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The episode opens with Kevin on Garth’s “houseboat” – “Fizzle’s Folly”. He wakes up to hear Crowley talking to him, telling him he shouldn’t work with the Winchesters and he thinks Crowley’s on the boat with him. Kevin goes looking for Crowley but he seems to be enjoying this game of “hide and seek”; he tells Kevin he’s not here, he’s inside his head. He threatens Kevin, telling him that last time he took a finger, but now… Kevin has a vision of seeing his right hand cut off at the wrist and then we hear bones breaking and he sinks to the floor in a pool of blood….

The scene changes to Dean knocking on the houseboat’s door, with Sam just behind him. Kevin opens the door, looking wild-eyed, even a little crazy, and threatening them with a frying pan. Dean asks him what the SOS was about as they go in. Kevin tells them Crowley is in his head but they don’t believe him. Dean says he’s dreaming and if Crowley knew where he was he’d do a lot more than get in his head. Garth is away on a job, apparently. Dean asks Kevin what he wanted to tell them in person and he says he’s translated the second trial from the tablet. Dean’s impressed and happy but Kevin’s still convinced Crowley talking to him is real and that he knows about the trial now too. Dean and Sam try and dissuade him of that and Kevin tells them that the trial is to free an innocent soul from Hell and deliver it to Heaven. Sam looks worried and asks how do they free a soul from Hell and get it into Heaven. Dean looks thoughtful and says they need some expert advice…

The Boys are at a crossroads and Sam has just buried a box containing the usual material to summon a demon. One appears but when he sees it’s the Winchesters he makes to leave but they have already trapped him in a large devil’s trap…

…The Boys are torturing the demon with holy water to find out how to sneak into Hell uninvited. Eventually he tells them that a rogue reaper can smuggle them into Hell (or even Heaven) for a price. He asks them to kill him – better dead than be at Crowley’s mercy – but Dean says first he has to tell them everything…

The scene changes to The Boys, pulling up on a street. It is night and it’s raining hard. They get out of the car and walk over to a man leaning against a cab. Dean calls the man by his name, Ajay, and he’s surprised Dean knows who he is. Sam says they know what he does too, and he tells Ajay they want to do business. Ajay’s puzzled because he knows they are mortals – “flesh and blood”. Sam says they want to cross the border into Hell, and Dean says they want a visitor’s pass. Ajay says no-one wants to get into Hell but Sam asks again and Ajay says it’s possible, he has special skills but he tells them it will be pricey. Dean asks, “how much?” and Ajay says that he knows they are resourceful and one day they will owe him a favor. Sam is puzzled by this and Ajay says he knows they’re the Winchesters and when Dean asks him have they met he says he’s the reaper who took Bobby to Hell. The Boys are shocked. Dean says Bobby’s one of the good guys and should be in Heaven but Ajay explains it’s not that simple, it depends on who you know and what palms get greased. He tells them Bobby was on the “King of Hell’s no-fly list” so there was no way he was going to Heaven. Dean asks Ajay for two tickets down and three back but Sam takes Dean away. He asks Dean what he’s thinking because he has to do the trials solo but Dean counters that this is Bobby and Sam hasn’t been up to full speed lately and they only have one shot at this. Sam tells Dean he’ll bring Bobby back and returns to Ajay. He tells him he’s in, just him. Dean isn’t happy but goes along with it. Ajay agrees but Dean asks how this will work and Ajay says that he’ll bring Sam back in exactly twenty-four hours and Dean can return for him then. Ajay and Sam walk off down an alley leaving Dean staring after them. When Dean leaves, someone is watching him…
…Sam and Ajay walk through a gate into a yard whose walls are covered in fantastical images – weird graffiti. Ajay tells Sam to take his hand and everything starts to shake. They seem to move towards a door painted on one of the walls, and then the colors on either side start to move inwards, into the door and it glows with a fierce light. They are pulled through, vanishing as smoke… The scene changes to a bleak landscape – gray, dusty trees and deadfalls, but the ground looks blasted and dead. A light flashes brightly and smoke appears, which turns back into Sam and Ajay. Sam asks if this is Hell and Ajay says, “not at all, this is Purgatory”…

