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When Dean is walking towards the door after talking to the college professor, you can see a camera move with Dean in the top left corner of the screen.
When Sam and Dean are arguing in the car, Sam states that its been six months since Jess died. If it had been six months, it wouldn't be the second week of April, it would be close to Sam's birthday, the first week of May.
There is no Burkitsville, Indiana.
When Meg kills that older man at the very end, she uses that chalice to gather the blood. The way it was positioned on the man's neck, under the cut, the blood would have hit the edge of the chalice and maybe even run down the outside. The edges were all clean. Even the edges on the inside were too clean.
When Uncle Harley is pointing the gun at Sam, Dean, and Emily, his coat is creased. Then, in the shot just before the scarecrow stabs him, his coat is straight, which means his hands would have been by his side before, and as he was stabbed
When Dean lights that stick, to burn The First Tree, the stick lights too fast and with too much flame even for dry brush. Even if it could burn that fast it would have quickly engulfed the whole stick instead of staying perfectly at the end.
In the scene when Dean and Sam are arguing about their dad outside the car, both doors are opened in the car but when Dean gets into the car both of the doors are closed yet Dean did not close them as he entered the driver's side
The names in Dean's cell phone are: Bren, Carmelita, Christian, Curtis, Dad, Robin, and Sam. In Sam's phone the names are: Rebecca Warren, Jerry, John Marcynuk, Dean, and Mary Ann Liu.
The scene with Sam and Dean on the phone with John takes place at the end of “Asylum” and picks right back up in “Scarecrow.” However, you can tell the scene was re-filmed. The covers on the beds are different. “Asylum” shows tan sheets and a red blanket, “Scarecrow” has both tan sheets and blankets. The pillows are stacked differently. Also, both Sam and Dean are in different positions in their beds from the end of “Asylum.”
The trees in the orchard are not apple trees, they are in fact hazelnuts. Also, there were baskets of apples at the bases of the trees, implying that harvest was occurring. Apples are ripe in the fall, not April.
At the end, Emily tosses the flaming branch at the First Tree and is very close – within arms’ reach. In the next several shots they’re close to the tree, standing still. But then the camera cuts to a long shot from the rear and they’ve suddenly jumped much further back.

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