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EPISODE 501: Sympathy For the Devil

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"Sympathy For The Devil" is both the name of a song by the Rolling Stones, later covered by Guns 'N Roses, and a movie by Jean-Luc Goddard.
"Devil's Feud Cake" is the name of the Yosemite Sam cartoon.
Chuck: You went full-on Vader.

A reference to Anakin Skywalker's final descent to Darth Vader in Star Wars.

Sam says that Ruby taught him how to make a Hex Bag.
Becky's online name is samlicker81. She is the webmistress of
The conversation betweem Becky and Chuck mirrors that of Galaxy Quest where Tim Allen explains to Justin Long that the ship is real and they need his help.
Emily Perkins who plays Becky Rosen, co-starred in Ginger Snaps, a series of Canadian werewolf movies, with Katharine Isabelle, who played Ava Wilson.
John's Lock-up is at Castle Storage, 42 Rover Hill in upstate New York, the same one visited by Sam and Dean in 3.03 Bad Day At Black Rock, from which the Rabbit's Foot was stolen.
Zachariah says that Dean is "Michael's Sword" - the vessel the Archangel Michael will need to possess in order to kill Lucifer.
Lucifer's vessel is called Nick - "Old Nick" is a term used to refer to Lucifer.
Castiel carves an Enochian Sigil into Sam and Dean's ribs that will hide them from all Angels including Lucifer
Misha Collins is listed third in the credits as he will be a regular this season.
As is the tradition, this Season featured a new Title Card.
Dean's "Cram it with walnuts, ugly!" is a line from Homer Simpson on The Simpsons.

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