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Zachariah is in a bar, drinking away his woes. A man named Stuart starts bonding with him, seeing as how they’ve both lost their jobs. They banter back and forth about “corporate” and Stuart is none the wiser. Well until Zachariah makes the mentions “pig filthy humans”. It throws Stuart off for a minute, but Zachariah buys him a drink, and then everything begins to shake. Stuart thinks it’s an earthquake, but Zachariah says it’s his boss. . Glass shatters and there’s an irritating high-pitched scream as Zachariah tells his boss to get it over with. Stuart and the bartender have their eyes burned out by the boss’s presence. Zachariah is being given a second chance. One he promises his boss won’t be sorry for. An enthusiastic Zachariah pats the dead Stuart on the shoulder before sauntering out of the bar singing “As the Saints Go Marching In.”

After the intro we cue in on Dean drinking straight from the bottle. He packs up his most prized possessions (including the keys to the Impala) and addresses it to Bobby. Sam walks in, shocking Dean just a bit. Dean asks his brother how he found him. A forlorn looking Sam gets blunt. “Well you’re going to kill yourself right? It’s not hard to figure out the stops on the farewell tour.” Dean tries to protest, but Sam knows better and lectures Dean about “walking away”. Dean gets mad, reminding Sam that’s all he’s ever done. Sam admits it, but says he was wrong. He begs Dean to wait. Bobby is working on something, though no one seems to know what that something is.
In all fairness, Sam warns Dean he’s going to have to stop him. Dean points out that Sam is no longer on demon blood. Sam knows this, which is why be brought help. Cas appears and zaps them all back to Bobby’s.

Dean is extremely cranky and trying to push everyone away so that he can say yes to Michael. He argues with Bobby, telling him that it’s on Dean if Lucifer destroys the world. Bobby tries to encourage Dean, telling him he can’t give up. Bobby adds a son in that sentence and Dean sees an opening, boldly telling Bobby that he’s not Dean’s father and he’s not in Dean’s shoes. Sam shows by the look on his face he is not happy.

Bobby pulls a gun out of the drawer. He takes a bullet out of his pocket and puts it on the desk. It’s the bullet he plans to use to blow brains out, but he doesn’t. Why? Because Bobby promised Dean he wouldn’t give up.

While Dean looks at Bobby, Cas get’s a fierce migraine. Something’s happening, Cas says. Dean asks where, but Cas disappears before he answers.

Cas reappears in the middle of a forest. There’s a giant circle of trees that have been blown down by some unseen force. It’s much the same as when Dean was resurrected from hell.
Cas is attacked by angels, who sort of remind me of the men in black. They have the silver spikes that are detrimental to an Angel’s health, in the permanent death kind of way. After taking out the Angelic MIB, Cas digs into a soft mound of dirt, and helps someone out of the grave. He looks at the man curiously and then pops back to Bobby’s, calling for help and placing the mystery man on Bobby’s sofa.

Dean and Sam look shocked, while Bobby is seemingly confused. He asks who it is, and the mystery man is revealed to be none other than, Adam Milligan, AKA Dean and Sam’s dead brother.
Cas reveals the angels brought Adam back, but he is unsure why. What he does know is that they need to hide Adam, and burns the symbols into his rib bones, causing Adam to awake. The boys explain to Adam that they are brothers. Adam already knows. The angels warned him about the Winchester’s and he’s looking for Zachariah.

Adam explains he was dead and in heaven, which for him was an eternal prom with Kristen McGee. Angels pop into his little slice of Disney Heaven and tell him that he’s meant to save the world. Apparently, Adam is Michael’s vessel. Dean, of course, thinks that it’s crazy.
Cass points out that it’s possible. Adam is John Winchester’s son, and while it’s not perfect, it could work. Sam definitely thinks something is up. They’ve been hassling Dean and Sam about saying yes to fight a war and now, in Sam’s words, “They suddenly have a plan B?”

Adam tries to leave, but Sam tells him the angels are lying. Adam doesn’t buy into it. He knows half the world could be burned, but figures it’s the devil. He needs to be stopped. Sam tells him there’s another way, but since he doesn’t have a solid plan, Adam is ready to go find Zachariah.
Sam begs Adam to trust him and tells him “We’re blood”. Adam retorts that they’re not family, John was just some guy who took him to baseball games. Adam’s doing this because if he succeeds, he’ll get to see Momma Milligan again. Sam pleads with him some more, saying that if Adam has one good memory of John to give him time. Adam, reluctantly stays, but tries to sneak out later, getting caught by Sam.

They grab a beer and sit at the table. Sam tries a little heart to heart brother talk, by telling Adam how John was trying to protect him. Adam is unsympathetic as he remembers being eaten by a ghoul. Sam tries to comfort him, saying it was worse having John around all the time, but Adam calls him on it and tells Sam he would have taken anything.

Sam and Cas go down to Bobby’s safe room to check on Dean, who thinks being locked up is unnecessary, but Sam remind him they have a house full of flight risks.

Dean tells Sam that he’s not letting Adam take his place and he’s tired of trying to fight who he is supposed to be. He is determined to say yes to Michael one way or the other, but Sam wants them to stick together. He doesn’t want Dean sacrificing himself again. Dean says that can’t happen because he doesn’t believe in Sam. He’s positive that Sam, at some point, is going to say yes to Lucifer. Sam is heartbroken by this revelation, and Dean seems to feel bad about saying it, but he also tells Sam, that it’s the truth. Someone has to be there to fight, when Sam says yes, and Dean isn’t going to let that person be Adam.

