Roadkill Quotes

Roadkill Quotes
Dean: Follow the creepy brick road.
Dean: You know, just once I would like to round the corner and see a nice house.
Dean: It smells like old lady in here.
: It's an old country custom, Dean, planting a tree as a grave marker.
: (pauses) You are like a walking encyclopedia of weirdness.
: Yeah, I know.
Molly: Oh, thank God!
: Call me Dean.
Dean: (to Molly) Sam's always getting a little J. Love Hewitt when it comes to things like this.
Dean: Alright, Haley Joel, let's hit the road.
Sam: Dean, I don't think she knows she's dead.
Molly: Isn’t this argument a little archaic? Men can ask directions these days.
David: Oh, no we can’t. It’s against our genetic code. Look, I know exactly where we are.
Molly: We’re nowhere.
David: Highway 99, all right? It cuts right through….. (trails off as they pass a sign marking Highway 41)
Molly: I know about your wife, hurting me won’t bring her back.
Farmer: My wife is gone. All I got left's hurting you.
Molly: Please, just let me go.
Farmer: Go? You’re not gonna leave. You’re never gonna leave.
(Molly screams)
Molly: What happens if you burn their bones?
Sam: My dad always said it's like death for spirits. But the truth is, we never know.
Sam: Now you can walk in there, and we're not gonna stop you.
Dean: Yeah, but you are gonna freak him right out... for life.
Dean: Did he look like he lost a fight with a lawnmower?
Molly: Yeah, how'd you know?
Dean: Lucky guess.
Sam: It wasn't a coincidence that we found you, all right.
Molly: What are you talking about?
Dean: We weren't out here cruisin' for chicks when we ran into you, sister, we were already out here... hunting.
Molly: Hunting for what?
Dean: (pauses) Ghosts.
Sam: (sarcastically) Don't sugarcoat it for her.
Dean: I guess she wasn't so bad. For a ghost. You think she's really going to a better place?
Sam: I hope so.
Dean: I guess we'll never know. Not until we take the plunge ourselves, huh?
Sam: It doesn't really matter, Dean. Hope's kind of the whole point.
Dean: Well all right, Haley Joel.
Molly: I don't understand how a guy like this can turn into that monster.
Sam: Well, spirits like Greely are like wounded animals. Lost... in so much pain that they lash out.
Molly: Why? Why are they here?
Sam: There's some part of them that... that's keeping them here. Like their remains, or unfinished business.
Molly: Unfinished business?
Sam: Yeah. It could be revenge. It could be love, or hate. Whatever it is, they just hold on too tight. Can't let go. So they're trapped. Caught in the same loops. Replaying the same tragedies over and over.
Molly: You sound almost sorry for them.
Sam: Well, they weren't evil people, you know. A lot of them were good, just something happened to them. Something they couldn't control.
Dean: Sammy's always gettin' a little J. Love Hewitt when it comes to this. Me, I don't like 'em. And I'm sure as hell ain't makin' apologies for 'em

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