Raelle Tucker

Raelle Tucker
Raelle Tucker started writing as a child, running theater companies and writing plays. She moved to Los Angeles and spent 11 years working as a waitress-at a strip club no less-and working on her "great American screenplay". At a friends suggestion she watched an episode of (Six Feet Under) as an example of great television writing, and to her surprise she was hooked. She then entered HBO's Project Greenlight where she and her writing partner were runners up to the winners in season 2. This led to gaining an agent and finally Supernatural.
Raelle grew up on an island off the coast of Spain with her hippie parents, riding a pony to school. She didn't have electricity for most of her childhood, so she's catching up on technology.
Raelle landed in the supernatural genre by accident. She and her writing partner had been offered several jobs and after looking at all of them, they decided on Supernatural. Raelle says "It did not come naturally, at all. We'd sit in the writer's room and Eric Kripke would reference all these things that were foreign to me. It was like her was speaking Chinese!" She realized ultimately that it was not a good fit for her so she decided to leave Supernatural. Raelle is currently writing for the HBO series True Blood.

Occupation: Misc. Crew, Producer, Writer, Actor

Episode's Written

Season 1
Dead In The Water 09-27-05
Faith (co-wrote) 01-17-06
Nightmare (co-wrote) 02-07-06
Salvation (co-wrote) 04-27-06
Season 2
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 10-19-06
Hunted 01-11-07
Roadkill 03-15-07
What Is And What Should Never Be 05-10-07
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