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A young boy is watching TV when he hears the sounds of a "monster" coming from outside. He peers through the window only to see one of their neighbors being dragged under a car. Despite telling the police what he has seen, no-one believes him until two State Troopers (Sam and Dean in another of their disguises) talk to him. After talking to the boy, they head back to a bar and discuss what they were told. Not sure what to think, they head out, Sam leaving first. By the time Dean gets outside, Sam is gone.

He reports Sam as missing to the local police, dealing with a female officer called Kathleen. She agrees to help to look for Sam. Dean, who is claiming to be Sam's cousin and a State Police Officer, asks her to get the traffic camera footage for him to look at. Reluctantly, she agrees, and they take a look.

There is no sign of Sam on the camera footage, but they do identify a rusty old can with brand new plates - indicating that they may be stolen. Dean hears an old van drive past and realizes that the monster noises that the young boy had heard could well have been from a vehicle. Perhaps it wasn't a monster that took Sam or the boy's neighbor.

Meanwhile, Sam finds himself in a metal cage, alongside the young boy's neighbor. When his captors come in, Sam is shocked to discover that they are people - not creatures or demons or monsters.

Kathleen runs a background check on Dean while they head out looking for the van. His fake ID comes back as having been stolen from another Police officer. She asks him why she shouldn't just arrest him then and there. He explains that he feels responsible for Sam and has to do everything he can to get him back safely. If she wants to arrest him afterwards, he's okay with that - just let him find Sam first.

Sam is trying to find a way to escape the cage when they unlock. The other man is keen to get out of there, despite Sam's warning that it could be a trap. Sure enough, he runs off and is caught by two of the men who held them captive. They kill him with spears.

Kathleen agrees to help Dean find Sam, mainly as her brother went missing three years earlier and she feels guilty for not being able to help him. She tricks Dean into handcuffs and leaves him cuffed to the police car while she goes into the house they've found. She is attacked by the same men who captured Sam and ends up in a cage alongside him. Having picked his way out of the cuffs, Dean finds Sam and Kathleen, but is unable to open the cages. He heads into the house, where he discovers that the family kidnap people and then simply hunt them down like animals for fun. He gets caught by the family and they torture him, intending to go kill Sam and Kathleen, but Sam manages to fight back when the cage door is opened. Sam goes to help Dean, while Kathleen holds the gun on the guy who tried to kill them. The boys hear a gunshot and Kathleen reveals that the suspect was shot trying to escape. They don't believe her, but they don't blame her. Grateful for what they have done, she allows Dean and Sam time to leave before she calls in for backup.

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