power and Sam pressuring him isn't helping. Sam says they should give up on the pencil, until he can figure out a better way. Jack's glad. Sam helps him up. Jack wants to know why Sam's so nice to him. Sam says he understands how it feels to feel like you don't belong and be scared of who you are and what you can do. He says Dean and Cas helped him through that time and now he wants to help Jack. He tells Jack he's not evil. Jack looks sad, but like he wants to believe it.

In Georgia...
Patience is confronting her dad. She wants to know if Missouri really did run out on her family all those years ago. Her dad says he felt like she was a fake psychic. He believed in her, but she promised him his wife would be okay and she ended up dying from an illness. He never forgave her.

Patience realizes she could have had a relationship with her. James says Missouri was a hunter and he hated the life of monsters. Missouri believed Patience was also psychic and James didn't want her to be.

Jody says Patience IS psychic. That's why the wraith is coming after her. James orders Patience to pack up her things so they can go on the run; running from the wraith.

Up in her room, Patience looks at old photos. She opens a box with a piece of jewelry in it. She holds it and has a vision (or memory) of Missouri talking with her dad at her mom's funeral. He's saying that he doesn't want Patience to have Missouri's influence and they have to move away from her. Missouri puts the piece of jewelry in young Patience's hand and tells her she'll always be with her.

Patience starts to pack. She opens her closet door and finds the wraith inside. When everyone downstairs hears her scream and races upstairs to her room, both she and the wraith are gone.

Later...Dean's checking traffic cameras that picked up the white van. Jody says the local Sheriff will keep an eye out.

James runs to get a box and pulls out a map and some gemstones. He says they are divination tools. His mother gave them to him years ago when she was out on a hunt so he could find her if she were ever lost. He wants to use them to find Patience.

Patience is tied to a chair in a basement. The wraith is there with her. He tells her how he got a taste for the brains of psychics. He says everything is clearer and better when he feeds on them and Missouri was one of the best he'd ever had. He figures Patience will be just as good. She insists she's not psychic, but the wraith says he'll have to taste her to find out.

Suddenly, there's a loud bang somewhere in the house above the basement.

Dean enters with a gun drawn while James unites Patience from the chair. Suddenly, James is stabbed through the neck from behind by the wraith. Jody comes in and is stabbed in the stomach by the wraith. Dean comes in an sees Jody, but is overtaken by the wraith and also stabbed. Everyone around her is dead or dying. She snaps back to the present; everything she just saw was a premonition.

Dean comes in; just like she saw, gun drawn. Only now she knows what will happen so she can warn everyone. She tells her dad to get out of the way just in time, same for Jody. Both avoid being stabbed by the wraith, though Jody is knocked out. Dean comes in, gun drawn and Patience warns him enough to fight off the wraith. Dean ends up stabbing the monster with a scythe he picked up in the basement. Thanks to her premonition, everyone lives. Except the wraith.

Dean asks Patience how she knew how to warn them. She admits she must be psychic.

When all is said and done, Dean and Jody are leaning against the Impala. Jody tells him he still has what it takes. He doesn't seem so sure. Dean tells Patience she did well. Dean asks what's next. She says she's going to school...her dad thinks her gift should be ignored. She thinks maybe she's right. Jody is shocked that Dean agrees. He tells her that the life of a hunter has no joy in it.

Dean moves to leave. Jody's surprised. Jody slips Patience her business card. Jody tells her, off to the side, that she can do what she wants. She doesn't have to take anyone's advice. Jody tells her she had a daughter who she tried to make stay in line. It didn't work to deny who she really was though. It never does.

Jody tells her she'll be miserable if she tries to ignore a gift that can't be ignored. She says her door is always open.

Back in the bunker, Dean's getting home. Sam already knows about Missouri. Jody told him. Dean blows it off with "just another day at the office". Sam looks surprised at how callous Dena sounds. Dean asks Sam if "the kid's gone darkside yet".

Sam says, "Nope" through clenched teeth.

Sam tells Dean that Jack's messed up. Dean knows. But Sam says Jack's messed up because Dean told him he'd kill him. Dean acts like Sam took that comment out of context and goes on to say that Sam thinks he can "use this freak", but Dean knows how it ends (Jack is around the corner listening to all of this). Dean's sure it will end badly.

Sam says he didn't. He didn't end badly when he was drinking demon blood. Dean thinks that's different. Sam points out that Dean saved him even though John told Dean to kill him. Dean says that Sam deserved to be saved, but Jack doesn't deserve it. Sam's adamant that Jack DOES deserve to be saved.

Dean's angry. He tells Sam that he knows Sam thinks he can use Jack to open the portal and get their mom back and that's fine, but don't pretend her cares about him.

Dean says that when he looks at Jack, all he can see if everyone they've lost...Cas...Mary...

Sam says Mary chose to go through the portal and that's not on Jack.

Dean is sure that fetus Jack manipulated Cas and now Cas is dead. Dean can't forget about it.

Jack, listening around the corner, hears Cas' name and, with tears in his eyes, whispers it as his eyes glow yellow.

Somewhere that looks like a black void, Cas wakes up, hearing his name whispered. He's not sure where he is. He looks around and finds only blackness.

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