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TEASER: Grantsburg, Wisconsin
As the scene opens, it is night time at a farm. We can hear a cow screaming in the distance, and we can hear a commotion. Suddenly, a man with a shotgun hurries from the farmhouse toward the paddock to see what’s happening. He sees someone and shouts “Hey!” The other individual, which looks like a man, runs off into the woods. The man with the shotgun chases him, firing shots that barely miss him. The man being chased rushes through the woods and into a road, where he gets hit by a car. As the man is lying on the ground unconscious, the camera zooms in on his face and we recognize Garth!

The episode opens with Sam arriving at Grantsburg Memorial Hospital, dressed as a fed. He tells the receptionist that he’s looking for a patient – a John Doe – who was admitted a few nights prior. He describes the patient as an “Ichabod Crane” looking guy. The receptionist realizes who Sam is describing and she directs Sam to the right room. As Sam is leaving, the receptionist adds that the patient is “a popular fellow”, but she doesn’t say why.

When Sam arrives at Garth’s room, he finds Garth unconscious and handcuffed to the bed. He is even more surprised to find Dean standing by Garth’s bedside. During a tense exchange between the brothers, we learn that they both read about Garth’s case on the police wire. Dean tells Sam that he has the case covered and suggests that Sam leave, but Sam ignores the suggestion, asking Dean if he’s spoken with Garth yet. Dean reveals that he hasn’t, noting that Garth has received pain killers and has been unconscious since Dean’s arrival. Dean says that Garth was arrested for killing a cow, and Dean was preparing to wake him up to get more answers. At that point, Dean shows Sam a syringe of epinephrine that he was planning to inject Garth with to wake him up. Both brothers want to question Garth so they can ask him why he took off and left Kevin alone, but they disagree on whether the injection is a safe way to wake him up. Sam slaps Garth’s face, which abruptly ends the discussion and wakes Garth up.

Garth wakes up screaming and is shocked to see Dean and Sam. He’s also surprised to find himself handcuffed to a hospital bed, and seems to have only a vague memory of how he got there. Sam hastily unlocks the cuffs, while Dean demands to know where Garth has been for six months and why he killed a cow. Garth says he was on a hunt, but before he can get much further, he appears violently nauseous and rushes into the bathroom to vomit, while the Winchesters wait in the room.

The brothers speak tersely while Garth is in the bathroom. Sam reveals that Gadreel left some grace in his vessel before departing, but Castiel took care of it. While the brothers are talking, Sam notices the Mark of Cain on Dean’s arm and asks about it. Dean tells him what it is and that he and Crowley tracked Cain down so he could get the Mark and kill Abbadon. Before the conversation gets any further, the Winchesters notice that they can no longer hear Garth vomiting in the next room. They rush to the bathroom and discover it empty, but the window is open.

The Winchesters race to the parking lot, where they find Garth’s hospital gown on the ground. They surmise that he stole a car, but wonder why he ran from them and where he’s been for six months. When Dean notices the hospital’s security camera pointed in the direction of the parking lot, he agrees to check the footage while Sam goes to talk to the farmer who was chasing Garth.

Sam goes out to the farm to question the farmer who was chasing Garth with a shotgun. The man reveals that several of his livestock have been mutilated recently, and when he saw Garth leaving his barn, he suspected he was involved, so he chased him. The farmer also says all the animals were killed by having their organs torn out.
Sam calls Dean, who is still at the hospital, to report what he learned from the farmer. They suspect that since Garth was on a hunt, maybe he was hunting the creature that was killing the farm animals. But they still can’t determine why Garth is running from them.

Dean is in the hospital parking lot looking at photographs taken from the security camera. The pictures clearly show Garth (wearing only boxer shorts) stealing a car. The camera also captured the car’s license plate; but Dean lies to Sam, telling him that the camera didn’t catch anything. Dean continues talking, telling Sam that Garth is in the wind again, so they don’t have any leads. To Dean’s surprise, Sam is calling him from the hospital’s parking lot, and Sam catches Dean with the photographs in his hand. Sam snatches the pictures and scans them, while reprimanding Dean for lying.

Dean tells Sam that they can’t hunt together. Sam agrees, but says that he won’t leave until they get to the bottom of whatever is going on with Garth. He says as soon as that happens, he’s gone; but until then, he wants Dean to be straight with him.

Dean grudgingly admits that the car belongs to a woman named Bess Myers, who lives in the next town over.

Next, Dean and Sam arrive at the apartment where Bess Myers lives, and kick in the door. They rush inside with guns drawn, but only find Garth there – holding up his hands and urging them to calm down. Dean tells Garth that he heard him talking to someone, so he knows he’s not alone. Garth pretends that he is. While Garth continues protesting, Dean and Sam search the small apartment.

Suddenly, a woman (with werewolf teeth) bursts from a closet and attacks Sam. Sam cuts her with his silver knife, and her skin crackles, confirming that she is a werewolf. Garth instantly rushes over to put himself between Sam and the woman, and begs Sam not to hurt her. During a tense discussion, he reveals to Dean and Sam that he is also a werewolf.

