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The brothers are kicked out of the hotel, it shows them drive out, with Susan standing on the steps. And at the end of the episode they use the same shot.
New license plate on the Impala. KAZ 2Y5
When Susan gives Dean's credit card back, she says, "Here you go, Mr. Mahogoff." Mahogoff is a slang term, usually combined with the first name Jack, for when you "want to spend a little time alone."
When Sam goes to bed drunk, you can see he still has his cast on his right arm. The next morning, when he is in the bathroom, the cast has disappeared and you can see he is wearing his watch on his right wrist. Right after, when Sam is dressed, the cast is back on his right arm.
When Sam is leaning over the toilet, Dean is leaning on the left side of the door. Next shot you can see Dean's legs on the right side of the door. Then back to the left, then the right, then the left, then Dean walks away. It flips back and forth.
When Sam is leaning over the toilet bowl with a hangover, we originally see him reflected in the mirror as he talks to Dean. However, when Dean moves past the mirror towards the bathroom, we continue to see a "flipped" image of Sam, which does not make sense as it now appears as if his cast is on the wrong hand.
Dean goes to the hotel's bar for a drink; he's served by an elderly bartender who knows everything about the hotel's history. Bright, diffuse light illuminates them both from below. This is a homage to a scene with Jack Nicholson in The Shining (1980).

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