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Sam has a vision of a man walking into a hardware store, picking up and gun and killing himself. With almost no clues to go on, they decide to head over to the Roadhouse to see if Ash can shed any light. Sam draws him a picture of a logo he recalled seeing in the vision which they identify as the logo for the Blue Ridge bus lines in Guthrie Oklahoma. While there, Sam asks Ash to have a deeper look and see if Guthrie has any records of a house fire in 1983, starting in a nursery on the night of the child's 6 month birthday. One result pops up - Andrew Gallagher.

They track Andy down and Dean follows him, while Sam follows the man he saw in his vision. Andy notices Dean following and walks up to him and asks for the Impala. For some reason, Dean happily agrees and hands over the keys to the car. As soon as Andy is out of sight, Dean wonders what the hell happened. Meanwhile, Sam attempts to stop the man from killing himself. He manages to prevent him going into the hardware store, but the man promptly walks out in front of a bus.

Sam and Dean agree that Andy seems to have some kind of mind control power, but while Sam is convinced that he's the one who made the man kill himself, Deanbisn't so sure. They continue following Andy (after managing to get the Impala back!) until he approaches them and demands that they tell him the truth about what they're doing. Sam continues the lie, but Dean begins blurting everything out uncontrollably - telling Andy that they're demon hunters and they think he has mind control powers. Sam talks to Andy, explains that they are in a similar boat, and the two start to connect. Suddenly, Sam has another vision, this time of a woman dousing herself with petrol and setting herself on fire. Dean rushes off to try and prevent it, but it's too late. By the time he gets there, it is already over. Sam is less convinced now of Andy's guilt, but is sure that the two deaths are still somehow connected to Andy.

Further investigations reveal that the woman was Andy's real mom - the one who died in the fire was his adopted mom. Even more surprisingly, they discover that she gave birth to twins and the three of them realize that the person doing the killing is almost certainly going to be Andy's Evil Twin. When the photo ID of the twin comes through, they are shocked to see it's someone who Andy knows - Webber is one of Andy's friends and it's him who has been killing people. Another vision comes to Sam and he see's Andy's friend Tracy being forced to jump over a dam. Sam and Andy rush to try and save her, leaving Dean (who is susceptible to the mind control) behind for safety.

They confront him and a battle of wills ensues. Weber reveals that he was told what to do by the "man with the yellow eyes" who said he had big plans for him. It was the demon who told Webber about his twin and who told him about his powers. Suddenly, Weber turns around and notices Dean hiding with a sniper rifle. Using his mind-control, he forces Dean to point the barrel of the rifle at himself and tries to make him pull the trigger. With seconds to spare, Andy shoots his own brother to save Dean (and Tracy).

They leave Andy and say goodbye. Sam wonders if all the other children like him are destined to be killers, like Andy was, like Max Miller. Does that make him a killer? Dean reassures him that he is different to the others. They head back to the Roadhouse and decide that the time is right to reveal to Ellen what Sam is capable of. They explain everything about the Demon and the other children. But Sam discovers something unnerving - Andy and Webber's mother didn't die in a fire when he was six months old. The pattern no longer fits and there could be other children with abilities out there that they have no way of tracking...

episode guide - Supernatural Wiki
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