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The episode opens with couple of teens wearing black cloaks, taking the thrill of demonic luring a little too far when they accidentally summon the devil himself. It turns out the fossilized angel feather was real after all. Lucifer, still in the body of aging rock star Vince Vincente, quickly disposes of the adolescent fans after discovering that his host body still has quite the following.

Back in the bunker, Dean is preoccupied playing ‘Words with Friends’ on the phone with his mom. But a call with Cas gets the brothers caught up on Lucifer’s actions.

He’s reunited his old hair rock band, Ladyheart, and has been making television appearances, to the delight of his old fan base. Crowley joins the conversation and extends the invitation for a Hollywood meet-up.

The King of Hell isn’t exagerating when says L.A. is his city. He has plenty of celebrity connections, including a behind-the-scenes power player, Russell. Crowley is eager for dirt on Vince, but Russell keeps his A-lister secrets on the lowdown.

Back in the Impala, the brothers are traveling while Sam claims he’s listening to a history podcast on the Protestant Reformation. Dean doesn’t think so, and a tug of his brother’s earbuds reveal Sam is actually jamming out to 80s metal. Cue the teasing even though Sam insists it’s for ‘research purposes’ and then forces dean to listen to Vince’s music as well.

Meanwhile, the new Vince Vincente surrounds himself with yes men and yes women, including his Twitter-adept PA. He avoids actual singing, however.

Meanwhile, with Lucifer occupied elsewhere, Sam, Dean, Cas, and Crowley are free to break into his hotel room. While Dean busies himself with Vince’s guitar, and Sam investigates the celebrity biographies Lucifer has been reading up on, andCastiel finds a human tooth pulled out by the root in the bathroom.

Vince is hanging out with Roseleen, one of his biggest fans, who knew she was in love with him the morning she saw him at age 16. His voice and his hair and his eyes, everything, he was everything to her. So, when Lucifer(wearing Vince) asks her to bleed, Roseleen has no hesitations before picking up the knife and dragging it straight down her chest.

She doesn’t kill herself, though. She just carves ‘Vince Vincente’ under into her skin. And when Sam and Dean confront her about it at the hospital, she’s totally unapologetic. Her biggest concern is just getting to the VIP concert Vince plans on throwing that night.

Meanwhile, back with Lucifer and his PA, she’s apparently building an “aura of mystery,” complete with an undisclosed concert location and a small selection of devoted audience members, to Lucifer’s dissatisfaction.

“Religion, celebrity, Twitter. It’s all the same rules. If you’re not gaining followers, you’re losing followers,” He says, before demanding fresh blood.

Back at the hospital, and Crowley says understands. He’s been a king. When you can make people do anything, it’s intoxicating. So Crowley goes back to his Hollywood insider, Russell, to find out where the concert is. But he gets nowhere.

Castiel tracks down band member Tommy, but he won’t give in and reveal the venue either. Dean and Sam try to pose as a band but strike out as well.

As Lucifer waits in the limo outside the concert, he gets annoyed with Russell’s demands. The devil clearly isn’t here to sing, and he makes his point by mentally coercing Russell to stab himself through the neck. His PA, horrified, says she’s quitting and runs. But the lure of screaming fans outside the car eases all the worry from Lucifer and he goes into the building.

Tommy, who’s clearly had enough of his former bandmate’s murderous appetite, texts Castiel the location of the concert. When they arrive, Castiel and Crowley promise to buy the boys four minutes to take out Lucifer.

Back in the dressing room, Vince instantly kills the other members of Ladyheart. Castiel forces his way into the room, but Lucifer immediately sends him flying into a rack of stage clothes. Out on the floor, Sam and Dean push their way out onto the floor, surrounding themselves with ecstatic fans.

Crowley tries to bargain his way out of the situation, telling Lucifer that the kids he’s managed to enrapture would never give blood by choice. The devil laughs that off. Evidently, he never expected them to do so willingly. He just figured he’d ask.

“I need love, I had a really jacked childhood,” Lucifer claims, telling Castiel to stick around for the after party before he storms out onto the stage. Sam did his best to pull the fire alarm, but for Vince Vincente, the show must go on.

That is, until Dean shoots his handgun into the air, which despite the devil’s best efforts, is enough to get everyone to clear a concert hall. Sam even forces tholds the door open until all civilians are out, but then Lucifer slams them shut. The younger Winchester brother pleads with him, asking him what God would think of thim now that they’ve made up, but Lucifer just scoffs. God left him behind AGAIN, so he now has no plan other than chaos and death.

Abandonment issues aside, Vince has another big problem; his vessel is rotting away. Fighting the Winchesters and co took enough out of him that he has to leave his vessel behind.

Lucifer is yet again on the loose, and the boys regroup outside the club. Sam is feeling dejected, claiming they accomplished nothing since Lucifer escaped. Dean, however, is more optimistic; saying that they saved a lot of lives that night and counting on their combined talents being enough to stop the devil for good.

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