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A college professor is met by a pretty young woman claiming to be one of his students. She flirts with him until he responds to her and they kiss. She then reveals her true visage and he either jumps or is pushed from his fourth floor office.

A week later, the boys are in motel room, snapping and sniping at each other. Sam accuses Dean of stealing his laptop, while Dean blames Sam for damaging the Impala. A knock on the door and Bobby arrives in response to a desperate call from Dean and Sam. They explain to Bobby that there have been a lot of strange things happening that they cant understand.

They tell Bobby about the college professor, saying that there is a campus legend about the building being haunted. They spoke to some students who told them about the ghost of a young woman that is supposed to haunt that building after jumping from room 669 when her relationship with her professor ended. Sam continues to tell the story explaining that Dean was getting drunk on purple nurples with Starla. Dean interrupts, denying that things happened like that. He insists that Starla was a "classy chick" who was telling him about some local ghost stories and saying that Sam was just jealous.

Bobby wants to know what is happening - the boys are bickering like an old married couple. Sam continues telling the story, recounting how they spoke to the janitor who found the body and revealed that the professor was an immoral man who regularly brought students to his room. Back in the motel, Sam logs onto his computer which has frozen on bustyasianbeauties.com - something he blames Dean for. They are unable to find any information on the haunting online.

They go on to explain to Bobby that one of the students on campus claims to have been abducted by aliens. Bobby doesn't believe in aliens and is shocked that the boys seem to believe the student who reveals that he was probed and forced to slow dance with an alien. They tell Bobby that they looked into it and found a large circular mark on the grounds of the campus which could well have been made by a spaceship. They also find out from another student that the frat guy who was "abducted" deserved everything he got - he was their pledge master and put them all through hell.

They returned to the motel and Sam cant find his laptop and wants to know where it is. Dean denies that he has anything to do with it going missing, but Sam is furious.

Bobby interrupts the two of them bitching at each other and asks them to continue the story. A research scientist was found dead on the campus, his body having been mauled and eaten. The boys break into the morgue and study what is left of the body, finding what looks like a belly scale from an alligator. They searched the sewers but couldn't find anything. Dean, however, found the Impala with four flat tyres. On the floor nearby was Sam's money clip. He confronts Sam, who denies any involvement. It was just after that when Bobby arrived.

The voice of reason, Bobby explains to the boys that they were obviously dealing with a trickster. Tricksters create chaos and mischief, and had been playing with Dean and Sam. They are immortal demi-gods who can create things out of nothing. They aim their tricks mainly at people they believe need to be knocked down a peg or two. The boys realise that the janitor most likely to be the trickster.

Dean and Sam head back to the campus to talk to the janitor. They stage an argument outside the campus and split up - Dean staying near the janitor. Dean comes across a room containing a bed and semi-naked beautiful women who are waiting for him. The trickster says he's giving them to Dean as a peace offering. He wont stop what he's doing, but he will move on to the next town - he doesn't want to hurt Dean. Sam and Bobby suddenly enter the room, weaponed up. They fight the trickster and the creations he manufactures until Dean manages to stake the trickster. The creations vanish and the boys and Bobby are left alone in the room.

They head out to the car and leave, not knowing that the trickster they staked was yet another creation. The real trickster is still alive and well.

episode guide - Supernatural Wiki

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