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Season Three premiered on the CW Network on October 4, 2007. The first episode, "The Magnificent Seven", introduces one new character – a young blonde woman named "Ruby" (played by Katie Cassidy) who uses a demon-killing dagger.
Ruby is a demon that shows particular interest in Sam. At her urgings, Sam discovers that all of his mother's friends and contacts have been steadily killed off over the years by the yellow-eyed demon. Ruby won't discuss what it is she wants, but says that not all demons are the same or have the same motivations. She also says if Sam helps her she can save Dean. In the episode Sin City she describes herself as a "little fallen angel" on Sam's shoulder. She also assisted Bobby in successfully rebuilding and restoring power to the Colt. At the end of "Malleus Maleficarum" Ruby tells Dean that most demons were once human - but they forget what it's like to be human. For some reason she remembers, which is at least one of the reasons that she helps the brothers. Dean and Sam also discover that when Ruby was human, she sold her soul to a demon.
In "Bad Day at Black Rock", it is discovered that John had a secret storage room in Black Rock. Dean and Sam find that an object from the room is missing and set out to find it. The boys track down the burglars and discover that the missing object is a rabbit's foot. This rabbit's foot brings the boys to a series of lucky events until it is stolen by Bela (played by Lauren Cohan), a thief and merchant out to use the supernatural world as a paycheck - and Sam's luck turns really bad.
Described by Bobby Singer as "pretty damn far from a Hunter", Bela is an attractive Englishwoman who acquires magical objects for wealthy clients. Bela is amoral, claiming that she will sell anything to anyone for the right price. She only shows an ability to help Sam and Dean when it benefits her. Dean threatens to kill Bela numerous times, since she continuously tricks and pranks the brothers. It was implied that she once killed one of her own family members.
Sam seems to have developed a sense of no remorse for killing demons since his return to life at the end of Season 2. This includes Jake, Father Gil/Casey, and the crossroads demon. There are multiple discussions throughout the season involving Dean realizing these changes, and confirming them with Bobby, who does believe the yellow eyed demon (who's real name was revealed as Azazel) was telling the truth that what Dean brought back may not be "100% pure Sam".
In the episode "Bedtime Stories", Sam and Dean argue over whether using the newly rebuilt Colt will help give them the upper hand in breaking Dean's deal with the crossroads demon who revived Sam. At the end of the episode, Sam takes the Colt and, while Dean is asleep, visits the demon and threatens her. She tells Sam, however, that killing her will not break the deal since her boss holds the contract. Sam shoots and kills the demon anyway, along with the woman it was possessing.
In the episode "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Bela is able to steal the colt from Sam and Dean. The following episode "Mystery Spot" brought back the Trickster who told Sam he has to stop trying to save Dean from dying.
Sam's replacement chosen to apparently lead the army of demons was revealed to be named Lilith, a white -eyed demon who has possessed a little girl, first appearing in the episode "Jus in Bello".

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