Once things calm down somewhat, Garth cleans Bess’ wound and explains to Dean and Sam that he was hunting a werewolf about six months ago, but got bitten and turned during the hunt. Garth tells Dean and Sam that he didn’t call them because he didn’t want to admit that he’d messed up. He was prepared to kill himself when Bess found him. Garth reveals that he and Bess fell in love and have been married for four months. Bess adds that her pack has taken Garth in as one of their own. The Winchesters seem dubious, but Garth and Bess explain that they don’t hurt humans – they live on animal hearts, which is why Garth was killing livestock. Bess also explains that she was born a werewolf, and not turned by being bitten.

Dean and Sam talk to Garth alone and Garth tries to convince them that Bess is telling the truth, and that their pack doesn’t hurt people. Garth assures the Winchesters that they don’t want any trouble, and gives his word that everything is as it seems. When Dean retorts that Garth’s word isn’t good enough, Garth invites him to Bess’ parents’ house to “pray” with them. Dean is skeptical, but agrees to go.

Later, Sam goes to the police station to talk to the sheriff. He and Dean talk via cell phone while Sam is in the parking lot. Dean has just pulled up to Bess' parents' house, and so far things look normal, but Dean prepares his weapons anyway. Sam asks Dean to be careful before he hangs up.

As Dean approaches the house, he can hear piano music and a group of people singing a religious hymn. He approaches and knocks on the door, and is greeted by Bess’ mother (Joy). Dean is reluctant to come inside, but Joy encourages him, saying that he is safe under her roof. She also comments that she knows he’s armed, but asks him to give them a chance. Dean reluctantly comes inside.

Dean enters a large parlor. A group of about 10 people are gathered around the piano and singing in preparation for their next worship service. The meeting breaks up and Garth greets Dean. Garth tells Dean that everyone there is a werewolf; he introduces Russ and Joba (Bess’ cousins), and Reverend Jim (Bess’ father). Dean is clearly still apprehensive, but the Reverend invites him to stay for dinner.

Later, Bess’s family is sitting around a dinner table. Everyone except for Dean is eating raw meat, but someone has prepared a steak and vegetables for Dean, which he is clearly not eating. During dinner, Dean notices that everyone in the family wears a silver bullet on a chain around their necks. When he questions it, they explain that it’s their way to remind themselves of their vulnerability. Reverend Jim explains that Bess was born a werewolf, but a hunter killed her mother shortly after, which left him vengeful and angry until he realized that raising his daughter was more important than getting revenge. Soon after, he met Joy, who raised Bess as her own. Joy goes on to explain how her father (now deceased) was the 3rd generation in their family to serve their community as their reverend.

At the police station, Sam interviews the sheriff, who describes Reverend Jim’s family as “new age hippie” types, but insists that they aren’t a problem. The sheriff also asks Sam why the FBI is interested in them, but Sam doesn’t give a straight answer.

Later, it’s after dinner and Dean is in the kitchen looking at all the raw meat in the refrigerator. He's disgusted by the sight. When he turns around, Russ and Joba are there. They threaten Dean, telling him that it’s time for him to move on. As the hostile exchange is happening, Garth interrupts them, and Russ and Joba leave. Once Garth and Dean are alone, Garth reprimands Dean for not being nicer to Bess' family. Dean warns him that there’s no way their situation is what it seems. Garth tries unsuccessfully to convince him that everything is okay. Dean also reprimands Garth for running out on Kevin, and he tells Garth that Kevin is dead. However, he insists that Kevin’s death is on his hands and nobody else’s.

Night has fallen, and Dean and Sam are leaning against the car, talking. Sam asks why they are still here, since so far they aren’t finding anything that seems like a problem. Sam suggests that maybe they simply found a family of friendly monsters. As he’s talking, his phone rings. It’s the sheriff calling Sam to report a mutilated deer.

When Dean and Sam arrive at the scene, they find the deer’s body still warm, which means the animal was killed after Sam received the phone call from the sheriff. The brothers simultaneously realize the sheriff has set them up. Before they can draw their weapons, the sheriff confronts them, baring his werewolf teeth and claws at them, and chiding them for not moving on when they had the chance. Before the sheriff can attack them, Dean kills the monster with a silver knife.

Sam searches the sheriff’s body and finds a silver bullet necklace like the ones Reverend Jim and his family wear. However, the sheriff’s silver bullet has the word “Ragnarok” carved into it. The brothers realize that Ragnarok refers to end-of-days Norse mythology, but aren’t sure how it’s connected to their case. They agree to clean up the crime scene, lock Garth up somehow for safety, and check out the Reverend's church for more information.

While searching the church, Dean finds a book on Norse mythology that describes Ragnarok. A quick internet search reveals that Ragnarok involves a Norse god named Fenris who kills Odin before the world ends. Dean learns that some cults (i.e. werewolf cults) worship Fenris, calling themselves the “maw of Fenris”. He also learns that Ragnarok is not just a story to the werewolf cults – it’s an action plan that involves the destruction of humans and world domination by werewolves.

