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TEASER:Outside London, England - 1987

As the episode opens, two young boys (Timothy and Michael) are entering a prestigious-looking school building – Kendrick’s Academy. As the boys are talking, we learn that they have been summoned to meet with someone (a woman), and they aren’t expecting the meeting to be pleasant. Timothy asks Michael if he will be going home for Christmas, but then immediately apologizes and withdraws the question. Michael says he’ll be at the school – like always.
The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

When the boys enter the school’s lobby, the head mistress comes to meet them. She is a stern looking woman and she orders them into a room; she is presumably the woman they were summoned to meet. When they get inside the room, the boys notice a large sheet of plastic taped to the floor. They step inside and close the door.

The head mistress tells the boys that they’ve successfully completed many “trials” while at school, but today only one of them will advance to the next “level” of training. She tells them that the work their organization does keeps humanity safe. But in order to do this work, unquestionable obedience is required. As she’s talking, she unwraps a large dagger lying on a desk and tells the boys that only one of them will be leaving the room. The boys look uncomfortably at each other. The head mistress walks out of the room, wishing the boys good luck as she leaves.

Later, Michael emerges from the room with the bloody dagger in his hand. The head mistress is waiting in the corridor. Michael tells her that Timothy fought well and didn’t want to die. The head mistress smiles coldly and tells him that the code demanded otherwise. She says “Well played, Mr. Davies.”

As the scene ends, we see that the adult Mick Davies has fallen asleep at a work table in the British Men of Letters (BMOLs) temporary compound. He wakes up suddenly; he was obviously dreaming about what he’d experienced as a child studying to be an MOL. As the camera pans back, we see that he has fallen asleep with a bottle of scotch and a stack of files on the table.

The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki


Dean and Sam:

Dean and Sam are driving in the Impala and Sam is talking to Eileen Leahy (the hunter) on Skype. During the conversation, we learn that Eileen has had some luck tracking Kelly Kline. Eileen shows the Boys security camera footage of Kelly Kline and Dagon leaving an abandoned building in Idaho right before it burns down. She doesn’t know all the facts yet, but tells the Boys she is working on it.As the Winchesters arrive back at the bunker, they’re discussing the fact that Cas and several hunters are looking for Kelly, but so far they haven’t found much information. Sam suggests that they call Crowley, but Dean doesn’t want to. As they are talking, they notice Mick Davies sitting in the library waiting for them. They are surprised that he “broke into” the bunker, but Mick tells them that their bunker key opens every MOL chapter house in the world, so he didn’t break in.

The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Mick tells the Winchesters that the BMOL’s detected a cosmic shock wave a few months earlier. Before he can explain further, Dean and Sam tell him about the Nephilim, Kelly Kline, and Dagon -- assuming that the cosmic shock wave was the same one Castiel and the angels detected when the Nephilim came into being. Mick is unhappy that they didn’t tell him about this already, but Dean says he didn’t need to know. After further discussion, Mick is upset that the Winchesters had Kelly Kline and didn’t kill her, telling the Boys that helping her is not an option. He talks about the catastrophe that will occur if the child is born, and says that the MOL’s code demands her death. Sam and Dean tell Mick that they are “handling” the situation, but Mick is still stunned at their apparent complacency.

Later, Mick Davies is again asleep and dreaming about what happened to him at school. Timothy is telling Mick that they can run – that they don’t have to try to kill each other. Mick reluctantly picks up the dagger and turns toward his friend.

Before we see what happens next, Mick’s phone rings, waking him up from his nightmare. From his surroundings, we can see that he’s at the Lebanon, Kansas MOL bunker in one of the spare rooms. Mick answers the phone and we learn that it’s the head mistress, Dr. Hess (now his boss) calling to chastise him for not filing a report the day before. Mick tells her that they’re still investigating the disturbance and he was planning to call her to update her. When she asks about the Winchesters, he tells her he’s making progress. She rejects his assertion, reminding him that Lady Bevel thought they were hopeless. Mick says that he is the one who had to clean up Bevel’s mess and that he’s still trying to work with the Winchesters as a means of bringing the other American hunters on board.

The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Dr. Hess tells him that the plan has changed. Because the Nephilim is a great threat, the situation in America must be settled now. She tells him that any American hunters who refuse to assimilate must be eliminated. And she tells him that if he can’t do it, she’ll bring in Mr. Ketch. As they’re talking, another BMOL enters the room to bring Dr. Hess a glass of cognac. She addresses him as Mr. Rawlings and he overhears the conversation with Mick Davies. He looks on in cruel amusement as Dr. Hess gives Mick an ultimatum.

