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Sheridan County, Nebraska.

A couple is camping and the boyfriend is trying to show his girlfriend a video of a bear attack on his phone. She doesn't want to see it. He hoped they had gone camping for the chance to have sex. She wants to commune with nature. They watch the fire...they talk about missing each other. They talk about the girlfriend going to school far away and trying to make a long-distance relationship work.

The boyfriend leaves to get more firewood. While walking in the woods, he practices how he'll ask his girlfriend to marry him. He plans to propose this trip.

Back at the campsite, the girlfriend finds a box with a ring inside.

In the woods, as he gathers firewood, he hears something like a snarling dog, but can't see anything. He makes it back to the campsite yelling for his girlfriend to run and it looks like an invisible dog (hellhound) is tearing at his leg as he falls to the ground in front of her.

When the boyfriend is unconscious, the invisible hellhound attacks the girlfriend, but she fights him off and runs away.

Back in the bunker, Sam and Dean are returning home after some kind of hunt; tired and dirty. Dean's carrying a barbed-write wrapped bat and talking about how now he understands why their dad loved it. (Funny reference to Jeffery Dean Morgan's current character of Negan on the Walking Dead!) Dean sits down even though Sam doesn't want him to sit in the chair as dirty as he is. Sam says Dean is covered in pieces of ghoul and wraith and there might be some siren in his hair.

Dean pulls a chunk out of his hair and flicks it. Sam is disgusted and tells him to take shower and change; Dean's been wearing the same pair of boxes for 4 days.

Dean's disturbed that Sam's keeping track of his underwear. He says he's fine; he turned them inside-out to make them last longer.

Sam's phone rings. They have another case. Dean wants to know how Sam found another one so quickly. Sam says he created an algorithm that complies info. from police scanners and lets him know when there's a case.

Dean's ready to head back out. Sam insists he shower first. He stinks. Dean says that's because he (Dean) does all the heavy lifting. Dean says he'll get cleaned up, but he's going to use the fancy shampoo that Sam keeps hidden from him.

Sam follows.

Later...they drive to the scene of the campsite murder-by-invisible-dog. Sam and Dean get out of the car; both on the phone; Sam with Mary who is out hunting and Dean with Cas who wants to let him know that someone is killing angels in Idaho.

In Idaho...
Cas is in a diner. He flashes his FBI badge, upside down (he's agent Solange!). He asks to speak to the manager. The manager says he knows why the FBI is there. He opens the door to a storage room. He says it's a safe room. The manager guesses he's there about one of the waitresses; killed by a "reptilian alien". The guy seems like a total flake. Cas turns to leave. The manager says he has proof. The guy is a paranoid conspiracy theorist but he has video of a pregnant Kelly Kline being followed by a tall man. The waitress encounters them and the camera goes out right before it capture Daigon fighting with the tall man (an angel).

Out in the woods, Sam and Dean are checking out the campsite. There was no body. The sheriff says that whatever killed him must have dragged the body off. Sam and Dean ask about the survivor; the girl who says they were attacked by an invisible wolf. The sheriff thinks she's nuts. Sam and Dean are sure it's a hellhound.

Elsewhere, the survivor is having PTSD, remembering the attack on her boyfriend. It appears that the hellhound is looking in her window at her while she's lying down.

Sam and Dean get ready to talk to the girl. Sam wants to lie to her to give her some peace. Tell her it was just a wild animal of some kind.

The survivor lets them in reluctantly. The hellhound seems to follow them in.

They try to tell her that a bear killed her boyfriend. That they killed it so she's not in danger. She's not buying it. She knows what she saw. (Meanwhile, the hellhound is circling the group of them talking.) She tells them to get out.

Once they leave, Gwen (the survivor) is alone inside with the hellhound which mostly seems interested in watching her.

Suddenly, she has a feeling she's not alone and sees claw marks on the floor. She runs. She falls. The invisible dog is over her as Sam and Dean burst in and shoot at the dog, which escapes out the window.

In hell...
Crowley is taunting Lucifer, saying he owns him. Lucifer tries to be casual. He says him being chained up is just temporary.

Crowley says he's 10 steps ahead of Lucifer. Lucifer accuses him of pride. Crowley says it's not pride; it's a fact. He's going to make Lucifer his slave as payback for Lucifer making Crowley his dog. There's a knock at the door. Crowley leaves after putting some kind of head cage on Lucifer.

Crowley has been summoned by a pair of demons. They are telling him that he really needs to tend to business; crossroads deals and the like.

Back in Nebraska, Dean and Sam are explaining to Gwen what hellhounds are. They're trying the truth this time. She asks why they lied before. Dean blames Sam for just making her want to feel better. Gwen is more accepting of this than the bear story. Sam asks if she or her late boyfriend might have made a demon deal 10 years ago. She says no.

They figure they'll need to ask Crowley about it.

In hell...Crowley is bored to tears listening to the demons go over paperwork and other demon case details with him. His phone rings. The caller ID is "not moose".

Dean hopes Crowley is over the whole "Gavin" thing. Dean tells him that hellhounds are acting up; going after people who haven't sold their souls. Crowley asks the demons what the issue is. They say that one of dogs got out. Crowley appears in the room with Sam and Dean and Gwen, asking if they missed him.

In Idaho...Cas encounters an angel who says he is also trying to track down Kelly Kline and the unholy baby she's carrying. The angel suggests they should work together.

