Roadkill Trivia

When Sam, Dean, and Molly are standing outside David's house, it's raining. But then after the break it is no longer raining, and no one's hair is even wet.
When Greeley is scratching Molly's stomach, there is a lot of skin showing, but when we get a full view of her hanging, there is only a sliver of skin showing.
There is no way Sam would've been able to find the grave, unbury the body, salt and burn the bones in the same while Dean just shot the ghost and was smashed to the wall, with the ghost trying to kill him. He didn't had the time, it all happened too quickly.
If the wife hung herself, then how did the trapdoor close, and the carpet go over it?
When the boys run into Molly, Sam unrolls his window, but in the next clip of the car, both he and Dean are outside the Impala. There was no squeaky door and not enough time to get out of the car.
The conversation Sam has with Molly at the end is very similar to the conversation the Reaper and Dean had toward the end of "In My Time of Dying."

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