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When Sam and Dean first go to the auction house, there are many expensive cars parked outside as the camera pans toward the Impala. One of them is a Rolls Royce with the license place THE KRIP.
The father's bones that Dean dug up seemed really white considering that he has been buried for a long time.
While in the hotel, Sam and Dean were talking about Sarah, and thinking of using her to get answers, but how did Sam get her cell phone number without asking Sarah?
The timeline doesn't fit. Sam said that the Taleskas died four days ago, the night they bought the painting. But later in the episode he says that the painting was stored until a month ago where the Taleskas bought the painting at a charity auction.
The scene where Dean, Sam and Sarah walk into Evelyn's house and find her dead, you can hear Sam yelling for Sarah not to touch Evelyn. However, his mouth is closed.
There are many issues involved with Dean breaking the glass of the mausoleum. When he punched the glass and hit it with the handle of his handgun the glass flexed, but did not break. This would indicate that it was not glass but some type of material similar to plexiglass, which didn't exist until years after the family died. Also, when he shoots the glass, there was no indication of a bullet hitting the back of the case after passing through the glass, meaning the bullet disappeared between the glass and the back wall.
As several contributors noted, when Dean, Sam, and Sarah are examining the painting and spot the razor has moved, Jensen Ackles refers to Sam as "Jared."
When Evelyn takes off her glasses, she places them lenses out. After the commercial break, the glasses have reversed their position with the lenses toward Evelyn.

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