The next morning at the bunker, Dean is somewhat hung over from drinking with Mick the night before. Sam pours a cup of coffee, looking tired, but somewhat better (and less hung over) than Dean. Sam asks Dean if he’s spoken to Mary recently. Before Dean can answer, Mick walks into the kitchen looking refreshed and not hung over at all. Mick tells the Winchesters that they shouldn’t worry about Mary – that she and Mr. Ketch make quite a team. Dean asks Mick if he’s want his mother working with Ketch. Mick replies that he couldn’t say – he never knew either of his parents. As he pours a glass of tomato juice, he tells the Winchesters that the BMOLs took him from the streets. Apparently, he was a pickpocket who took a cursed coin from one of the BMOL members. The BMOLs told Mick that he had promise and took him on as a student. He wistfully tells Dean and Sam that the BMOLs gave him "a life”, but he looks sad when he says it – and then he asks if they have any vodka for his tomato juice.

Later, Mick is back at the BMOLs temporary compound. He’s talking on his cell phone to Mr. Ketch, who is at a motel with Mary. They have just finished a hunt and Ketch is giving Mitch a report. The duo has apparently just killed 8 shapeshifters. Ketch asks Mick to type up the formal report; Mick agrees.

After the phone conversation, Mary makes small talk, asking if Ketch and Mick are friends. Ketch tells her that they were colleagues in school, but not really friends. Ketch then says to Mary that he assumes her training was less “formal”. Mary tells him that she learned on the job. As Ketch offers Mary a drink, she tells him that she gave up hunting because she wanted a normal life. Ketch reminds her that he believes she is drawn to danger, and seductively hands her a drink.
The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Later, time has passed and we see Ketch in bed, and Mary getting dressed. They obviously just finished having sex. Ketch tells Mary that when they first met, he thought he’d end up shooting her, so he is surprised that they ended up in their current situation. Mary tells Ketch that he shouldn’t “read anything into” their sexual encounter, essentially telling him that the sex didn’t mean anything to her. Ketch is subtly caught off guard, but laughs it off, quickly covers his underlying emotion and pretends that he feels the same way. He says he believes that neither of them is “built” for relationships. Mary tells him that he’s wrong about her, but her “relationship” was a long time ago. Changing the subject slightly, Ketch tells Mary that he believes she took his advice and put her job before family ties. Somewhat defensively, Mary says that it’s not either/or and that she’s not choosing hunting over her sons. She maintains that she can have it all.

Meanwhile, at the BMOL’s base, Mick is surprised when Mr. Rawlings suddenly enters. They have never met, so Mick draws his gun. Rawlings introduces himself (Rennie Rawlings), and says he’s been working for Dr. Hess since he graduated Kendricks at the top of his class. Mick doesn’t lower his weapon and asks Rawlings what he wants. Rawlings replies that Dr. Hess thought Mick could use an extra set of hands, so he flew to the US to assist. Mick lowers his gun, but accuses Rawlings of being Hess’ lap dog, sent to the US to watch him. He tells Rawlings to stay out of his way, but Rawlings says that’s not an option.

Crowley and Lucifer:
At Crowley’s lair, Lucifer is alone and psychically calls to Dagon. When she answers, he asks how the child is doing and she assures him that the child is fine. He asks about the “container” and she tells him that Kelly should last “as long as needed” (Kelly is asleep as they are talking). Lucifer says “she’d better” and warns Dagon not to fail him again.

Later, we see that Crowley has returned to the dungeon where he's keeping Lucifer and is trying to taunt Lucifer by tossing a tennis ball and telling him to fetch. But Lucifer goes further, falling to his knees and licking the floor. When Crowley asks what he’s doing, Lucifer says that he surrenders. He tells Crowley that he’d rather be his prisoner than have to be in the cage with Michael – who is drooling and largely insane by now. Crowley is dubious, but Lucifer insists that he is willing to submit.

The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Later we see that Crowley has assembled a group of demons in his throne room. He tells them that he realizes some of them have divided loyalties, because they fear Lucifer and rumors of his possible return keep them unconvinced about who is truly in charge of hell. With a snap of his fingers, the doors open and Lucifer walks into the room in chains. Crowley tells the demons that he didn’t just beat the devil – he tamed him. As he’s talking, Lucifer shuffles to the front of the room and turns his back to Crowley to address the assembly. He tells them that there is only ONE true ruler of hell, that he surrenders his support to that ruler, and that he wants all demons to profess their loyalty to that leader. He tells the assembly that anyone who refuses to support the one true king will be punished. But as he’s talking, he winks and uses gestures to indicate that he’s taking about himself. But with his back turned to Crowley, Crowley can’t tell what he’s doing. After his speech, he tells the demons to applaud. They do, but they exchange confused glances with each other. Crowley smiles, not realizing what has really happened.

