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When the plane first takes off with Sam and Dean on it, we hear it lift off the ground and the tires go up. The tires would never have gone up that early and would have been down for a couple thousand feet at least as a safety precaution
When the first plane goes down, the door hits the right wing and takes half of it off. But a few seconds later, the wing is whole again.
Near the beginning, when Sam and Dean are talking, if you look close you can see Sam chewing on something. But, we never see him eat anything. It is revealed on the commentary by Jared and Jensen that they had Sam eating a donut, but they never got the donut in the shot. So, it appears that Sam is just chewing on nothing.
Why are none of the passengers alarmed by the shouting and snarling coming from the room the co-pilot just went into? They would definitely hear what was going on, the only thing between them is a thin curtain.
"Cristo" is not Latin, but the Greek Χριστός (Christós) translated as "The Annointed One". The Latin word for "God" is "deus" or "deo." Both "deus" and "deo" are heard when performing the exorcism.
When Sam and Dean got to the airport Sam said they had half an hour to get on the plane because the plane left at 8 PM. But earlier when they were in the car he said that it was a five-hour drive and they would never make it in time. That would make it 2:30 in the afternoon but when he said that it was dark outside.
The twin-engine plane had the registration number C-GBBP when it was on the ground. In flight, it was shown as C-GUTV.
The song that Dean is humming to calm himself down in the plane is called "Some Kind of Monster" by Metallica
If you watched the version of this episode that aired on December 13, 2005, you heard the number they showed in closed captioning for Dean's cell number. They changed it from the original airing. They also changed the message you will hear if you call the original number that John said. If you call 866-907-3235 now, you will hear "Dad? We really need to hear from you. Leave me a message, text me, check your jwinchester1246 email. Anything. We have new info. "
When you actually call Dean's 866 number given on this episode, you'll get the following message: "This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency, please leave a message. If you are calling about 11283, page me with your coordinants." 11283 is the date of Mary Whinchesters death
On the closed caption, they listed a different phone number with the area code 785, instead of the 866 number. The area code 785 is from Kansas, which is where the characters are originally from.
In the dialogue for this episode, they give an actual (toll-free) number for Dean's cell phone: 866-907-3235, rather than one of those unreal 555- numbers. However, in the closed captions they do give a 555- number, 785-555-0179. Presumably the original script, from which the caption text was derived, had the 555- number but then they changed it for the actual on-screen dialogue

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