Sam locks Dean in the safe room and heads back upstairs where Bobby is concerned for both of them. Cas goes back down, and here’s a loud banging from within the safe room. He calls out for Dean and looks through the peep hole. A chair is overturned, and he’s worried so he opens the door, only to be blown away by the angel banishing sigil that Dean wrote in blood on the outside of the locker. Dean escapes quickly and quietly into the night.

Sam tells Bobby to watch Adam while Sam searches for Dean. Adam has a dream about the playground where his mom used to take him on her day off. Zachariah shows up and has a nice chat with Adam telling him that he can’t trust the Winchesters. They are extremely codependent on each other. Erotically so. Adam question’s Zachariah, telling him that Sam and Dean had a few choice words to say about the angel. He pushes Adam’s buttons reminding him the Winchester’s are not his family, and that he’s doing this to see his mother again. Adam wakes up.

We cut scene to Dean, who finds a man standing on the corner preaching about the apocalypse. (Looney or not? You decide.) Dean asks the guy if he knows him, and when the creepy bearded guy kneels before him, Dean asks him to get in contact with the angels. The bearded guy begins to pray and Cas shows up, telling him he prays to loud, and makes the guy pass out.
Cas drags Dean down and alley and beats the crap out of him. Cass is hurt that he rebelled for Sam and Dean and doing what was right to save the world, and Dean is giving up. After Cas kicks Dean into a fence, the eldest Winchester hits the ground and practically begs Cas to kill him. Instead Cas puts a finger to Dean’s shoulder and makes him sleep.

Back at Bobby’s Sam is a wee bit upset that Adam is gone. He disappeared into thin air. Cas appears with an unconscious Dean. He lays Dean on the sofa and informs Sam and Bobby that the angels took Adam. The kid must have tipped them off. Sam wants to know where they would take him. Cass getss a knowing look.

Remember the beautiful room where Zachariah locked up Dean? Filled with hamburgers and pretty gold pillars? Yup, you guessed it. That’s where Zachariah took Adam. The kid is munching on cheeseburgers and wants to know if the angels are ready. Zachariah is confused, until Adam reminds him about Michael.

Zachariah then fires Adam and explains he is not the chosen one, but rather the bait to get Dean. Adam is upset and realizes the angels lied to him. Zachariah gives his evil villain speech, telling him that Sam and Dean will come for Adam, putting Dean right where Zachariah wants him. Adam tells him he’s not going to let that happen, and Zachariah starts to make the kid hemorrhage internally.

Dean wakes up back in the safe room and Sam tells him where Adam is. They know for sure because Cass did some recon. Dean asks what they’re going to do. Well for starters, Sam uncuffs Dean. Cas and Bobby don’t agree, but Sam wants Dean to come. Dean warns Sam that he’s going to say yes, but Sam doesn’t think so. Dean tells his brother if the tables were turned he’d let Sam rot in the safe room. He’s confused as to why Sam is doing this. So, Sam tells him. “Because you’re still my big brother.”

The three supernatural musketeers go to an abandoned warehouse in Van Nuys, California. Cas goes in to clear out the angels guarding the beautiful room. Dean is a bit worried about Cas going to fight five angels on his own, but Cas is still pissed at Dean and goes in.

Angels come out swinging! Cas kills one and waits for the others to surround him. Then, he opens his shirt to reveal the angel banishing sigil carved into his chest. He slams a palm over his heart and all the angels disappear. Including Cas.

Dean goes into the warehouse and finds the room, where a bleeding Adam warns him that it’s a trap. Dean already knew this. Zachariah appears and foils the easy escape.
Sam sneaks in and tries to stab Zachariah with the angel knife, but Zachariah flings him across the room. He makes both Sam and Adam hemorrhage more to mess with Dean. Dean begs him to stop and tells Zachariah to call Michael down. He’ll say yes.

Zachariah calls for Michael. Dean and Sam exchange a heartfelt glance, and a smile spreads across Dean’s lips. He winks at Sam and turns to Zachariah, informing the angel there are conditions. Besides the protection of certain people, Michael has to kill Zachariah before Dean will say yes.

Obviously this angers Zachariah, and the evil angel doesn’t believe Michael will do it. Dean reminds him that now that Zachariah got Dean to say yes, he has become expendable! Zachariah laughs it off, saying Michael won’t kill him. While Zachariah is gloating, Dean takes the angel stake and rams it through his chin and into his skull! Bye bye Zackie!

The room starts to shake and go bright as Michael arrives. Dean grabs Sam and they take off out of the room. Adam is on their heels, but not quick enough, and gets locked in. Dean tries to go back for him, but the door is burning hot and he can’t touch it. When the lights finally die down, Dean opens the door, revealing only an old office. The beautiful room, Michael, and Adam are gone.

Dean and Sam are driving in the Impala. Sam wonders if Adam is all right. Dean doubts it. He’s worried about Cas as well, but he’s determined to find them. Sam asks Dean what changed his mind about saying yes to Michael. What it comes down to is that Dean didn’t want to let Sam down. After a heartfelt make-up speech, they decide that it’s time to stop running, and take the fight to them and do it Winchester Style!

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