Later, Lucifer is alone with one of Crowley’s subjects. The demon seems to have the ability to see inside Lucifer’s vessel, and after doing a visual “examination” he tells Lucifer that the vessel is intact, but so is the lock that prevents him from leaving it and gives Crowley power over him. Lucifer is not happy to hear that he is still trapped, and grabs the demon by the throat. Lucifer asks the demon if he can “disarm” the system that keeps him under Crowley’s power, but the demon says that someone named Spivak is the one who built the system. Crowley killed that demon to prevent him from telling anyone else how to undo his work. Lucifer intimidates the underling demon, threateningly asking him if he can crack the system. Reluctantly and fearfully, the demon agrees to try.

Kelly and Dagon:
Meanwhile, Kelly and Dagon are at what looks like a run down farm house. Kelly is in pain and is worried that something is wrong with the baby. Dagon dismisses her concerns, but Kelly demands to see a doctor. Dagon tries to tell Kelly that no doctor will understand this pregnancy, and suggests that they keep moving. But Kelly insists, reminding Dagon that she promised to help her and telling her that she refuses to leave without seeing a doctor.

Later, Kelly and Dagon are at a clinic and a doctor enters the room to talk to them.

The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

He tells Kelly that her blood test results look fine and she seems okay, but he wants to do an ultrasound examination to check the baby. Dagon initially objects, but Kelly insists, so the doctor begins the exam. As he’s looking at the monitor, he sees something unusual, but before he can say anything to Kelly, Dagon psychically clouds his mind so he seems not to see anything abnormal. He tells Kelly everything is fine.

Later, the doctor is in his office alone. A man enters and asks about the doctor’s patient files. The doctor tells the man that the files are none of his business. In reply, the man (who we see is a demon) kills the doctor with a knife and erases Kelly’s file from the computer.

Dean and Sam:
At the bunker, Dean is on his phone leaving another voice mail message for Cas. From Dean's tone and the message he leaves, we learn that he has been leaving a lot of messages and has not heard back from Cas. While Dean is doing that, Sam and Eileen are in the war room talking. Apparently, Eileen has tracked a man who disappeared from Iowa after killing someone and dumping the body into a dumpster. In a flashback, we see that the man is the demon who killed the doctor, and Eileen confronted and killed him as he was dumping the doctor’s bod into a dumpster. We also learn that the demon worked for Dagon, and that Eileen as able to get Kelly’s phone number from him.

The next day, Kelly has sent Dagon on an errand to get zinc, calcium and other supplements she needs for her pregnancy. While Dagon is out, Sam calls Kelly’s cell phone, pretending to be from her doctor’s office. Sam tells Kelly that the doctor wants to see her again later that same day at 5:00. Kelly is reluctant at first, but agrees to return to the office.

Sam hangs up, and we see that he and Eileen are at what looks like a junk yard. They seem relieved that Kelly has fallen for their trick. As this is happening, Mick arrives with Rawlings. Sam and Eileen aren’t happy to see Rawlings, but Mick tells them that they need all the help they can get. Sam is unimpressed with Rawlings, but he perks up when Mick hands him the Colt, although cautions Sam that the gun must be returned to the BMOL’s headquarters.

Later, we see Kelly arriving at the clinic. As she prepares to enter the building, Dean emerges from cover and physically ushers her into the Impala, which is waiting outside the clinic. Dean drives to the junk yard. By the time they arrive, night has fallen and Sam, Mick, Rawlings, and Eileen are waiting for them.

Dean tries to help Kelly out of the car, but she rejects his help, clearly annoyed about what is happening. As she approaches the group, Sam tries to explain to her that they understand she is in a difficult situation, and they want to help. She tells them that she realizes she is carrying Lucifer’s child, and she never wanted that to happen. But now that she is where she is, she loves her child. Mick tells her that the child will have no connection to her, and it will kill everyone. Sam tries to calm the situation, saying they will figure something out; but as he is talking, Rawlings pulls his gun. He is done talking. Dean moves in front of him, trying to stop him from trying to shoot Kelly.