Sam becomes pissed off and says this is not what he paid for. Ajay says relax he then tells him to follow the stream where three rocks meet and that is the portal to hell. He tells Sam he will be back in 24 hours precisely and to be there if he wants to get back.
Dean gets back to the boat after picking up some burgers for him and Kevin. He comes in calling for Kevin and hears nothing at first. He call for Kevin again and then Kevin comes out of one of the closets saying "I thought it was safer here. Kevin then tells Dean how terrified he is of Crowley finding him. Dean tells him to get a grip. Kevin says he can't take it anymore but Dean tells him that life sucks and they are experts in the life sucking thing but you have to push on through because that's what they do and if he does that it will make things go a little smoother for himself.
Crowley finds Ajay eating in his cab. He puts Ajay under great fear and stress and makes him crack under pressure and he tells him everything. After hearing what he wants from the Ajay, Crowley stabs him in the back, killing him.
Next, we see Sam in Purgatory looking for the backdoor to hell. He is accosted by a monster and he cuts off its head. He the sees a set of rocks and removes one. Air rushes into the opening. It is the portal to hell. Sam then disappears down the "rabbit hole." Sam then finds himself in a long passage and starts to walk down it. The sounds of the tortured souls trapped in cages are everywhere. While Sam is trying to find Bobby. He looks to the side and sees a girl . She is asking him if he is here for her and she knew he would come. She keeps repeating over and over those phrases. He finally comes upon a cage in which a man is turned around and stares at the wall. He opens the door to the cage and says "Bobby?" Bobby then turns around and punches him in the face. Bobby tells him to get out of here you black-eyed son-of-a-*****. Sam says, "it's me Sam." To prove he is who says he is Sam tells Bobby about the time he got a free pedicure at Mall of America. Bobby then hugs Sam in relief. Bobby asks Sam why he is there and Sam tells him it is to get him out and he hands him a knife. Crowley is back at his office freaking out that the Winchesters have once again been a thorn in his side. He has no idea what they are up to and wants to know before Kevin has finished his translation. He then say he needs Kevin. He says that Kevin and Dean have the good half of the tablet while he has the crappy half with the acknowledgements. He then shouts at his assistant to find Kevin.
Meanwhile Dean is making breakfast for him and Kevin. Kevin comes in from being out and says that he temporarily hid the tablet. Dean is very angry and Kevin locks himself in his room. Then Dean receives a visit from an angel named Naomi. She then tells Dean she is the one who rescued Castiel from Purgatory. Dean is pissed at her because she is the one who had Castiel spy on them. She then tells Dean that she has reached out to Castiel to try and help him because since he came back from Purgatory and that he is extremely damaged. Dean tells her he doesn't trust angels and she points out the fact that he did not ward the place off from them. She tries to explain that all she wants is to help Castiel and close the gates of hell. Dean does not believe her. She then tells him that Ajay's way into hell is through Purgatory. Dean is shocked and Naomi tells him, "see we are on the same side."
Dean and Bobby are walking through the corridors of hell to get back to purgatory. Along the way they come into contact with a couple of demons and kill them. They then run into a demon that looks just like Sam. Bobby is confused and not sure which one to trust he stabs one. The demon then dies. Sam says" you knew it was me right?" Bobby tells him he guessed. And they run.
Meanwhile, Dean goes to find Ajay and fins him dead in his cab.
Dean and Bobby get out of hell and back into Purgatory. Bobby asks "what is this?" Sam tells him not to get mad but they are in Purgatory. Bobby exclaims "Balls!" Sam says lets go and they head off to the meeting spot.
Dean then calls Benny and tells him he needs to ask for a huge favor.
