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Dean: Did you sleep with her?
Sam: No.
Dean: Holy crap, you did. Middle of Basic Instinct and you bang Sharon Stone. Sam, you could be under her spell right now.
Sam: Dude, I'm not under her spell!
Dean: Unbelievable, man, I just don't get it.
Sam: What?
Dean: Nothing.
Sam: No, say it.
Dean: Nah, it's just first it's Madison and then Ruby and now Cara. It's like what is it with you and bangin' monsters?
Nick: Dean's all mine.
Sam: You poisoned him.
Nick: Nah. I gave him what he needed. And it wasn't some b*tch in a G-string. It was you. A little brother that looked up to him. That he could trust. And now he loves me, he'd do anything for me.
Sam: What do you think? She infects them during sex?
Bobby: Maybe.
Dean: Supernatural STD.
Dean: You're up early. What're you doing?
Sam: Nothing. I was in the can.
Dean: Yeah?
Sam: Yeah. Want me to draw you a picture?
Dean: No, I'll pass.
Mr. Benson: Her name was... Jasmine.
Sam: She was a stripper?
Dean: Dude, her name was Jasmine.
Sam: You seem pretty cheery.
Dean: Strippers, Sammy. Strippers! We are on an actual case involving strippers. Finally!
Dean: The Sam I knew is gone. It's not the demon blood or the psychic crap. It's the little stuff. The lies. The secrets.
Sam: You're too weak to go after her, Dean. You're holding me back. You're too busy feeling sorry for yourself, whining about all the souls you tortured in hell. Boo hoo.
Sam: Dean, look, you know I didn’t mean the things I said back there, right? That it was just the siren's spell talking?
Dean: Of course, me too.
Sam: Ok. So... so we’re good?
Dean: Yeah, we’re good.

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