As this is happening, a wind kicks up, lightning strikes occur, and Dagon appears. Sam pulls out the Colt and everyone else pulls out their guns. Dagon telekinetically flings all the hunters off their feet. They crash into abandoned cars and other nearby structures. As Dagon walks toward Kelly, Dean and Mick scramble to their feet and start shooting at her. Normal bullets have no effect, and Dagon flings Dean and Mick to the ground again.

Sam originally had the Colt, but it went flying when he did, so it is lying on the ground. Sam, Rawlings and Eileen get to their feet at the same time, but before they can do anything, Dagon has reached Kelly and takes her by the hand to lead her away. As this is happening, Rawlings retrieves his gun from the ground, and Eileen reaches the Colt. Dagon walks between them with Kelly, and Eileen prepares to shoot her. But by the time Eileen fires, Dagon is walking right in front of Rawlings. Eileen fires, but Dagon and Kelly disappear, so Eileen’s shot hits Rawlings and kills him.

The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

The rest of the group looks on horrified as Rawlings drops dead. Eileen tries to explain that she didn’t mean to shoot Rawlings, but Mick draws his weapon on her. He says that he has to kill her because she killed a fellow MOL, and the code leaves him no other option. By this time, Sam and Dean are both standing in front of Eileen to block Mick’s shot. Eileen begs Mick not to shoot, and Mick is again drawn back to the day he had to kill his childhood friend – who has also begged for his life. Sam and Dean convince Mick that he doesn’t have to follow the code – he only has to follow his own conscience. Reluctantly, Mick lowers his weapon and allows the others to leave. Dean and Sam usher Eileen into the Impala and they drive off.

Elsewhere, Dagon and Kelly have returned to the farmhouse. Dagon is handcuffing Kelly to the bed. When Kelly questions this, Dagon says she can’t trust her. Kelly maintains that she is just trying to protect her baby, but Dagon tells her that she doesn’t have to – the child is strong and will be fine without any help from her. Dagon goes on to tell Kelly that she, on the other hand, will not be fine. She casually tells her that the pains she has been experiencing are nothing compared to what is coming, and that giving birth to a Nephilim is fatal, so she will die.


The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan WikiThe British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Later that night, at the bunker, Eileen is upset because she killed a human. Sam hugs her to console her, telling her it was a mistake. The next morning, Dean wakes up to find Sam already up and in the library. Sam asks Dean if he’s heard from Cas, and Dean says that he hasn’t. The Boys are both worried about Cas. As they are talking, Dean asks where Eileen is, and Sam tells him that she went back home to Ireland because she needed some time. Sam also hands Dean the Colt, and we see a very pleased look on Dean’s face as he wields the weapon again.

The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki


A few days have passed, and Mick returns to the BMOL’s temporary headquarters; he was apparently summoned to the location. He finds Mr. Ketch and Dr. Hess waiting for him. Dr. Hess, who normally doesn’t leave London, has apparently been told by “the elders” to fix the rapidly deteriorating situation in the United States. Mick tries to explain the situation, but she cuts him off, reminding him that two days earlier, he allowed a prince of hell and the Nephilim to escape, and when a fellow BMOL was murdered by an American hunter, he allowed the murderer to live.

Mick again tries to explain, but Hess interrupts him again, saying that the American hunters – especially the Winchesters -- are out of control. Hess insists that hunters are “dogs” who obey orders when given them, but the American hunters refuse to obey. Hess goes on to say that Eileen Leahy will be found and killed, in accordance with the BMOLs’ code. The Winchesters will be investigated, and if found guilty, they will also be executed.

The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki

Mick says that the BMOL’s investigative process essentially assures that the Winchesters will be found guilty, because they are hunters. He goes on to say that he has never broken a rule the entire time he has been with the BMOLs, and that although the Winchesters are unconventional by BMOL standards, they save lives and destroy monsters. He also says that the Winchesters are successful not because of a “code”, but because of a sense of what is right. Hess insists that the BMOL’s code is not a “suggestion”; it is the only thing that separates them from the monsters. Mick denies this, saying that the “code” is what made him, as a boy, kill his best friend. But he obeyed it. He goes on to say that when he was a child, he had nothing and he owed the BMOLs everything, but now that he is an adult he can see choices and can choose to do the right thing. As he is talking, Mr. Ketch shoots him in the head, killing him instantly.


With Mick Davies lying dead on the table, Dr. Hess talks about how the “grand experiment” with the American hunters has failed utterly. She tells Ketch to kill every American hunter, and carelessly tosses a stack of files onto the table. We see Dean’s file on the top of the stack.
The British Invasion recap - Supernatural Fan Wiki
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