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The way the Winchesters parked looks like they came in driving towards the intersection. But that is impossible given the fact that it is a dead end. Even if they did reverse in, they still would have seen the crime scene coming in. Plus, the police are still putting up the crime scene wrap several hours in.
Rebecca Warren's Email to Sam
"hey sam -
wanted to update you; wasn't sure if you'd heard the news, zach was arrested for killing his gf. sounds crazy, i know - but he's charged with murder. cops say they have dna, fingerprints, all kinds of evidence... he didn't do it!! this all feels so unreal.
just thought you'd like to know"
When they first come across the shapeshifter in the sewer and Dean gets hit he is holding his left arm yet when they leave via the ladder is holding his right arm as if it's hurt
When the shape-shifter leaves to go to Rebecca's he throws a tarp over Sam. When Sam is struggling with the ropes the tarp is shown hanging off of his shoulder. The camera changes to show Dean tied up nearby and when it returns to Sam the tarp is gone
At the end of the episode when Sam is saying goodbye to Rebecca and she hugs him, you can see she is wearing a huge silver bracelet but after they are done hugging she is no longer wearing a bracelet.
Early in the episode Rebecca says that the security tape shows her brother coming home at 10:30 PM and his girlfriend was killed just after that but when they all look at the tape later in the episode the time on the tape shows 10:04 PM and she said that that the girlfriend's time of death was 10:30.
If you watch the opening scene, it doesn't match up when it is played out near the end of the episode. Shapeshifter Dean is no longer trying to open the door when the SWAT team moves in, and they tell him to drop the knife too many times.
At the end of the episode Dean took his necklace back from shapeshifter Dean but he never took his ring back.
The e-mail from Becky is dated the 5th of December, but this episode takes place in March.
When Sam and Dean go down into the sewer the sun is out but when they come out of the sewer a minute later to chase the shapeshifter it is dark outside.
Channel 6 KJFT is made up for the show. There is no such station in St. Louis.
After the shapeshifter "takes off" Rebecca's skin he is Dean again. Where did he get the new Dean skin? He ripped it off in the sewer and he didn't come in contact with Dean again.
The sun doesn't usually rise until about 6:30 a.m. in St. Louis. If this episode was supposed to take place in March then at 5:30 a.m. it would still have been dark outside.
Sam knew Dean was the shapeshifter because he grabbed the keys with his left hand after being hit in the arm but when Dean was running around looking for the shapeshifter he was holding the gun in his left hand without any pain
The time scale in this episode is way off. The events of the teaser (where Dean/Shapeshifter attacks Becca) take place one week after Dean and Sam first head towards St Louis. However, Dean/Shapeshifter attacks Becca on the second night after they have arrived in St Louis, meaning that it took them six days to travel 400 miles (before they turn back, Dean claims that St Louis is '400 miles behind them'). Even with stopping, it is highly unbelievable that they would take that long.
When Sam kicks the shapeshifter Dean his feet are tied, but after he cuts the rope from his hands he gets up and the rope binding his feet together is gone
Sam's e-mail contacts and the subject matter of each one that can be seen are: Rebecca Warren (about Zach) - Bad News, Jerry Wanek - Where are you?!, John Marcy - Re: Still b (rest unknown), Mary Ann - WTFRU Mister( rest unknown) and Stanislava Shmakin- Re: Get together this wk?
As established later in the episode "The Benders," this episode takes place on or about March 7, 2006.
The closed captioning for the episode reveals that 'Poison Whiskey' by Lynard Skynard was supposed to play during Sam's fight with the Dean/Shapeshifter, the lyrics even run in full in the captions though a regular dramatic piece of score music is heard instead

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