Robert Singer

Robert Singer
Mr. Singer has many credits to his name, here are a few: Dracula (1973/1) (T.V.), Independence Day, Cujio, "V" t.v. series, Timecop and Supernatural. For a more complete list of credits you can visit (Internet Movie Database).


Occupation: Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Miscellaneous Crew, Production Manager

Yes, the show's Bobby Singer is named after him.

Supernatural Episodes Directed

Season 1
Episode Original Airdate
Phantom Traveler 10-04-05
Salvation 01-27-06


Season 2
Bloodlust 10-12-06
Croatoan 12-07-06
All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 05-10-07

Season 3

Bad Day At Black Rock 10-08-07
Malleus Maleficarum 01-31-08
Long-Distance Call 05-01-08

Season 4
Monster Movie 10-16-08
Wishful Thinking
When the Levee Breaks


Season 5
Sympathy for the Devil 9-10-09