In Nebraska, Crowley tells Sam and Dean that the hellhound that got loose is "the" hellhound. One of the ones that God made after Creation. They were meant to be God's best friend, but they were too vicious. God was going to kill them all, but one got away and she can't be controlled. Ramsey. She's only loyal to Lucifer. Gwen can't think of a reason why the dog would be after her. She admits she did hit it with an axe during the original attack and Crowley says the dog holds a grudge.

Crowley says the three of them will go after the dog. Crowley would like to have Lucifer's dog's head on the wall just to bother him.

In hell...Crowley's two underling demons can't resist opening the door and taking a look at chained-up Lucifer. They approach him. They treat Lucifer like he's the true leader. They confess they don't like Crowley and THEY were the ones who released the hellhound to distract Crowley so they could get a look at who Crowley was holding in the dungeon. They brought the key with them that will unchain Lucifer, but before they free him, they have a few demands.

In Nebraska, Dean's pulling out his holy fire glasses so they can try to track down the hellhound (why they need them when Crowley is working with them, I have no idea; Crowley can see them).

Dean gives Sam a lecture about taking good care of the car as Sam and Gwen drive off.

Dean heads into the woods with Crowley. The hellhound appears to be following them.

In Idaho, Cas is asking the other angel how it's going in heaven. He says that Lucifer's baby has brought them together. The angel says they need Cas to work with them. That Cas is better off working with other angels than Sam and Dean. The angel tries to convince Cas by asking if he misses heaven...that if he helps them, he could come back to heaven and be
forgiven. Cas doesn't believe that if he helps them track down Kelly, heaven will welcome him back. The angel says Joshua can do this; forgive Cas and let him back into heaven. Cas thought Joshua had "stepped aside" but the angel says that this situation with Kelly has brought "all hands on deck". The angel asks that Cas just hear Joshua out for the greater

In hell...the demons are listing a long list of demands that Lucifer will have to comply with before they release him.

They unchain him. He stands and stretches. Then he incinerates demon #1. The second demon offers himself up for Lucifer to kill. He hesitates, then kills him anyway.

In the woods, Crowley and Dean search. Crowley says Dean is predictable. Dean says Crowley is soft. He saved Cas. Crowley says he did that to keep Dean and Sam from moping around. Crowley says he's rubbed off on Dean; not the other way around. After all, Dean is out there working with the King of Hell.

In the car, Gwen tells Sam she's sorry; this is all her fault. She asks Sam to pull over.

In the woods, Dean thinks he sees something with the glasses. With his flashlight, he finds the body of the dead camper. Crowley says this must be the dog's den, but the dog isn't there.

In the car, Gwen gets back in after throwing up from the memory of her boyfriend Marcus being killed. She feels bad; camping was her idea. She knew they were over as a couple. He didn't feel the same. He loved her more than she loved him. She's upset she didn't tell him the truth. She lied to make things easier (pointedly sounds like what Sam likes to do).

Sam considers this. She says they should go. With the glasses on, Sam sees the hellhound in front of the car. It climbs onto the roof, cracking the windshield. Gwen wants to leave, but Sam wants to take care of it now. He tells her to stay in the car.

Outside, the hellhound knocks Sam down and stands over him. Gwen jumps from the car and hits the hellhound in the head, making it jump off of Sam. Sam lost his glasses when he was knocked down. He stands, but can't tell for sure where the hellhound is. Even though he can't see it, he listens carefully, and when it jumps at him, he stabs it with an angel blade; killing it.

Later, Dean takes in his wrecked car, ruined by the heavy hellhound climbing all over it, exclaiming that that's why Sam doesn't drive. Gwen hugs Crowley, thankful it's over.

Sam thanks Crowley too. Crowley disappears. Gwen thinks Crowley seems nice. Sam and Dean roll their eyes. Dean tells them to get in and see if the car still runs.

In hell, Crowley finds Lucifer has been freed. Lucifer mocks him for thinking he'll always be two steps ahead of him. Lucifer stands and strikes Crowley to the ground. Lucifer shows his wings; his full power. Crowley snaps his fingers and Lucifer's power disappears. Lucifer is confused. Crowley explains that everything Lucifer does to him, he can do back to him twice
as hard. He strikes Lucifer to the ground. Crowley says the chains on Lucifer were nothing. Lucifer's vessel is the real prison. Crowley has warded Lucifer's vessel; he belongs to Crowley.

Crowley promises to find Lucifer's unborn child and rip him apart in front of him. And that's just for starters.

Back in the bunker, Dean is talking to Cas on the phone. Can explains he thinks Kelly Kline is with Daigon. A psychotic, savage, female prince of hell. They ask were Kelly is and Cas says that she WAS in Idaho, but now he's not sure. Dean says they'll help look for her.

Cas hangs up. He's standing in the heaven's gate sandbox. He's going to go hear Joshua out. Dean comments to Sam that Cas sounded weird to him.

Sam's phone chirps. Dean wants to know if it's Sam's computer algorithm calling him again. Sam decides to stop lying. He tells Dean it's Mick. Mick Davies. The British Man of Letters. Sam admits he doesn't have a program feeding him cases. All the cases have come from the BMOL's. Sam tells Dean that he didn't tell him the truth because he knows how much
Dean hates the British Men of Letters.

Dean corrects him that no, THEY hate them. Together.

Sam says he does, but he was impressed at their results. Killing the Alpha Vamp (which SAM did!). Sam apologizes for lying. Dean doesn't like it. He doesn't trust them. But Sam's right that they've gotten results on the monster-killing front.

Dean points out that they work with people they don't trust all the time; like Crowley. So how is this different. But the second something feels off, the bail. Sam agrees.

Sam's phone rings again. It's Mick. Dean tells him to pick it up.

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