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When the flashback showed the three black guys pushing the truck into the swamp, they were pushing from the back of the truck so it went in front first, but when they pull it out of the swamp, it is facing out, as if it were pushed in backwards.
There is no way Sam and Dean could have attached the chain to the submerged truck without getting wet themselves. However, both are completely dry.
When Cassie's mom is revealing her story, the camera pans to show Cassie and Dean. Cassie's mom is taking a drink from her tea, but we can still hear her talking.
When Cassie and Dean were kissing goodbye, her hand was on his neck. But when the camera immediately pans in, her hand was not on his neck anymore.
When Sam is telling Dean how to lure the truck to a precise spot, one instruction is to drive exactly 0.7 miles. When Deam first looks at the odometer, it reads 70098.3. When he stops, it reads 70100.6. That's more than 0.7 miles!
"Route 666" is one of Eric Kripke's least favorite episodes of Supernatural. In the Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 1 he explains: "Because we couldn't afford a whole episode of car chases, which is what I really would've liked, we had to fill it out with a story. We came up with this plot about the racist truck, which looking back is totally ridiculous."
Just after the truck terrorizes Cassie at her home, they are all sitting in the house drinking tea (presumably). When the camera pans out you can see that Cassie's cup is completely empty!
At about 2 minutes into the episode, when the truck has the first car going back the way it came, you can see a lighting rig of some kind behind the speeding truck. It seems like it could be a remote-controlled helicopter camera, because it's not stationary and keeps up with the truck for a few frames.

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