Sam heads to Garth’s apartment. Once inside, he finds signs of a struggle; Garth and Bess aren’t there. Sam calls Dean to tell him that Garth and Bess are missing and their place is a wreck, like there was a struggle. While on the phone, Dean updates Sam on what he discovered about Ragnarok and the werewolf cult. They believe that Reverend Jim is at the center of the movement. Dean agrees to head back to Reverend Jim’s house while Sam looks for Garth.
Sam hangs up the phone, but as soon as he steps outside Garth’s apartment, he’s met by Russ and Joba, who knock him unconscious with a crowbar.

Before Dean can leave the church, Reverend Jim arrives. At first, Dean hides in the shadows. But Reverend Jim can smell him and hear his heartbeat, so he tells Dean to come forward. Dean emerges with his gun drawn and pointed at Reverend Jim. As they talk, Dean confronts the Reverend about the maw of Fenris. Reverend Jim insists that he and his pack aren’t planning anything. When Dean asks why the book is still in the church, Reverend Jim explains that those beliefs were part of their community long ago, but they aren’t any more. He insists that since he has taken over, he’s eradicated those ideas from the congregation. Dean then tells Reverend Jim that the sheriff tried to kill him and Sam, which means that some members of the Reverend’s flock still practice their old beliefs.

Reverend Jim seems shocked to learn that the sheriff tried to kill the Winchesters. Unimpressed, Dean demands to see the Reverend’s bullet. He notices that the bullet doesn’t have Ragnarok carved into it, but tells Reverend Jim that the sheriff’s bullet did. Reverend Jim insists that’s impossible, because the maw is dead. The Reverend is further shocked when Dean then reveals that Bess and Garth are missing. Moments later, Dean rushes from the church. He can’t reach Sam on his cell phone, so he heads to Reverend Jim’s house.

At a barn on Reverend Jim’s property, Garth wakes up tied to a pillar. Bess wakes up soon after, tied to a piece of heavy farm equipment. Soon after, Russ and Joba drag Sam’s unconscious body into the barn and chain him to a tractor.

When Bess and Garth demand to know what’s going on, Joy walks in and slaps Bess across the face. Furious, Garth orders her not to hurt Bess, but Joy taunts him. Joy says she’s going to hurt Bess and Sam, but she’s especially going to hurt Garth, because he brought hunters to their home.

Joy starts beating Garth. When he begs her not to hurt her own daughter, she retorts that Bess is her stepdaughter. She laments that, thanks to hunters, she is the last of her bloodline. As she’s talking, Sam wakes up.

Sam tries to convince Joy to stop what she’s doing. Joy tells Sam that the previous year, her younger brother was killed by a hunter. Reverend Jim preached forgiveness and a new direction; a world in which humans and werewolves could coexist. Joy says she tried very hard to accept the new way and be a good preacher’s wife. But with her brother being dead, she couldn’t stop thinking about her father’s old sermons about Ragnarok. She now believes that as long as humans live, there can be no peace. Joy sees no sense in coexisting when werewolves can rule instead.

Outside, Dean sneaks into the farm and kills Russ, who is keeping watch outside the barn. He then makes his way into the barn where Sam, Garth, and Bess are being held.

Inside the barn, Sam continues trying to reason with Joy. Joy insists that because Reverend Jim was “bitten” and not born into lycanthropy, he still clings to his humanity and doesn’t understand things the way he should. Joy reveals the lie she plans to tell Reverend Jim – that Sam and Dean came to the farm looking for Garth. They cornered Garth in the barn, but Bess got in the way and they killed her, too. Joy surmises that Reverend Jim will be so overcome with grief and rage that he’ll unleash Ragnarok. As Joy is describing her lie, Garth becomes progressively angrier. He begins to change, baring his fangs and claws. As this is happening, Joy approaches Bess to shoot her, but Sam manages to kick her gun away.

By this time, Dean enters the barn. Joba attacks Dean, but Dean stabs him with a silver knife. Joy lunges for her gun, but before she can draw, Dean shoots her in the heart, killing her.

The next day, Dean and Sam say their goodbye’s to Garth. Garth admits to Dean that he should’ve known something wasn’t right in the Reverend’s flock. He feels guilty about that and about Kevin, but Dean insists that Kevin’s death is on him. When Garth suggests that he return to hunting, so he can make up for his mistakes, Dean tells him not to. He says Garth has found a good family, so he should hold on to it and be happy.

Later, Dean drives Sam back to where his car is parked and they prepare to part ways again. Before Dean leaves, he tries to apologize for leaving. Dean also admits that things are less crappy when they’re together. Sam agrees to come back, but insists that something in their relationship is broken and won’t be fixed right away. He insists that he can’t trust Dean the way he should. When Dean says that whatever happened between them, they’re still family, Sam says that he’s willing to work cases, but not to be brothers.

Clearly saddened, Dean nods his head in agreement to Sam’s terms. They get into the Impala and drive away.

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