Back in the woods Bobby asks Sam how many more trials he has and he says just one. Bobby is super excited to be reunited with Sam again and is happy that he will be able to be around them again. Unfortunately, Sam tells Bobby that in order for the trail to be complete his soul must go to heaven and since they burned his bones they have nothing to tie him to earth anymore. Disappointed Bobby resigns himself to his fate. Bobby then tells him he has to find a way to spring him from heaven. Sam then starts to get nervous. Bobby asks what is wrong and he tells him the reaper never showed to get them out...
Dean and Benny meet up at where Sam and Ajay had entered into Purgatory. Dean says to Benny if he does not want to do it he completely understands. Dean then tells Benny he is sorry and he does not want to send him back there but it is for his brother and he agrees. Benny says yes he will do it. Dean says I owe you. Benny says no he doesn't. He then says he needs a break from this world and that he doesn't fit in with humans or vampires. Dean says he will get him out. He tells him to catch a ride with Sam like he did with him. Benny nods in agreement. They then hug and Dean says thank you and cuts off Benny's head.
Back in Purgatory, Bobby is giving Sam crap for not trying to get Dean out of purgatory. Soon they find themselves surrounded by creatures in purgatory and they have to fight them off. A few seconds later Benny appears to help and Sam is confused. Sam asks why he is there. Benny fills them in on the details. Bobby is mad that Dean is friends with a vampire. Sam then thanks Benny for saving them and Dean. Benny says he is a disgrace to his own people and chuckles. They get to the opening and Bobby asks if that is it. Benny says yes. Sam cuts his arm and Bobby cuts his arm while Sam says a spell. They join arms and Sam takes in Bobby's soul. Sam says it is Benny's turn. Benny just looks at him. Someone calls out Benny's name. It is a group of three vampires. Benny tells Sam to go and walks over to the vampires. Sam tries to get Benny to come with but he says "Nah. I was never any good up there. You tell Dean bye for me" Sam understands and runs to the opening but not before throwing him the knife Dean gave him from Purgatory.
In the 100 mile wilderness in Maine you see Dean waiting in the forest. Sam comes out and Dean is waiting there for him. They hug. Dean asks if he got him out. Sam tells him only Bobby. Dean is confused. Sam then proceeds to tell Dean that Benny got them out by using himself as bait against a bunch of vamps. Sam also told Dean that it didn't seem like Benny wanted out. Dean agrees but is clearly upset by it. Dean then asks about how Bobby is and Sam tells him he is good but worried. Sam then says a chant and cuts his arm open and release Bobby's soul to the sky when Crowley pops into say that Bobby is his. He belongs in hell. Then the angel Naomi appears and says, "who says that?" Crowley realizing who it is becomes annoyed. Then Naomi says that Crowley cannot take an innocent soul to hell. She then tries to kill Crowley but he escapes. She lets Bobby's spirit soar toward heaven. She then smiles at Dean and says " I told you can trust me." Sam asks who that was and Dean says he will tell him later and to get the trial done and Sam reads from a paper. His hand then begins to glow and fill with pain. Dean becomes concerned but the pain passes quickly and Sam tells him it is ok and it is done.Sam tells Dean he would go back for Benny..
Back at the boat Kevin freaking out cause he is hearing Crowley. He keeps telling himself it is just a dream. Soon the whole house shakes and gets loud. Kevin puts his hands over his ears as the glass on the windows breaks. Soon Crowley shows up and says that he killed his mother to find him. He goes and starts to curl up and you hear Crowley behind him. Then Kevin screams.
Sam and Dean are driving back when Dean tells Sam that he buried Benny but he did not burn his bones. He the tells Sam that Benny stuck his neck out fro him and he did not think it was right to burn them. Sam agrees because Benny is different. They then decide to check on Kevin.
Sam and Dean get to the boat and Dean calls out for Kevin. No one is there. They are not sure what happened. They think Kevin finally snapped and left. Everything is gone including his notes on the tablet. But where did Kevin go?

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